Saturday, March 07, 2009

pup's Annual Report

It's now been a year since the delectable pup first agreed to submit to My control. I think it's an appropriate time, therefore, to provide an honest appraisal of her performance over the past 12 months as My submissive:


This has deepened greatly over the year, especially once she accepted My collar. (I confess that I didn't quite grasp at the time what a significant moment that was, but rest assured that I do now!). Obviously, I don't expect her to continue exhibiting submissive behaviour while W/we are in vanilla company, but she carries her collar in her bag at work and wears it at every given opportunity - it's a comfort to her. Indeed, sometimes she has to remind Me to put it on her, as I have been known to be forgetful. Outbreaks of brattish behaviour and wilful disobedience are few and far between. It's more a case of forgetting rules while under stress - neglecting to ask permission to come, for instance. she knows that I am a soft touch, but I will chastise her in a suitable fashion if she takes things too far. In summary, then, she is a sweet, well-intentioned puppy who only wants to please her Master and deepen her submission. A firm but fair guiding hand (on her beautiful bottom) will see her continuing her excellent work into year two. Score = 9/10


This is pup's absolute forte. I have absolutely no complaints about her remarkably slutty ways. One of My great pleasures in life is to force orgasms out of her, so this delightful behaviour should only be encouraged. she is always ready to spread her legs for her Master or service Him in any other way. her oral and manual skills have improved greatly. Her enthusiasm for such duties has increased in line with her abilities. she is easily aroused and, on some occasions, capable of multiple orgasms - clitorally, vaginally and even anally. Occasionally, she will get greedy and try to come one too many times, which can lead to frustration and soreness on her part. Score = 10/10


This was an area that I have to say I wasn't fully comfortable with (no pun intended) when W/we started out, so this section could be more about My own performance! I had never dealt out pain before to a sexual partner before, not being a sadist in the truest sense (I prefer to give discomfort in the shape of predicament bondage.) But again, with practice and the growing realisation that she really does enjoy pain, My own skills and enthusiasm have increased. her need for it still probably exceeds My inclination to provide it, so there's work to be done there. At her request and when in My presence, her collaring ritual now incorporates a quick spanking session, which serves as a nice "warm-up" activity. I would actually quite like to introduce some light electro-play, although that remains a hard limit for her. But that brings Me neatly on to the next section. Score = 9/10


pup will be the first to tell you that she has been on a remarkable journey in this respect. Undoubtedly the highlight of this has been her acceptance of hoods, which until relatively recently were on her hard limits list. This was largely a result of her realisation of how important they are to Me - how adorable is that? There is something about wearing them, which I cannot adequately describe, that allows people to lose whatever inhibitions they have left, stripping away the guilt of identity. It allows you to say, figuratively: "It wasn't Me who did that shocking thing; it was My kinky alter-ego." she gradually worked her way up to it, starting with the cat-woman half-hood and the severe muzzle-gag (which she asked Me to obtain), but it still amazes Me that the first full head coverage she tried was the breath-control hood, which can quickly induce panic in inexperienced players.

she still has an issue with My wearing them, which stems from this regrettable episode (see also My subsequent post, where things went too far too soon and scared pup. The paradox is that wearing one enables Me to give her more of the pain she needs! Apart from headgear, pup has sampled delights such as the monoglove, the straitjacket, the body bag and the cage for the first time. Some of the things that she enjoys now had never been on her radar, but I'm pretty sure she'd find it hard to return to a diet of rope 'n' cuffs. From memory, her main hard limits are inflatable hoods and vacuum-bed bondage (aside from knife and needle play) - I guess that in these recessionary times W/we're all feeling enough of a squeeze already, thank Y/you very much! Score = 9/10


I think pup's appetite for wearing rubber and other shiny things has definitely increased, which is hugely pleasurable to Me, of course! When W/we started chatting to each other online, she had just bought a beautiful leather corset and I encouraged her to try it on over her black PVC catsuit (which has since died). she had her doubts initially, but she was delighted with the result. Over the year I have acquired various items for her (off the top of My head: latex dress, catsuit and internal-dildo briefs; and PVC thigh-boots and macintosh), which she has loved wearing. I hope Y/you have enjoyed the pictures of her modelling them as much as I have enjoyed taking them. I'm sure that the kinky wardrobe will continue expanding in the coming year, so stay tuned. Score = 9/10

In summary, then, it's been a wonderful 12 months for U/us B/both - a voyage of discovery that I wouldn't swap for the world. I think Y/you would join Me in saying: "Thank you, pup. The past year in your company has been a pleasure. Here's to many more."



Anonymous said...

SG, this was a lovely update. It's so nice to read about how far the 2 of you have come. I'm so happy for you pup!

Xoxoxo Mina

Florida Dom said...

Glad to see PUP got such a good report card. And the pictures were great, too. And here's hoping that a year from now, PUP will elevate the 9 of 10s to 10 of 10s.

Anonymous said...

Congrats SG, Sir :)
Really nice to see Your report for pup, and delighted to see she is doing well.
I think there's a lot that can be built on here, as the foundation seems very solid and I really do look forward to hearing more tales in the future :)

vanimp said...

Thank you for posting SG, it's been a wonderful experience to share both your journeys.

Well done wee pup ! xxx

P.S. Electro play is actually quite fun ;)

Aurore said...

SG, I enjoyed your update; it's wonderful to hear that you are as pleased with your pup as she is with you.

I wish you both many more annual updates like this one.

Anonymous said...

Hi SG,

Lovely report, glad to see things are coming along nicely!

So, can I ask, what are your goals for pup? What are you going to be working on in the future?

Lots of love,


P.S: I personally would like to see her exhibiting herself a lot more, but, well you know, that's me, and I'm a perve...

Single said...

Thanks to everyone for your kind comments and positive feedback. It has been a truly amazing year in which pup has made my life so much more fulfilling. In answer to Anon's question, I can't think of anything specific off the top of my head at the moment - I'm very much ad-hoc when it comes to setting objectives. They will come to me as we go along, I'm sure. The only thing I like to tie down is pup. ;-)