Monday, February 23, 2009

S Is For Strict - The Morning After

In case you missed the first part.

The next morning i awoke and followed my latest rule. i placed my hands on SG's cock and gently stroked Him. It takes seconds to get Him hard and this time was no exception. He sleepily patted my hand and murmured "good pup", then moved my hand away (yes, away!) and W/we slept on until some time later.

i felt His hands firstly stroke and tease my breasts, before His fingers dipped inside my aroused, wet pussy. As He did so, He told me i'd be riding Him very soon. Before long, He made me sit on His throbbing hard shaft, which i always love. He enjoys seeing me bob up and down, my breasts on full show and within easy reach for Him to man-handle. The combination of that and feeling Him inside me is awesome.

After that, i was in my usual position - on my hands and knees, with Him taking me from behind. He thrust into me and with all O/our prior activity, my pussy was buzzing, and i think i came about 3 times (and without asking too). After a time, He stopped to let me rest and told me He'd have to use the Hitachi wand on me... because i hadn't come. Now i was in a dilemma - do i enjoy yet even more pleasure or do i confess that i've already had my orgasm? (well, 3 of them).

As He reached for the wand, i knew i had to tell Him. On hearing this news, He glared at me and questioned me as to why i hadn't asked Him for permission. i had no answers and i knew this would mean a punishment. He told me to spread my legs and as i lay on my back, He fucked me hard and fast. He was out to get His pleasure and that's what He took. He gripped my hips, grinding Himself into my sore pussy. i lay there and hoped He would come soon. The look on His face scared me. The way He took me was like nothing He had done before - it was rough and ready. After so long, He groaned from His climax and lay exhausted on the bed beside me.

i remember curling up and feeling very bad about myself. i had disobeyed SG again and knew i would suffer the consequences. He told me i'd have time for reflection on the error of my ways... in my cage.

Before He set about making up the cage, He strapped me into the SJ and lay me on my side on the bed. He clipped on the lead and ran it down to my ankle cuffs, to hog-tie me. The hood (the usual one with eye and mouth holes) went over my head, with the addition of bondage tape wrapped over my eyes. i was starting to panic now. But He wasn't finished there, as i then heard the rattle of the ball gag harness (i've learnt to recognise its sound), which He applied over the hood, and pushed the ball through the mouth hole, to rest just inside my mouth. i was completely and utterly helpless.

He left me there, as He made up the cage. He told me i'd have some time to think about my disobedience and to realise who i belong to, who owns me and who has the control. He assured me there would be no doubt in my mind, when He had finished with me.


Aurore said...

Why do you think you didn't ask to cum? Were you trying to test just how strict SG would be with you?

Tristan's pet said...

Yikes! I dread to think what would happen if I didn't ask before I came!
Naughty pup! Mind you, when he looked at you, and it was a scary look, did that not turn you on? It really does it for me when my owner gets that mean, hard look. :)

Tp xx

vanimp said...

Naughty puppy ... lesson learned I am guessing? xxx

trinity-pup said...

Aurore - i can't explain it. i certainly wasn't testing SG and i did regret doing it.

Tp - *nods* i know! His look truly scared me, and nothing else that time, but i know what you mean! It can do but i was too worried about the consequences ;-)

vanimp - *blush* i think so! There's one more part coming soon.

t. x

mina said...

I could never get away with not asking, only because there is no hiding it from him. My orgasms are too strong for him not to notice. I can't wait to read more.This is delicious, which is why I think you keep breaking the rules... :p

J3 and his slut Wendy said...

I know how you feel, the disobeying part..but if I got punishments like you receive. I would do it all the time!!lol

Again pup, we love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing

libby said...

i've given you a special 'friends blogger award' - see here for details:


trinity-pup said...

mina - hehehe noisy girl! :-) It's truly not why i keep breaking the rules... but what SG put me through was pretty exhausting and i learnt my lesson.

J3 & Wendy - *grins* i'm trying to be a good pup, honest! So happy to hear you are staying with me - thank you! i love reading you too.

libby - woooo hooo! *hugs* thank you hun! :-)

t. x