Thursday, March 26, 2009

HNT: Caged Pain

Another photo from the stricter weekend i wrote about a few weeks ago. This was the result of my punishment - having my bottom cropped, whilst restrained inside my cage.

i fear a repeat of this, and probably worse, this coming weekend. SG has deferred my punishment until then. It's not only for being lazy with my collar/cuffs (again), but also for playing without permission. This pup needs to learn her lesson, and learn it she will.



mina said...

oh the wicked wicked crop. I have had one side of me completely stripped. I became half tiger. I was supposed to be full tiger, but Sylvanus took pity on me. I believe there is a photo of my "stripes" in our gallery.

Aurore said...

I'm slightly jealous ;)


vanimp said...

OOo you nawty wee pup, obedience classes for you! *chuckle* (nice stripes) xxx

Anneal said...

so fine

Florida Dom said...

Sounds like SG is going to make sure you learn your lesson and become a more obedient PUP who understands the rules.

Abe's Heart said...

Just wanted to let you know I'm making my way back, slowly.

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Your photos are just amazingly
`x~Abe's Heart