Friday, January 23, 2009

You and i

You pick me up when i stumble.
You hold me close when i am scared.

You pull me through when it is dark.

You wipe away my tears when i cry.

Your smile cheers me when i am down.
You make me feel wanted and loved.

Your arms comfort and protect me.
Your voice soothes and reassures me.

i am calm under your control.
i need you more than you know.

i am so happy i am yours.


mina said...

beautiful. Your Sir must be beaming.

Single said...

Thanks Mina. It is. I am.

Anonymous said...

Lovely and um can I have those boots?

trinity-pup said...

mina - *blush* :-)

SG - thank You Sir!

Rebecca - good to see you here... and no, you can't have them! (Aren't they fab??!)

t. x