Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Birthday SG!

It's SG's birthday today... and His pup has been spoiling Him with (mostly) vanilla presents, although one of them was a new belt, so that could be the kinky gift. He's yet to try it out, i mean, try it on yet... but all in good time!

Sir, for You, from O/our horniest '4 days' together last year:

Happy Birthday SG! i love You very much and am so happy to be Yours.

Your pup

Thursday, February 26, 2009

HNT - Chain Love

my ankle cuffs and chains that bind and comfort me, every night:


Monday, February 23, 2009

S Is For Strict - The Morning After

In case you missed the first part.

The next morning i awoke and followed my latest rule. i placed my hands on SG's cock and gently stroked Him. It takes seconds to get Him hard and this time was no exception. He sleepily patted my hand and murmured "good pup", then moved my hand away (yes, away!) and W/we slept on until some time later.

i felt His hands firstly stroke and tease my breasts, before His fingers dipped inside my aroused, wet pussy. As He did so, He told me i'd be riding Him very soon. Before long, He made me sit on His throbbing hard shaft, which i always love. He enjoys seeing me bob up and down, my breasts on full show and within easy reach for Him to man-handle. The combination of that and feeling Him inside me is awesome.

After that, i was in my usual position - on my hands and knees, with Him taking me from behind. He thrust into me and with all O/our prior activity, my pussy was buzzing, and i think i came about 3 times (and without asking too). After a time, He stopped to let me rest and told me He'd have to use the Hitachi wand on me... because i hadn't come. Now i was in a dilemma - do i enjoy yet even more pleasure or do i confess that i've already had my orgasm? (well, 3 of them).

As He reached for the wand, i knew i had to tell Him. On hearing this news, He glared at me and questioned me as to why i hadn't asked Him for permission. i had no answers and i knew this would mean a punishment. He told me to spread my legs and as i lay on my back, He fucked me hard and fast. He was out to get His pleasure and that's what He took. He gripped my hips, grinding Himself into my sore pussy. i lay there and hoped He would come soon. The look on His face scared me. The way He took me was like nothing He had done before - it was rough and ready. After so long, He groaned from His climax and lay exhausted on the bed beside me.

i remember curling up and feeling very bad about myself. i had disobeyed SG again and knew i would suffer the consequences. He told me i'd have time for reflection on the error of my ways... in my cage.

Before He set about making up the cage, He strapped me into the SJ and lay me on my side on the bed. He clipped on the lead and ran it down to my ankle cuffs, to hog-tie me. The hood (the usual one with eye and mouth holes) went over my head, with the addition of bondage tape wrapped over my eyes. i was starting to panic now. But He wasn't finished there, as i then heard the rattle of the ball gag harness (i've learnt to recognise its sound), which He applied over the hood, and pushed the ball through the mouth hole, to rest just inside my mouth. i was completely and utterly helpless.

He left me there, as He made up the cage. He told me i'd have some time to think about my disobedience and to realise who i belong to, who owns me and who has the control. He assured me there would be no doubt in my mind, when He had finished with me.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


... about Snippets - 1

A year ago, this very day:

The Last Great Romantic - Jack Vettriano

He leans in for our first embrace.
Strong arms surround me.
His soft mouth takes control of mine.
Roving tongue pushes my lips apart.
i am lost in His kiss.

His fingers entwine my hair,
then trace across my face.
He grips my chin to make me look at Him,
then He takes hold of my neck.

His hand runs down my spine.
i shiver and move in closer to Him.
i am enraptured.

Nowhere else i want to be.
Nothing else matters.

All that exists is us.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

HNT - Valentine Chains

From Valentine's night.

Made to sleep in my usual cuffs and chains - long live romance!

W/we had a lovely time... especially in the shower (but that may well be another post!).


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

... me

Bind me, beat me.

Gag me, grope me.

Torment me, tease me.

Encase me, excite me.

Pull me, push me.

Spread me, strike me

Force me, fuck me.

Cage me, crop me.

Stroke me, soothe me.

Kiss me, keep me.


Monday, February 16, 2009

S Is For Strict

"I'm going to make you sooooo submissive - do you believe Me?"

SG's words to me, as i knelt before Him, following the weekend i confessed to not feeling sub enough - and when He decided a stricter regime was to be put in place.

So there He had me - adorned in my rubber catsuit, which now seems to fit skin-tight and looks and feels so good. Then He wanted me to wear the double-dildo rubber pants over the top of it, with the rubber cock slightly inflated so i could insert it into my hungry wet pussy. Mercifully, He didn't expect me to insert the anal dildo as well (which still seems huge). Over the top of my catsuit, He laced me into my corset, accompanied by PVC thigh boots and His 'regular' hood (the one with eye and mouth holes).

He then made me kneel on the bed and strapped me into the monoglove, added some leather straps around my thighs to my ankles to stop my legs from moving, along with my ankle cuffs and chains. He said He'd wanted to re-create the image from a certain cartoon on His Rubberpal profile (a variation on it anyway!). this girl also blogged about it here. The overall effect felt incredible. The overall look is great. i was overwhelmed with being so 'encased' and felt extremely submissive - no doubt about that.

He wasn't quite finished, as He then produced the pump-up gag (which He hasn't used much on me in the past) and with it deflated, He pushed it through the hood's mouth-hole and told me to keep it in. He began to slowly pump it up, only a little at first, and i could feel it expanding. Then He stopped to take a photo of His 'rubber slut':

i remember the gag coming out (did i force it out?) and He held it up to my mouth for me to accept it and waited ages for me to comply. The gag was only in my mouth again for a few seconds more, and then i dropped my head down for it to fall onto the bed.

He took hold of my head and lifted my face to look up at Him. my breath quickened in panic now. i knew i was in trouble for that.

"Oh dear, refusing the gag are W/we?" He asked. "Well, you've got a big mouth. i think W/we're going to have to try another tack. You can't take a gag? I'm afraid that might mean something else".

He fetched the breath control hood and held it up to press it against my face, as He said:

"I think failure to take a gag... a minute in the breath control hood."

"Please..." i whimpered, begging for Him to change His mind.

"Did you wanna be pushed?" He asked. "Did you wanna be pushed?" He repeated the question.

i nodded as i knew that i did. "Yes Sir" i whispered.

"Do you want to say your safe word?"

i shook my head, but i must admit, i felt pretty fearful by this point.

i watched as He edged nearer to my face with the other hood. 'i can do this, i can', i thought to myself. He knelt beside me on the bed and slowly proceeded to place the other hood over my head. i kept my eyes closed the whole time. He told me the minute would only begin once it was zipped up. i tried to control my breathing as i knew how this other hood would suck at my face, on top of the hood i already had on. The breath control hood only has a few mouth holes for ventilation. True to its nature, it sucked at my face as i panted and my heart rate pumped fast. SG stayed close by my side the whole time and i felt myself leaning against Him, so i knew He was there. For a second, i wasn't sure i could cope and then i heard Him say that 30 seconds had passed. i was halfway there, i was going to make it. That half a minute seemed like an eternity. i found out afterwards that He had filmed the whole scene too (and others too). i've watched it since and i find it hard to believe it's me.

The minute elapsed and he removed both hoods, then held me in His arms and praised me. He stroked my hair and i pressed my head against His chest for comfort and all this relief spread over me. It was an evil punishment and there's no doubt, at times, there's a hint of sadism in SG's actions and i know He revels in it.

Following SG's aftercare, He removed me from the monoglove and made me lie on the bed. He removed the rubber pants (which actually split in the process!) and then tied my ankles and wrists length ways to the bed posts, ensuring i was completely helpless once again. The hitachi wand made its appearance and He ran it over my exposed and soaking pussy. He forced me to come twice, not before i asked for permission, of course.

The night didn't stop there. SG then wanted to 'use me' and after releasing me from my bonds, He instructed me to 'assume the position'. This means getting on my hands and knees in readiness for Him to take me from behind. So He took what He needed, fucking His cum slut until He moaned from His delicious orgasm (and i think i came again too).

After that, W/we sat on the edge of the bed and SG held me in His arms. Somehow i was STILL horny. So i asked if i could play without it affecting my free play cards (the 2 free plays He granted me as reward for my toilet play - i had yet to use them). He allowed me to play with myself and as He sat beside me, i fingered myself and used my purple vibe to culminate in yet another orgasm. By this point, i was truly spent. SG joked that He'd make me sleep in the SJ, but then the kinder Dom took over and i slept in His arms, in my usual cuffs and chains.

The following morning, i had my new rule to remember - on waking, i should attend to Him by placing my hands upon His cock, and He'd make the next decision. It also meant He would continue with His new regime, which would involve giving His pup some much needed cage time... and maybe some pain.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

HNT - Bathroom Play

Especially for the anonymous perve (and anyone else who was interested) - my 'toilet play', captured on camera:


Monday, February 09, 2009

Thank You!

i'm amazed... my last post has, at the latest count, amassed 13 comments from my brilliant blogger friends (bar one perve who wants to remain Anonymous!). i know that doesn't sound like many, but it has to be the most i've received straight off, without any of my comments counting as responses.

So firstly, i have to say a huge 'thank you' to those who took the time to read and leave me such great feedback (as well as those who just lurked). i'm not sure if SG received many emails from His 'advert' (He hasn't told me anyway!), but a stricter regime is coming! An example of that came to light at the weekend, but more on that next time. Yes, you know how i love to tease you!

i know SG is now thinking on things, is listening to what i'm asking for and taking in any suggestions that He receives (gulp!). 'Have I been a soft touch?' He asked. i know He has been trying to find the balance between being my Dom and my partner. He is a human being with His own needs and wants. He wants what's best for B/both of U/us. All of which makes for a rather interesting time ahead, and i'm both excited and scared at what could be in store.

But back to the comments, for a moment, as i wanted to respond to each one - and there's a few new faces (fantastic!):

Aurore, Rebecca Lynn, and J3 and Wendy - thank you all for finding me and adding me to your blogs - only time will tell!

Tristan's pet - it's good to hear how you enjoy being used. It's something i'd like more of and i think SG is coming round to the idea now!

- yes you are a perve! As for the pics, there may be one making its appearance soon.

Florida Dom - a fairly new but now regular commenter - as ever, giving great insight into my posts, as well as praise - thank You.

Anneal - another new face - thank You and yes, rules are what i need! Thanks for feeding the fish!

sera - great to know that you can relate to orgasm-hungry Masters! Oh, how we suffer! ;-) *hugs* to you

- a rare commenter, but nonetheless, a very welcome visitor! - It's very interesting to read how you can relate to SG, and then advise a 'step up on punishments'! i think it worked at the weekend (more details in my next post!)

mina - my dear friend - you are so right in communicating how you feel. It's humbled me to know i've touched you with the balance aspect and how we are both trying to seek some answers on this. Got my fingers crossed for us!

- my cheeky friend - you know how i love to tease you! ;-) *hugs*

unowned desire - my dear friend, kitty - it's always so cool to see you here. Thank you for such wise words and the 'nice arse' vote! ;-)

So a quick update - i completed one part of SG's challenge: playing with myself in the toilets, and therefore they're officially 'christened'! Felt so good and naughty, and i do have a photo to share. The 'extra points' were not achieved, as i couldn't be sure if there were cameras in the lifts (i know, poor excuse huh?). Anyway, my toilet play rewarded me with two free play cards, which i can use at any time without SG's permission. i just have to tell SG when i have used each card. i have yet to use them!

Finally (for now), i have been given two new rules already. The first one is to wear my ankle and wrist cuffs whenever i am at home, as well as overnight - not just when SG visits me or i stay at His. i have the option whether to add my connecting chains when i get to bed. i have actually been applying the ankle chains, as they seem to help me sleep more soundly.

The other rule - when sleeping with SG, my first job on waking up, is to attend to His cock by stroking and caressing Him. He will then decide what He wishes to happen next (as should always be the case).

So a cuffed and collared pup thanks you all again for 'tuning in' and i'm off to work on writing up an update on the 'stricter weekend'. All i will say, is that it concluded with my bottom receiving 30 strokes of the riding crop. Could it have been a punishment, i hear you ask?

Only time will tell...

Friday, February 06, 2009

Be Careful What You Wish For - Part 2

In the morning, as W/we lay together, i felt a slight sense of detachment from SG (for want of a better word). Wearing my collar and my cuffs at night, when He stays, is a ritual that helps to embed my submission, and it had gone amiss (not for the first time too), so it didn't feel right. i know i've written about this before and at that time, SG had told me to wake Him up in future. So i guess it was my problem for not doing that this time, but at the same time, i see it as being more of His duty towards me, however tired He may be, to ensure rules and rituals are kept up. i've also written recently about not wearing my collar as much as i should, so i'm well aware that i've been lapsing in my compliance.

So there was a lot of conflict going on in my head. Seeing this in my face and sensing that all was not right, SG asked me what was wrong. With some difficulty, i expressed how i hadn't been feeling as submissive as i should. Then followed the fall-out from my frustration: having experienced such intensity from our scene, it had felt like part of it had been diluted by His 'forgetfulness' to apply my collar and chains afterwards. What i was saying was that, in my mind, it should have been my Dom's 'right thing to do' before W/we slept.

On hearing this, SG reiterated the point that He had been extremely tired and He had not been thinking coherently. He reminded me of the fact that, after last time, i should have woken Him up and He would have seen to it. He told me He wouldn't have been angry, as my defence was that He would be, if i were to wake Him. So i should remember that. After all, He is only human (which i shouldn't ever forget).

He held me in His arms and asked me if there was anything else i wanted to talk about. i mentioned the fact that i was struggling with the balance between our vanilla and O/our D/s life. i had been craving feeling more submissive to Him, being helpless and feeling His control. i know it's difficult as W/we do have our own lives. W/we don't live together and are not 24/7. W/we also have a vanilla world to live in as boyfriend and girlfriend. As well as to each O/other, W/we are lovers and soul mates. Getting all of that to come together is not an easy thing. i know i've read about this so many times on other blogs. It's not unique to U/us and it's something W/we have to work at. It also shouldn't be forgotten that W/we've been together for only a year, and in the grand scheme of BDSM and D/s, it's a very short length of time. But when i look at how far W/we've come already (excuse the pun), it's been an amazing journey and one that should never be taken for granted.

SG told me to think about my needs and my wants - what can He give me and what can He do, to help me in my submission. In saying that, it came with those familiar words of His: "Be careful what you wish for". i gave it some thought and came up with the following (for now):

i need to feel more owned. i need to feel His control more, both mentally and physically. i want to kneel at His feet more often. i enjoy the feeling of being 'used' - by that i mean for Him to take His pleasure from me, without getting any in return for myself. (Similarly, being kept hooded and muzzled while He takes me now feels so good and right). i also need pain. i am a masochist - there's no getting away from that - and i've come to realise that i need pain on a more regular basis, not just as punishment.

i also think i need some more rules, discipline and challenges that will enable me to grow. i feel like i've been 'getting away with things' (a point with which SG totally agreed – He calls it my 'brattiness'). But it's not a one-way street (and never should be), because all of this will help SG to grow in His Dominance and allow Him to find out more of what He needs and wants - which i believe should come first.

SG's response? He said He can certainly be stricter with me. He can administer more pain and said that, from now on, i'll be getting regular spankings over His knee each time He locks me in my collar. In response to my want of being 'used', He said He has difficulty in taking just what He wants, as He loves to see and hear me come for Him. As i mentioned earlier, He makes it His priority in most of our scenes. He said He could never be a Dom who was all out for Himself – the type who would take only what He wanted from His submissive and then 'fuck off' until the next time. i am sure there are those that do that out there, but SG wants His pup to satisfy her needs and wants, almost as much as Him. It all comes down to His love for me and again, being human.

He's also going to think about more rules too. Oh, and He's already set me a challenge for this week: to 'christen' the toilets near my new desk (i recently changed my job - same building, but in a different area). So my task is to play with myself, wearing my collar, and to take photos for Him. There are extra points(!) on offer if i also take a photo of my exposed breasts when i'm in the lift! If i comply, my reward will be lots of free play cards (i.e. i can play with myself whenever i like, and not ask for permission to come).

Maybe i shouldn't have said anything, but that would have been wrong... and i'm glad i did speak up. Communication is everything. Doms aren’t mind readers, they need feedback. So in time you'll be able to read about these changes, which should make for a more submissive (and obedient!) puppy - and an interesting read, i hope.

(Now i'd better go and get my collar on, hadn't i?!)

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

No Escape

So here's an intriguing "keyword analysis" of my blog from Statcounter:

2 queries asking 'how to escape from a monoglove'. Well, you won't find the answer on trinity-pup! Rather, it's a case of absolutely no escape... until SG decides when His pup is free.

Even more bizarrely, someone is looking for 'cum on trinitys pvc catsuit'. Won't find that either, as SG makes me clean it up ;-)

Monday, February 02, 2009

Be Careful What You Wish For - Part 1

Just recently, i have not been feeling as submissive as i should. my submission has been ebbing and flowing of late. i think it stems from spending a large amount of vanilla time together recently (nothing wrong in that, i know), as well as my new job taking up my thoughts. Anyway, i couldn't quite put my finger on it and i needed to share this with SG. Ironically, this followed an intensive scene the night before and it was the way that it ended, that made me question and contemplate things:

For the scene, He removed my collar (that usually means one thing - i'd be wearing the muzzle gag which has its own built-in posture collar, so it's not possible to wear both). He tied me spread-eagled to the bed, then whilst straddling me, wrapped bondage tape over my eyes, placed the hood on me, and strapped the muzzle gag over the top. He delighted in caressing and sucking hard on my nipples, ran His fingers down my torso. Then from nowhere, He forced 2 or 3 orgasms from me with the Hitachi wand (how He loves that toy), not before i asked for permission to come beforehand, of course.

After, i lay exhausted and elated. i love the wand and however intense it is, it just gets you there. Having now had my release, i felt the slight claustrophobic effect of the hood and gag starting to kick in, which made for quite an intensive feeling on top of that, as well as an exciting one too. There was a part of me that wanted Him to remove this sensory deprivation, and another that wanted to experience it a bit longer.

i felt His hand begin to untie the rope of my wrist cuff, and i remember indicating with my hand and shaking my head that i didn't want to be released... not just yet. i still felt so turned on with the hood and muzzle gag combo, slowly closing in more, i wanted Him to have His physical pleasure. i so wanted Him inside me. He realised this and said "You want me to fuck you, don't You?". i nodded and He told me He would untie me, so i could get into position - this meant He would take me from behind - just how He loves to fuck His cumslut.

i knelt on my hands and knees in readiness and His hard cock pushed against my pussy lips, opening them wide and then He was deep inside me. With His hands on my hips, He began thrusting harder, before changing His angle at times. So every now and then, it felt like He was pressing Himself against my anal wall. Being taken like that, coupled with the fact that i was still sightless and gagged, only served to fuel the slutty side of my submission. It felt like i was being 'used'. i could feel myself coming again and i quickly asked if i could climax. With His permission granted, a delicious orgasm enveloped me - a tingling feeling flowed through my body.

By then, i was very conscious that He had yet to come. i knew His wants should always come first, but i also know how He loves to force me to come and that's usually His priority. He continued to pump me and i began to grip His cock with my pussy. i was pushing my body back onto Him, as if i were fucking Him. It felt so good and after a long rhythmic session of this action, i knew He was on His way. He came a short time after, His groans filled my ear (how good is that sound?!), before i collapsed on the bed. i lay with a big smile on my face, happy in the (secret) knowledge that i'd 'taken the lead', so to speak.

SG removed the gag, hood and tape, and then held me tight. W/we curled up together in bed, spent and tired, and fell asleep in each others' arms. Sounds like it made for a happy and content pup? Well, yes for a time as i slept soundly in His arms, then woke to realise i was not wearing my collar or chains, as part of my overnight routine. my collar and chains lay on the bedside table on His side of the bed. i lay there to wonder if He was about to wake up too with all my stirring, but once asleep, He is known to sleep pretty well when W/we share a bed (i have that effect on Him!). So i lay and fretted for a short while, but through my half-sleep, i knew i needed to rest and i slept on.

But i needed to tell SG how i was feeling...