Monday, February 09, 2009

Thank You!

i'm amazed... my last post has, at the latest count, amassed 13 comments from my brilliant blogger friends (bar one perve who wants to remain Anonymous!). i know that doesn't sound like many, but it has to be the most i've received straight off, without any of my comments counting as responses.

So firstly, i have to say a huge 'thank you' to those who took the time to read and leave me such great feedback (as well as those who just lurked). i'm not sure if SG received many emails from His 'advert' (He hasn't told me anyway!), but a stricter regime is coming! An example of that came to light at the weekend, but more on that next time. Yes, you know how i love to tease you!

i know SG is now thinking on things, is listening to what i'm asking for and taking in any suggestions that He receives (gulp!). 'Have I been a soft touch?' He asked. i know He has been trying to find the balance between being my Dom and my partner. He is a human being with His own needs and wants. He wants what's best for B/both of U/us. All of which makes for a rather interesting time ahead, and i'm both excited and scared at what could be in store.

But back to the comments, for a moment, as i wanted to respond to each one - and there's a few new faces (fantastic!):

Aurore, Rebecca Lynn, and J3 and Wendy - thank you all for finding me and adding me to your blogs - only time will tell!

Tristan's pet - it's good to hear how you enjoy being used. It's something i'd like more of and i think SG is coming round to the idea now!

- yes you are a perve! As for the pics, there may be one making its appearance soon.

Florida Dom - a fairly new but now regular commenter - as ever, giving great insight into my posts, as well as praise - thank You.

Anneal - another new face - thank You and yes, rules are what i need! Thanks for feeding the fish!

sera - great to know that you can relate to orgasm-hungry Masters! Oh, how we suffer! ;-) *hugs* to you

- a rare commenter, but nonetheless, a very welcome visitor! - It's very interesting to read how you can relate to SG, and then advise a 'step up on punishments'! i think it worked at the weekend (more details in my next post!)

mina - my dear friend - you are so right in communicating how you feel. It's humbled me to know i've touched you with the balance aspect and how we are both trying to seek some answers on this. Got my fingers crossed for us!

- my cheeky friend - you know how i love to tease you! ;-) *hugs*

unowned desire - my dear friend, kitty - it's always so cool to see you here. Thank you for such wise words and the 'nice arse' vote! ;-)

So a quick update - i completed one part of SG's challenge: playing with myself in the toilets, and therefore they're officially 'christened'! Felt so good and naughty, and i do have a photo to share. The 'extra points' were not achieved, as i couldn't be sure if there were cameras in the lifts (i know, poor excuse huh?). Anyway, my toilet play rewarded me with two free play cards, which i can use at any time without SG's permission. i just have to tell SG when i have used each card. i have yet to use them!

Finally (for now), i have been given two new rules already. The first one is to wear my ankle and wrist cuffs whenever i am at home, as well as overnight - not just when SG visits me or i stay at His. i have the option whether to add my connecting chains when i get to bed. i have actually been applying the ankle chains, as they seem to help me sleep more soundly.

The other rule - when sleeping with SG, my first job on waking up, is to attend to His cock by stroking and caressing Him. He will then decide what He wishes to happen next (as should always be the case).

So a cuffed and collared pup thanks you all again for 'tuning in' and i'm off to work on writing up an update on the 'stricter weekend'. All i will say, is that it concluded with my bottom receiving 30 strokes of the riding crop. Could it have been a punishment, i hear you ask?

Only time will tell...

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