Monday, March 09, 2009

pup The Question (And Answer)

Whilst i still really want you to read SG's annual report on His pup (as well as comment, as i know SG would love to know your thoughts), i should also mention that it's Question and Answer Month. i only just discovered this yesterday, by checking in with my blogger friends (where have i been?!)

It works like this - you ask a question and i'll give you an answer. Don't be shy. i'd love to hear from you, especially if you have only ever lurked and never commented on my blog before.

So, who's first?

pup awaits...


Anonymous said...

I have a question, where do you see yourself in say... 5 years, with your relationship with SG?

You want to be more submissive to him, but obviously there has to be a point where it ends? Or are you looking for TPE in the long run?

Also, Can you see yourself ever being turned on by the breath control hood???

Last question, can you ever see yourself accepting anonymous perves who lust after your latex clad body ???

Lots of love

Anon x

vanimp said...

Do either of you have pets? Am curious and like asking obscure questions ;) x

Florida Dom said...

PUP recently asked for some new rules and SG added them. Is PUP now happy in her submission or would she like him to tighten the reins even further and add more rules?

jelly said...

Do you and SG have vanilla sex?

How much time, on average say... per week or per month do you and SG spend 'scening'?

Aurore said...

What is the one piece of advice you wished someone had given you when you starting exploring your submission?

Anonymous said...

Long time reader, first time poster.

What is your favourite:
item of fetish wear
torture implement
restrained position

loving the arse pic as well.
many thanks


Anonymous said...

Have you ever switched roles and topped SG? If so was it fun?!!! ;-)