Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Q & A: i Should Be So Lucky

This seems to be the final question of Q&A month. i have to say, it's been great fun and thank you for your questions! Now here's a fun one:

this girl asks:

I have a question that is sort of related....

if you could beg, borrow or steal one of our toys which would it be and why?

if you give a good answer...ya never know ;)


if i was to lend you kylie....what would you do to her or get her to do to you?

see stupid questions ain't they!

Ooh..... now you're asking!! ;-) What do i get if it's a good answer?!

Well, i've just been reminding myself of Grimly's dungeon, together with all of your fab photos, and i'm actually torn between two things! It's either the hanging box or the wooden pony (but not the electrified one!). i know that if it were SG's choice, it would be ANYTHING to do with suspension, so He'd be hooking me up to the frame in no time! He loves the whole idea of having me tightly bound using shibari and then sending me flying high in the air.

Anyway, back to my choice. The hanging box looks a lot of fun (have you experienced it again recently?). It seems to combine that 'caged' feeling, with the added bonus of suspension, so i guess SG and i would both be happy using it. Is it comfortable to be in it? The thought of suspension is something that excites me too. i would love to be bound tightly in rope and find myself hanging, which i can only imagine makes you feel very vulnerable. i am sure it must make you pretty spacey too? Now as for the wooden pony, the idea of being tormented around my pussy is very intriguing, just not with the whole electro-stim thing, as it's not something that appeals. The whole thing about having to keep on your toes, else suffer the consequences of having your genitals tortured is a big thrill! (Yes, i am a masochist!) Predicament bondage is what SG loves too, so He wouldn't say no to using it either. Was that a good enough answer? What do i win?

Mmmm... as for Kylie (now you're asking!), it wouldn't matter what she did to me! ;-) IF you were kind enough to lend her (ha!), i think i'd loved to be Dommed by her, especially if she wore that red military outfit from her 'X' tour. Or indeed that riding outfit, complete with crop of course! i'd happily take some pain and then let her soothe me after. (She told me she likes chains too.) i'd love to caress and pleasure her delicate body. On the other hand, she could also be a submissive playmate for me and SG could take charge! Wow, what a thought. i think that appeals to U/us B/both! Or maybe you and i could share her for a night? i'd also love to know what you'd like to do with her (if i gave her back).

Phew... that's got me all excited now!

Thanks for the questions hun... and yes, they were stupid! (only joking!)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Q & A: Switching

Anonymous asks:

Have you ever switched roles and topped SG? If so was it fun?!!! ;-)

What a brilliant question! In answer, i haven't ever topped SG and it's something that will never happen, as i am His submissive and He has the control. That is something that won't change. However, there have been a couple of times when SG has wanted to experience the SJ and the sleepsack because He was curious. So i have strapped Him into His beloved leather bondage apparel and then followed His instructions - nothing more than that!

For SG, it's a chance to see what it feels like on the other side, but without there being any change in O/our power exchange. It gives Him a better understanding of what He puts me through, and also gives Him ideas on how to make things more interesting or evil! i must say it was a lot of fun watching Him writhe in the SJ as i pleasured His cock. But i know that those scenes are few and far between (and that's just how W/we like it).

Thanks for asking such a great question!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Q & A: my Favourites

Anonymous asks:

Long time reader, first time poster

Firstly, i must say how wonderful it is for someone who has been reading me a while, has decided to post here - so thank you for that! (so what's stopping the rest of you?!). The 3-parter question is:

What is your favourite:

item of fetish wear - that has to be my latex catsuit! It just feels so good when i'm squeezed into it, and have i mentioned how much i love the feet?!

torture implement
- if i *had* to pick a favourite(?!) (and that's a rarity anyway), as W/we don't currently own that many pain-inducing implements, it would be the riding crop. It's because it feels quite stingy and i know SG can leave marks on my bottom with it.

restrained position - i think that would be when SG runs chains down my body, i.e. against my pussy, then up my back via my wrist cuffs with my arms behind my back, and connects them to my collar's d-ring. In this way, i have little mobility and, if i try to move my hands, the chains apply pressure to my crotch - that always excites me! (and i do love the sound of rattling chains).

(loving the arse pic as well
) - thank you for the compliment!

i hope that answers your question, that you also keep reading and maybe will post again in the near future.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

HNT: Caged Pain

Another photo from the stricter weekend i wrote about a few weeks ago. This was the result of my punishment - having my bottom cropped, whilst restrained inside my cage.

i fear a repeat of this, and probably worse, this coming weekend. SG has deferred my punishment until then. It's not only for being lazy with my collar/cuffs (again), but also for playing without permission. This pup needs to learn her lesson, and learn it she will.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Surprisingly Hood

He made me lie face down on the bed and hog-tied me, using my collar (yes my beloved collar) and linked it between my wrist and ankle cuffs. i should mention that when He removes my collar, it usually means one thing - He's going to put me in the SJ.

He told me 'not to go anywhere' and He left the room. Sure enough, on His return, He held the SJ in His hands and a glint in His eyes. He loves using the straitjacket on me, enjoys how it encases me and that i can't escape from it. It's a beautiful and well-made garment. i'll never forget the moment when i found out He had bought it. That day, He had told me go and fetch what was lying on His bed. my eyes lit up and i couldn't stop grinning as i saw the leather bondage apparel for real. He had talked about buying one for a time, knowing how much He loved His monoglove, and i knew it would be very exciting to experience. It's pretty weighty too and has a million straps and buckles (well, not quite). He delights in doing each strap up fairly tightly too, especially the crotch straps that fit closely next to my pussy.

Soon enough, He had strapped me up and i was breathing in the smell of leather. Whenever i wear it, it makes me feel very safe and comforted. It can make me spacey too, even before He has done anything else to me. So there He had me, and lying beside me, He stroked my hair and started talking about my birthday. He said He had bought me 3 kinky presents already (it's now 4, since writing - woo hoo!). Of course, they're going to be surprises, but He has me intrigued. i was especially so, when He asked me if i'd like to try one of them out...

He pulled me off the bed with my lead attached, led me to the hall, and made me kneel before the mirror.

"I don't want you to see anything" He told me, then began to tightly wrap bondage tape over my eyes.

The excitement inside me was building. i could feel my pussy moistening by the second, with what was to come next.

i sensed Him behind me and a new smell, again of leather, hit my nose. Something was being put over my head and, although i couldn't see anything through the tape, everything had now become even darker. A leather hood - SG had talked about buying me my very own hood - so this was it! As He pulled it down, something hard came into contact with my mouth and pressed against my lips, forcing them open. i realised it was a ball gag with holes in, because when i breathed in, i felt cool air whistling into my mouth. The ball rested against my lips, not as far in or as tightly as the ball gag harness, but i couldn't stop it from pressing inside my mouth. i can't recall there being any nose holes and because it had become so much darker, i guessed if there were any eye holes, then these were covered.

Then i felt the back of the hood being laced up. The hood became slightly tighter around my head. i was aware that He probably didn't want to make me panic (too much), so He had only laced it up fairly loosely. The hood didn't feel too scary. It was cunning though - to place the hood on me, whilst not being able to see. It took away the initial fear i may have had, had i seen it first.

i breathed in and out quickly at first, and the air hitting against the angle of the ball gag's holes made it whistle, which i found quite amusing. After a few minutes, i began to relax, and i could hear SG asking me if i was OK. i nodded, taking in this new sensation He had forced upon me.

i felt a tug on my lead as He instructed me to get up. i obeyed and He led me down the hall and into another room. i became aware it was the lounge, as He stood me by the dining table (our infamous fucking table) and i felt my ankles being restrained to its legs, which made my legs spread. Then He pushed on my back to make me bend forward and i rested my head on the table. The ball gag whistled intermittently more as i became increasingly excited.

The swoosh of the crop and the leather cat sounded behind me, before SG began to strike my bottom and thighs with them. The sting of each ran through me and i whimpered through the hood. He couldn't wait to tease my dripping pussy with my new vibrator, and plunged it into my hungry hole. The sensation of the pain, mixed with the vibe's pleasure, was immensely magnified whilst wearing the hood. It certainly didn't take me long to beg for release, and probably 2 or 3 times more in quick succession.

He removed my hood and tape, ensuring that He kept it out of sight from me. i was exhilarated and exhausted, and SG helped His limp pup into His bed, to caress and comfort her. i snuggled in close and felt extremely submissive to Him in that moment. i love that time - when He's bringing me down and i'm buzzing with what He's put me through.

So i've experienced one of my birthday presents, but i don't get to see it until the day now. He told me it might freak me out anyway! i asked Him to describe it to me. He said it has detachable straps covering the eyes and the ball gag can also be removed. Now that i know what it feels like, i don't think it will scare me when i do see it, even though He tells me it looks quite severe. But hey, don't you love surprises? ;-)

Oh, and at some point, before my birthday (less than a month away), He told me He's going to make me wear His latex hood, with the new leather hood over the top - and i thought what He'd just put me through was intense...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Q & A: Advice Unknown

A great question from Aurore, who asks:

What is the one piece of advice you wished someone had given you when you starting exploring your submission?

i think it would be something along the lines of 'don't trust just anyone who is willing to Dom you!' With casual play you are so keen to experience things and have this great need to explore your submission. So when i tried it i found myself trying too hard, to an extent. Sure it was fun and exciting at the time. i'm not knocking casual play either. i let my imagination run away with me, and i was also trying to be someone i wasn't. Looking back, i was a little foolish and rushed into something that turned on me. We all make mistakes and we learn from them. That's how life goes. It is so hard to build up trust in a short space of time too and it certainly doesn't happen overnight. i am so glad to say that i have found someone that i can trust my life with.

So i hope that answers your question and thanks, it was a real thought-provoker.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

HNT - Glow

As you all like my 'cute bum' so much, here's an arty shot of it:


Got any more questions for me? Please post them here.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Q & A: Vanilla Sex & Scening

jelly asks:

Do you and SG have vanilla sex?

How much time, on average say... per week or per month do you and SG spend 'scening'?

Hey, isn't that two questions? ;-) OK... vanilla sex between SG and me happens every now and then... and it's usually after a full-on scene where He's probably already fucked me, and not before He's restrained me in some way or another. So, yes W/we do have vanilla at times... but i love being taken whilst in bondage.

How much time do W/we spend on scening... well, that depends a lot on what's going on in vanilla-dom. For example, these past few weeks have given U/us no real chance of spending quality time together. Over the last year, it works out that W/we have been able to play approx. three weekends out of every month, so it's a fair amount!

W/we are hoping to have a more indulgent time together at the end of this month, so you could be reading about that, all in good time! i know i can't wait to be wrapped in latex again...

Good questions - thank you!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Q & A: His Rules

i'm really enjoying these Q & A's - please keep sending them.

So to the next one - Florida Dom asks:

PUP recently asked for some new rules and SG added them. Is PUP now happy in her submission or would she like him to tighten the reins even further and add more rules?

i had the need to deepen my submission and wanted to feel more submissive towards SG. In return, He told me He could be stricter, He would tighten my leash and give me some new rules.

i am happier in my submission since being able to express how i felt with SG (although that's never been an issue, as W/we communicate very well). The new rules mean i have think about what my submission means to me, on a daily basis, when i wear my collar and cuffs at home. Then there's the rule that i must now sleep in my cuffs, which i find always comforts me.

i must admit though, i have lapsed in not putting them on as soon as i have reached home. i have found myself getting a bit lazy. There are times where i have not sat in front of my mirror too. i'm expecting to be pulled up about this (and He will read this, of course!). He knows i am an honest person and that i would never want to keep things from Him. Maybe i do need more rules in time... so W/we'll see.

Thanks for your question FD - i knew you would be asking at least one!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Q & A: Pets

my cheeky wolfie friend (and fellow brat), vanimp, asks:

Do either of you have pets? Am curious and like asking obscure questions ;)

i do like obscure questions, so thank you for this!

In answer, i have a very cute female cat, who's about 15 years old (and still thinks she's a kitten at times).

As for SG, He just has me... :-)

Thanks for the question hun! *hugs*

Special Award

A little while back, libby gave me a "special friends blogger award". Thanks libby! It's really sweet of you to think of me!

Here's what it's about:

"These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self -aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propogated. Please give more attention to these writers."

The rules to accepting this award: "Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award."

Thing is, i think all my blogger friends may have already been awarded, so i won't pass it on. Just as important though, if you're listed on my blogroll, consider yourself a special friend already!

Friday, March 13, 2009

A Question (or 4) Answered

my first question (or should that be 4 in 1!) is from 'anonymous perve', who asks:

I have a question, where do you see yourself in say... 5 years, with your relationship with SG?

You want to be more submissive to him, but obviously there has to be a point where it ends? Or are you looking for TPE in the long run?

Also, Can you see yourself ever being turned on by the breath control hood???

Last question, can you ever see yourself accepting anonymous perves who lust after your latex clad body ???

Quite a loaded set to answer, but here goes:

In 5 years time and with all the wishes in this world, i see myself ever further into my journey with SG. i am striving to be more submissive towards Him. i do believe that my blog has reflected that aspect recently and it is something i am currently working on, with His help. i need Him to guide and teach me.

Who says there has to be a point where it ends? People evolve and circumstances can change, but i do know what i have right now is extremely special and i wouldn't change that for anything. i've never been so happy and i don't have to pretend to be anyone else, but me. As for TPE - if you mean 24/7, i believe that reality has a lot of bearing on things, so it's very hard to achieve. That's not to say that there aren't those who are able to do it. All i do know is that i'm happy with what i have at this moment in time. For sure, the idea of TPE and 24/7 is a huge fantasy for B/both of U/us and excites U/us very much. For now, real life sneaks in quite a fair bit, so the time W/we do share is very special and W/we make the most of it.

In answer to the breath control hood, i think it may take a little while yet before that happens. However, SG has recently told me that He's going to put it on me and not let me out of it, until i've climaxed. Now that's a scary and thrilling scenario! So maybe if i can achieve that, it may sway how i see the hood in future, so W/we'll see!

Finally, as for accepting anonymous perves? Well i've answered your questions and it's always great to see regulars that return, as well as comment more than once (even if they don't leave their name), so i'll let you decide...

Thanks for the questions.

i shall be answering my next question in a new post soon. Please keep them coming and post them here - Q&A month runs throughout March.

Monday, March 09, 2009

pup The Question (And Answer)

Whilst i still really want you to read SG's annual report on His pup (as well as comment, as i know SG would love to know your thoughts), i should also mention that it's Question and Answer Month. i only just discovered this yesterday, by checking in with my blogger friends (where have i been?!)

It works like this - you ask a question and i'll give you an answer. Don't be shy. i'd love to hear from you, especially if you have only ever lurked and never commented on my blog before.

So, who's first?

pup awaits...

Saturday, March 07, 2009

pup's Annual Report

It's now been a year since the delectable pup first agreed to submit to My control. I think it's an appropriate time, therefore, to provide an honest appraisal of her performance over the past 12 months as My submissive:


This has deepened greatly over the year, especially once she accepted My collar. (I confess that I didn't quite grasp at the time what a significant moment that was, but rest assured that I do now!). Obviously, I don't expect her to continue exhibiting submissive behaviour while W/we are in vanilla company, but she carries her collar in her bag at work and wears it at every given opportunity - it's a comfort to her. Indeed, sometimes she has to remind Me to put it on her, as I have been known to be forgetful. Outbreaks of brattish behaviour and wilful disobedience are few and far between. It's more a case of forgetting rules while under stress - neglecting to ask permission to come, for instance. she knows that I am a soft touch, but I will chastise her in a suitable fashion if she takes things too far. In summary, then, she is a sweet, well-intentioned puppy who only wants to please her Master and deepen her submission. A firm but fair guiding hand (on her beautiful bottom) will see her continuing her excellent work into year two. Score = 9/10


This is pup's absolute forte. I have absolutely no complaints about her remarkably slutty ways. One of My great pleasures in life is to force orgasms out of her, so this delightful behaviour should only be encouraged. she is always ready to spread her legs for her Master or service Him in any other way. her oral and manual skills have improved greatly. Her enthusiasm for such duties has increased in line with her abilities. she is easily aroused and, on some occasions, capable of multiple orgasms - clitorally, vaginally and even anally. Occasionally, she will get greedy and try to come one too many times, which can lead to frustration and soreness on her part. Score = 10/10


This was an area that I have to say I wasn't fully comfortable with (no pun intended) when W/we started out, so this section could be more about My own performance! I had never dealt out pain before to a sexual partner before, not being a sadist in the truest sense (I prefer to give discomfort in the shape of predicament bondage.) But again, with practice and the growing realisation that she really does enjoy pain, My own skills and enthusiasm have increased. her need for it still probably exceeds My inclination to provide it, so there's work to be done there. At her request and when in My presence, her collaring ritual now incorporates a quick spanking session, which serves as a nice "warm-up" activity. I would actually quite like to introduce some light electro-play, although that remains a hard limit for her. But that brings Me neatly on to the next section. Score = 9/10


pup will be the first to tell you that she has been on a remarkable journey in this respect. Undoubtedly the highlight of this has been her acceptance of hoods, which until relatively recently were on her hard limits list. This was largely a result of her realisation of how important they are to Me - how adorable is that? There is something about wearing them, which I cannot adequately describe, that allows people to lose whatever inhibitions they have left, stripping away the guilt of identity. It allows you to say, figuratively: "It wasn't Me who did that shocking thing; it was My kinky alter-ego." she gradually worked her way up to it, starting with the cat-woman half-hood and the severe muzzle-gag (which she asked Me to obtain), but it still amazes Me that the first full head coverage she tried was the breath-control hood, which can quickly induce panic in inexperienced players.

she still has an issue with My wearing them, which stems from this regrettable episode (see also My subsequent post, where things went too far too soon and scared pup. The paradox is that wearing one enables Me to give her more of the pain she needs! Apart from headgear, pup has sampled delights such as the monoglove, the straitjacket, the body bag and the cage for the first time. Some of the things that she enjoys now had never been on her radar, but I'm pretty sure she'd find it hard to return to a diet of rope 'n' cuffs. From memory, her main hard limits are inflatable hoods and vacuum-bed bondage (aside from knife and needle play) - I guess that in these recessionary times W/we're all feeling enough of a squeeze already, thank Y/you very much! Score = 9/10


I think pup's appetite for wearing rubber and other shiny things has definitely increased, which is hugely pleasurable to Me, of course! When W/we started chatting to each other online, she had just bought a beautiful leather corset and I encouraged her to try it on over her black PVC catsuit (which has since died). she had her doubts initially, but she was delighted with the result. Over the year I have acquired various items for her (off the top of My head: latex dress, catsuit and internal-dildo briefs; and PVC thigh-boots and macintosh), which she has loved wearing. I hope Y/you have enjoyed the pictures of her modelling them as much as I have enjoyed taking them. I'm sure that the kinky wardrobe will continue expanding in the coming year, so stay tuned. Score = 9/10

In summary, then, it's been a wonderful 12 months for U/us B/both - a voyage of discovery that I wouldn't swap for the world. I think Y/you would join Me in saying: "Thank you, pup. The past year in your company has been a pleasure. Here's to many more."


Thursday, March 05, 2009

HNT - iMac

i named the photo session, all shot by self-timer, my 'hooded playtime'. Although, obviously, this image was before i had 'hooded up'.

An image from an evening of 'me time' with my new PVC mac, boots and SG's latex hood.

It was a very hot experience (literally) and ended in a delicious (and very permissible) climax... so no rules broken there!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

On A High

Last week, SG enforced a new rule to help deepen my submission and for when He can't be with me. It means that when i get home, and once i have my collar and cuffs on, i am to kneel in front of a mirror, and think of my Owner and my submission to Him. To remember that He owns me, He protects and guides me.

He's also told me of His plans to buy me some new goodies soon. Namely, a penis gag to keep me extra quiet when He torments me (eek!), as well as my own leather hood (yay!). The hood may be one of my birthday presents (not until April though). So that's certainly got me excited!

i have fantastic blog news! Sunday's post (the concluding part of the Strict weekend) received the highest number of hits i've ever had on my blog, since i started 2 years ago, so thank you very much for taking a look!

i only hope that you do return to read more. i also love receiving your comments. So to entice you back, the next post to appear here (after HNT of course) will be all SG's own work: His annual report on His pup - reviewing O/our first year together. It makes for some interesting reading.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

S Is For Strict - Please Sir, May i Have Another?

If you want to catch up, here's the previous 2 parts of 'Strict':

S Is For Strict
S Is For Strict - The Morning After

With the cage now in place, SG removed the hog-tie and told me to get off the bed and into my 'prison'. Without His help, i shuffled onto the floor and, with His direction, crawled into the cage. He told me to 'get comfy' and i heard the door shut behind me. A minute later, i felt a pulling sensation on my head. i realised He had secured my lead from the ball gag harness' d-ring across the top bars of the cage. So there i knelt, hunched over, and only able to move a little. The lead prevented me from curling up, which is all i wanted to do at the time. i could only imagine, as i couldn't see, that He was enjoying watching me in this predicament.

"When you come out of the cage, when I decide, there will be some corporate punishment. Corporal punishment will consist 20 lashes. i want you to count each one - understand?" SG told me.

i murmured something like "Yes Sir".

"Can you remember that? Couldn't remember to tell Me when you were coming. Sure you can remember that?" He asked. "Are you feeling penitent? Will you be a good pup?"

Again, i murmured affirmatively and my breathing had quickened. i remember shuffling about a bit as my legs were starting to ache. "Are you uncomfortable?" SG asked, obviously watching me moving about. i nodded and He replied "That's a shame, isn't it?".

He told me He was going to 'go away' and think about which implement He was going to use on my ass. i listened to Him moving about the room. After a time, i felt Him prodding and pulling at my feet. He made me move them from underneath me, so He could tie each of my ankle cuffs to the cage side bars, to give more exposure to my bottom. He told me He was going to give me 20 strokes of the riding crop and, out loud, i was to count each one, as well as ask: "Please Sir, may i have another?".

What He hadn't told me was that He had the Hitachi wand in His hand too, which He subsequently pressed against my pussy, as He brought the crop down hard on my bottom. i gasped and whimpered simultaneously. i found it difficult to speak, not only because of the hood and ball gag, but with the pain from each strike. He kept the wand directed on my clit throughout and i think i came rather quickly (and for which i obtained permission first). After He administered the 20th, and final stroke, (or so i thought), He released my ankle bonds. i lay down on my side and curled up, feeling relieved and exhausted, and now in need of His approval and His aftercare. i needed Him to hold me in His arms again.

penitent pup
He told me i could come out of the cage. It was a slow and shaky process. As i did so (and i'm not sure how i managed it), i asked if He had taken any photos of my cropped bottom. i was curious to see the marks He Had left. He had taken 1 photo. i then made the mistake of saying something like "only 1?". He said He'd take some more, to which i replied "oh, the marks will probably have gone by now" (oops!). He checked my bottom and there were no marks. SG was then quick to inform me that He would give me another 10 strokes. i would count them out as before, and THEN He would take more photos of my striped bottom!

i really should learn to keep quiet sometimes. Then again, i don't have any choice if He decides to keep me gagged. So i received another 10 strokes and got my extra photos of my striped ass, presented below. SG had His video footage of His handiwork (for His private viewing only, i'm afraid!).

It certainly turned into a stricter weekend. SG has told me how my deeper submission towards Him is fuelling His dominance. This new path seems to be culminating in one very happy Master and pup - His 'cumslut'.