Monday, March 16, 2009

Q & A: His Rules

i'm really enjoying these Q & A's - please keep sending them.

So to the next one - Florida Dom asks:

PUP recently asked for some new rules and SG added them. Is PUP now happy in her submission or would she like him to tighten the reins even further and add more rules?

i had the need to deepen my submission and wanted to feel more submissive towards SG. In return, He told me He could be stricter, He would tighten my leash and give me some new rules.

i am happier in my submission since being able to express how i felt with SG (although that's never been an issue, as W/we communicate very well). The new rules mean i have think about what my submission means to me, on a daily basis, when i wear my collar and cuffs at home. Then there's the rule that i must now sleep in my cuffs, which i find always comforts me.

i must admit though, i have lapsed in not putting them on as soon as i have reached home. i have found myself getting a bit lazy. There are times where i have not sat in front of my mirror too. i'm expecting to be pulled up about this (and He will read this, of course!). He knows i am an honest person and that i would never want to keep things from Him. Maybe i do need more rules in time... so W/we'll see.

Thanks for your question FD - i knew you would be asking at least one!

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