Thursday, February 12, 2009

HNT - Bathroom Play

Especially for the anonymous perve (and anyone else who was interested) - my 'toilet play', captured on camera:



Anonymous said...

Ok, that is hot!

Aurore said...

Naughty girl! I love it!

Florida Dom said...

PUP: Great photo.How did you feel doing the toilet play? Did it make you feel more submissive or were y0u thinking about the reward you were going to get?
And how are you adjusting to the new rules? Does wearing the cuffs at home and at night make you feel more submissive?
And we're waiting to see how many more new rules that SG has planned to implement and whether they'll bring your submission to a new leve.

Anonymous said...

Just because I'm anonymous, doesn't mean I don't care! Perves have feelings too...

Lovely, lovely picture, it has made my day. What a very lucky submissive you are!

mina said...

I agree you are a very lucky submissive. Thanks for sharing your sexy toilet play. ;)

vanimp said...

Hehe there's something about little tasks that get one's engine revving. Or is that engaging the brat ? I likes a challenge LOL. i love these new rules that are beginning, very exciting! *huggles* xx

trinity-pup said...

Rebecca - thank you!! *blush*

Aurore - hehehe... i'm glad you do!

FD - thank you :-) It excites me a lot - to know i'm doing something for SG, when i'm at work. It adds a whole new dimension to things.
The new rules seem to be keeping my mind more focused on my submission, to wear them at night is a great comfort.
Hope not to keep you waiting too much longer! :-)

Anon - *smiles* come on, you can be brave and give yourself a name! ;-) so glad it made your day!

mina - thank you hun. More to share on the way.

vanimp - there certainly is! i love having something to do for SG. Engaging the brat maybe! ;-) The new rules are good for me.

t. x