Monday, February 02, 2009

Be Careful What You Wish For - Part 1

Just recently, i have not been feeling as submissive as i should. my submission has been ebbing and flowing of late. i think it stems from spending a large amount of vanilla time together recently (nothing wrong in that, i know), as well as my new job taking up my thoughts. Anyway, i couldn't quite put my finger on it and i needed to share this with SG. Ironically, this followed an intensive scene the night before and it was the way that it ended, that made me question and contemplate things:

For the scene, He removed my collar (that usually means one thing - i'd be wearing the muzzle gag which has its own built-in posture collar, so it's not possible to wear both). He tied me spread-eagled to the bed, then whilst straddling me, wrapped bondage tape over my eyes, placed the hood on me, and strapped the muzzle gag over the top. He delighted in caressing and sucking hard on my nipples, ran His fingers down my torso. Then from nowhere, He forced 2 or 3 orgasms from me with the Hitachi wand (how He loves that toy), not before i asked for permission to come beforehand, of course.

After, i lay exhausted and elated. i love the wand and however intense it is, it just gets you there. Having now had my release, i felt the slight claustrophobic effect of the hood and gag starting to kick in, which made for quite an intensive feeling on top of that, as well as an exciting one too. There was a part of me that wanted Him to remove this sensory deprivation, and another that wanted to experience it a bit longer.

i felt His hand begin to untie the rope of my wrist cuff, and i remember indicating with my hand and shaking my head that i didn't want to be released... not just yet. i still felt so turned on with the hood and muzzle gag combo, slowly closing in more, i wanted Him to have His physical pleasure. i so wanted Him inside me. He realised this and said "You want me to fuck you, don't You?". i nodded and He told me He would untie me, so i could get into position - this meant He would take me from behind - just how He loves to fuck His cumslut.

i knelt on my hands and knees in readiness and His hard cock pushed against my pussy lips, opening them wide and then He was deep inside me. With His hands on my hips, He began thrusting harder, before changing His angle at times. So every now and then, it felt like He was pressing Himself against my anal wall. Being taken like that, coupled with the fact that i was still sightless and gagged, only served to fuel the slutty side of my submission. It felt like i was being 'used'. i could feel myself coming again and i quickly asked if i could climax. With His permission granted, a delicious orgasm enveloped me - a tingling feeling flowed through my body.

By then, i was very conscious that He had yet to come. i knew His wants should always come first, but i also know how He loves to force me to come and that's usually His priority. He continued to pump me and i began to grip His cock with my pussy. i was pushing my body back onto Him, as if i were fucking Him. It felt so good and after a long rhythmic session of this action, i knew He was on His way. He came a short time after, His groans filled my ear (how good is that sound?!), before i collapsed on the bed. i lay with a big smile on my face, happy in the (secret) knowledge that i'd 'taken the lead', so to speak.

SG removed the gag, hood and tape, and then held me tight. W/we curled up together in bed, spent and tired, and fell asleep in each others' arms. Sounds like it made for a happy and content pup? Well, yes for a time as i slept soundly in His arms, then woke to realise i was not wearing my collar or chains, as part of my overnight routine. my collar and chains lay on the bedside table on His side of the bed. i lay there to wonder if He was about to wake up too with all my stirring, but once asleep, He is known to sleep pretty well when W/we share a bed (i have that effect on Him!). So i lay and fretted for a short while, but through my half-sleep, i knew i needed to rest and i slept on.

But i needed to tell SG how i was feeling...


Anonymous said...

Great blog and story! Its very detailed and gives me an insight or flavour into the world of Sg & pup. Sounds like you two know how to sve money on heating bills! hehe! Very well done! Keep up the great work and pics!


Florida Dom said...

You may not have been feeling submissive lately but you certainly seemed to be in that delicious scene. I'm sure SG thought you were being submissive even if you didn't wear your chains at the end of the night.
And Pup, you've certainly learned to enjoy that hood. You've come a long way.

Emma watson said...

nice and great story thanks for sharing.