Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Q & A: i Should Be So Lucky

This seems to be the final question of Q&A month. i have to say, it's been great fun and thank you for your questions! Now here's a fun one:

this girl asks:

I have a question that is sort of related....

if you could beg, borrow or steal one of our toys which would it be and why?

if you give a good answer...ya never know ;)


if i was to lend you kylie....what would you do to her or get her to do to you?

see stupid questions ain't they!

Ooh..... now you're asking!! ;-) What do i get if it's a good answer?!

Well, i've just been reminding myself of Grimly's dungeon, together with all of your fab photos, and i'm actually torn between two things! It's either the hanging box or the wooden pony (but not the electrified one!). i know that if it were SG's choice, it would be ANYTHING to do with suspension, so He'd be hooking me up to the frame in no time! He loves the whole idea of having me tightly bound using shibari and then sending me flying high in the air.

Anyway, back to my choice. The hanging box looks a lot of fun (have you experienced it again recently?). It seems to combine that 'caged' feeling, with the added bonus of suspension, so i guess SG and i would both be happy using it. Is it comfortable to be in it? The thought of suspension is something that excites me too. i would love to be bound tightly in rope and find myself hanging, which i can only imagine makes you feel very vulnerable. i am sure it must make you pretty spacey too? Now as for the wooden pony, the idea of being tormented around my pussy is very intriguing, just not with the whole electro-stim thing, as it's not something that appeals. The whole thing about having to keep on your toes, else suffer the consequences of having your genitals tortured is a big thrill! (Yes, i am a masochist!) Predicament bondage is what SG loves too, so He wouldn't say no to using it either. Was that a good enough answer? What do i win?

Mmmm... as for Kylie (now you're asking!), it wouldn't matter what she did to me! ;-) IF you were kind enough to lend her (ha!), i think i'd loved to be Dommed by her, especially if she wore that red military outfit from her 'X' tour. Or indeed that riding outfit, complete with crop of course! i'd happily take some pain and then let her soothe me after. (She told me she likes chains too.) i'd love to caress and pleasure her delicate body. On the other hand, she could also be a submissive playmate for me and SG could take charge! Wow, what a thought. i think that appeals to U/us B/both! Or maybe you and i could share her for a night? i'd also love to know what you'd like to do with her (if i gave her back).

Phew... that's got me all excited now!

Thanks for the questions hun... and yes, they were stupid! (only joking!)


Anneal said...

I'm getting turned on just reading all of this (and they say Men are visual creatures...HA!)

Anonymous said...

We havent used the hanging cage for a while now, i cant remember whether the last time was when he combined it with the sleepsack and electrics at home, or when it was in a tree at a friend's party and he let me get soaked by people with water guns (still have not forgiven him for allowing that!) Velvet tried it when she was up and probabl it was the most effective thing on her....got her into space really easily. I'm suprised electrics dont interest you i think you would like it.

As for Kylie.....well when i'm playing around as a pony over the summer just going to pretend i've got riding mistress kylie instead of grim behind me lol

TG xx

As for you prize...hmmmm...gotta think about that one.