Thursday, March 19, 2009

HNT - Glow

As you all like my 'cute bum' so much, here's an arty shot of it:


Got any more questions for me? Please post them here.


J3 and his slut Wendy said...

Love the panties!!

Martha said...

hey pup! formerly hisslavegurl addy with the link...LOVE the panties and the bum!!!


Aurore said...

That is one nice bum ;)


vanimp said...

That is one cute bum covered in very sexy knickers! I am loving the stockings hehe x

mina said...

awww that is cute!

trinity-pup said...

J3 and Wendy - thank you!! ;-)

Martha - hey, good to see you here and thank you for the new addy! i shall be popping in very soon! :-)

Aurore - heheehe... *blush*

imp - aren't they great! i just love how they look photographically! (as well as on me!) ;-)

mina - thank you hun! *hugs*

t. x

Anonymous said...

You have a very cute tush!!

Anonymous said...

mmm, very nice arse pup! *hugglepurrrs*

trinity-pup said...

richs karl - thank you! :-)

kitty - *nuzzles* thanks hun!

t. x