Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Birthday SG!

It's SG's birthday today... and His pup has been spoiling Him with (mostly) vanilla presents, although one of them was a new belt, so that could be the kinky gift. He's yet to try it out, i mean, try it on yet... but all in good time!

Sir, for You, from O/our horniest '4 days' together last year:

Happy Birthday SG! i love You very much and am so happy to be Yours.

Your pup


mina said...

awww happy birthday SG and you look wonderful pup.

Anonymous said...

me-ow pup! *nuzzles*
And a very happy birthday to SG!

vanimp said...

Corrr check you out cutie! Nice gears :D and damn that looks like fun :D xxx

Single said...

Thanks to everyone for your kind wishes. I can't ask for anything more on my birthday than having pup close to me.