Monday, February 16, 2009

S Is For Strict

"I'm going to make you sooooo submissive - do you believe Me?"

SG's words to me, as i knelt before Him, following the weekend i confessed to not feeling sub enough - and when He decided a stricter regime was to be put in place.

So there He had me - adorned in my rubber catsuit, which now seems to fit skin-tight and looks and feels so good. Then He wanted me to wear the double-dildo rubber pants over the top of it, with the rubber cock slightly inflated so i could insert it into my hungry wet pussy. Mercifully, He didn't expect me to insert the anal dildo as well (which still seems huge). Over the top of my catsuit, He laced me into my corset, accompanied by PVC thigh boots and His 'regular' hood (the one with eye and mouth holes).

He then made me kneel on the bed and strapped me into the monoglove, added some leather straps around my thighs to my ankles to stop my legs from moving, along with my ankle cuffs and chains. He said He'd wanted to re-create the image from a certain cartoon on His Rubberpal profile (a variation on it anyway!). this girl also blogged about it here. The overall effect felt incredible. The overall look is great. i was overwhelmed with being so 'encased' and felt extremely submissive - no doubt about that.

He wasn't quite finished, as He then produced the pump-up gag (which He hasn't used much on me in the past) and with it deflated, He pushed it through the hood's mouth-hole and told me to keep it in. He began to slowly pump it up, only a little at first, and i could feel it expanding. Then He stopped to take a photo of His 'rubber slut':

i remember the gag coming out (did i force it out?) and He held it up to my mouth for me to accept it and waited ages for me to comply. The gag was only in my mouth again for a few seconds more, and then i dropped my head down for it to fall onto the bed.

He took hold of my head and lifted my face to look up at Him. my breath quickened in panic now. i knew i was in trouble for that.

"Oh dear, refusing the gag are W/we?" He asked. "Well, you've got a big mouth. i think W/we're going to have to try another tack. You can't take a gag? I'm afraid that might mean something else".

He fetched the breath control hood and held it up to press it against my face, as He said:

"I think failure to take a gag... a minute in the breath control hood."

"Please..." i whimpered, begging for Him to change His mind.

"Did you wanna be pushed?" He asked. "Did you wanna be pushed?" He repeated the question.

i nodded as i knew that i did. "Yes Sir" i whispered.

"Do you want to say your safe word?"

i shook my head, but i must admit, i felt pretty fearful by this point.

i watched as He edged nearer to my face with the other hood. 'i can do this, i can', i thought to myself. He knelt beside me on the bed and slowly proceeded to place the other hood over my head. i kept my eyes closed the whole time. He told me the minute would only begin once it was zipped up. i tried to control my breathing as i knew how this other hood would suck at my face, on top of the hood i already had on. The breath control hood only has a few mouth holes for ventilation. True to its nature, it sucked at my face as i panted and my heart rate pumped fast. SG stayed close by my side the whole time and i felt myself leaning against Him, so i knew He was there. For a second, i wasn't sure i could cope and then i heard Him say that 30 seconds had passed. i was halfway there, i was going to make it. That half a minute seemed like an eternity. i found out afterwards that He had filmed the whole scene too (and others too). i've watched it since and i find it hard to believe it's me.

The minute elapsed and he removed both hoods, then held me in His arms and praised me. He stroked my hair and i pressed my head against His chest for comfort and all this relief spread over me. It was an evil punishment and there's no doubt, at times, there's a hint of sadism in SG's actions and i know He revels in it.

Following SG's aftercare, He removed me from the monoglove and made me lie on the bed. He removed the rubber pants (which actually split in the process!) and then tied my ankles and wrists length ways to the bed posts, ensuring i was completely helpless once again. The hitachi wand made its appearance and He ran it over my exposed and soaking pussy. He forced me to come twice, not before i asked for permission, of course.

The night didn't stop there. SG then wanted to 'use me' and after releasing me from my bonds, He instructed me to 'assume the position'. This means getting on my hands and knees in readiness for Him to take me from behind. So He took what He needed, fucking His cum slut until He moaned from His delicious orgasm (and i think i came again too).

After that, W/we sat on the edge of the bed and SG held me in His arms. Somehow i was STILL horny. So i asked if i could play without it affecting my free play cards (the 2 free plays He granted me as reward for my toilet play - i had yet to use them). He allowed me to play with myself and as He sat beside me, i fingered myself and used my purple vibe to culminate in yet another orgasm. By this point, i was truly spent. SG joked that He'd make me sleep in the SJ, but then the kinder Dom took over and i slept in His arms, in my usual cuffs and chains.

The following morning, i had my new rule to remember - on waking, i should attend to Him by placing my hands upon His cock, and He'd make the next decision. It also meant He would continue with His new regime, which would involve giving His pup some much needed cage time... and maybe some pain.


Aurore said...

"I'm going to make you sooooo submissive - do you believe Me?"

I can only imagine the fear and exhilaration the sentence much have provoked. It sounds like the new regime is working for you.

mina said...

well now, be careful what you wish for right? Sounds like you are enjoying your new regime.

Florida Dom said...

I guess the S in SG now stands for Strict. Are you happy he's taking you to a new level and are you looking forward to what else he has planned? Sounds like he's taking you deeper into submission day by day. And have you forgotten yet to grab his cock in the morning?

Anonymous said...

Well it will be definately interesting to see what he does to you next! Well done with the hoods.TG x

J3 and his slut Wendy said...

I'm with thisgirl!Can wait to hear what he does next. We so enjoy reading your adventures! and what a wondeful submissive SG is molding you into.
You are a lucky girl.

Techbondage said...

Sounds like a great scene to me. Once again Im happy to read about it.

sera said...


The "new regime" definitely makes for some hot reading!

Wow, sounds like a great weekend. :D

Anneal said...

Thanks for sharing! Ask your Master if W/we can see the movie. I know I'd like to anyway. Good job!

trinity-pup said...

Aurore - *beams* It certainly did strike something in me! There were other phrases too, which i may share in the next scene post.

mina - *nods* yes, how true! i *think* i am... ;-)

FD - i almost made that the post's title! i am looking forward to what happens next - W/we shared some more ideas W/we'd like to try. It feels like i'm slipping into somewhere deeper with Him. Have i forgotten yet...ooh almost!

this girl - always fab to see you comment here - and thank you!

t. x

trinity-pup said...

J3 & Wendy - hehehe! Thank you for your continued support - it's lovely to know that others are enjoying what i write. i feel He is taking me on a darker journey... stay tuned!

Techbondage - thank you again. i aim to make my readers happy!

sera - *pats you on the back* ;-) Certainly makes for hot experiences so i can share them!

Anneal - Welcome! SG reads my blog (and contributes, on occasion), so i'll leave Him to make that decision! :-)

t. x