Friday, January 09, 2009

SG's Rules

Something i've never really mentioned in any detail before are the rules SG's has set for me. So to keep them in one place (and to never forget them), i thought it would be a good idea to share them here. There are only a handful (currently), but they are fundamental to O/our relationship:
  1. To always wear my collar overnight.

  2. To always sleep in cuffs and connecting chains (or any other way He deems fit) when Master stays.

  3. To wear my collar as much as possible, when at home alone (i.e. not expecting visitors).

  4. To always carry my collar with me, when away from home.

  5. Ensure rope is always in place at each bed post (4), when Master stays.

  6. To keep all toys clean and batteries charged, following play.

  7. To always ask for Master's permission to masturbate and to orgasm.

  8. To always ask for Master's permission before orally servicing Him.
(and i think there may be another hidden rule about not being a brat too...)


Anonymous said...

Right... there are the official, written rules, and then the unspoken but understood rules...

trinity-pup said...

lyn - i think you know what i mean! ;-)

vanimp said...

hehe not being a brat? Is there such a thing? And what about bratty doms lol? I haz one ;) x

Long Adam (#2 -1/2) said...

"Keep fresh Batteries in the refrigerator."

(...There is nothing more frustrating as an unavailable battery. Here, in the United States, it's The Energizer Bunny dying..)

Just a suggestion, from across the Pond.

Thanks, pup..for the ((hugs)) and understanding. You & your Master are Top people. luv you.

mina said...

ah but being a brat once in awhile is necessary *wink* you got to keep Him on His toes. *giggles*

Mistress Bella said...

Those are pretty respectable rules.....I agree with mina, if you act disobedient every once in a while its does keep us on our toes...but its fun :)

As for batteries, I use rechargeable ones! It was a pain always buying new ones, and they dont last long at all...the disposable ones.