Tuesday, March 03, 2009

On A High

Last week, SG enforced a new rule to help deepen my submission and for when He can't be with me. It means that when i get home, and once i have my collar and cuffs on, i am to kneel in front of a mirror, and think of my Owner and my submission to Him. To remember that He owns me, He protects and guides me.

He's also told me of His plans to buy me some new goodies soon. Namely, a penis gag to keep me extra quiet when He torments me (eek!), as well as my own leather hood (yay!). The hood may be one of my birthday presents (not until April though). So that's certainly got me excited!

i have fantastic blog news! Sunday's post (the concluding part of the Strict weekend) received the highest number of hits i've ever had on my blog, since i started 2 years ago, so thank you very much for taking a look!

i only hope that you do return to read more. i also love receiving your comments. So to entice you back, the next post to appear here (after HNT of course) will be all SG's own work: His annual report on His pup - reviewing O/our first year together. It makes for some interesting reading.


Aurore said...

That sounds like a lovely new rule. I would be interested to know what it was like for you the first time you saw yourself in the mirror.

mina said...

Happy to see you are enjoying your submission. Looking forward to SG's post.

J3 and his slut Wendy said...

We love reading your blog!! And we are looking forward to hearing about the new toys and how SG uses you and abuses you with them!

Take care and keep writing

J3 &wendy

Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading SG's report and also on hearing more of your new regime!
I have a bit to write, and suspect there'll be more to come from my own adventures soon...

Florida Dom said...

How long do you kneel in front of the mirror and is it deepening your submission?
Sounds like SG is serious about taking you to another level and we'll all be awaiting his report.

Anonymous said...

Very nice to read about your journey trinity!

xxxxxx milla

trinity-pup said...

Aurore - it definitely adds a new dimension to things. It was a little strange to look at myself at first, i am not good at doing that, so it felt a bit awkward.

mina - i certainly am! i hope you enjoy it.

J3 & Wendy - aww thank you so much! You've become regulars now which is so cool. i am excited to share what the toys are, when i know, of course! i shall keep writing!

kitty - hey you. i hope you enjoy! i am excited to read more on your new experiences too :-)

FD - i only have to do it for a minute or so. i believe it is. i do feel more sub towards SG when i see Him, it's like an inner feeling that i can sense growing stronger.

Velvet - great to see a new face here - thank you for your comment! Could you let me have access to your blog please? :-)

t. x