Sunday, January 04, 2009

A Matter of Position

i was already naked, except for my thigh length PVC boots. SG strapped the muzzle gag on me, then made me kneel beside the bed. He bound my wrists to the bed posts at the top and the bottom of the bed, stretching my arms lengthways along it. He applied the nipple clips and then spread my legs using the spreader bar. It was a tough position to be in, literally. i couldn't quite place my head on the bed and in trying to do so, it would pull on my arms, so i kept my head up.

It was only then that He told me i was to be punished for not waking Him up that last night. He'd gone to bed before me and told me to wake Him to see to adding my chains. For this one time, i was allowed to put the cuffs on myself and then He would complete my "lock down" by attaching the connecting chains. When i got to bed, my cuffs were lying on the bed with their chains attached, so i put them on and went to sleep, without disturbing Him (yes, a mistake). He told me He had wanted me to wake Him to wish me a good night anyway, after i protested that the chains were already in place and i didn't think i should wake Him up - pup really couldn't win.

As i knelt in my discomfort, i saw SG throw the crop and leather cat on to the bed in front of me, then watched Him slide His belt off His trousers (an exciting and evil sound) and added it to the mix. He told me i could choose my implement of pain. i did wonder if He would use all three on me. i chose the belt and prepared myself for its sting. He dealt a fair number of strokes across my cheeks, turning them pink and i felt a great warmth rising on my skin. i strained at my bonds and tried to rest my face down on the bed to find a tiny bit of comfort. my pussy was now dripping and He saw my arousal and told me how much of a pain slut i was. After a
few more strokes of His belt, i was hoping that some pleasure might follow.

It did, in the form of the purple vibrator (one of my fave toys) and i watched Him walk around the side of the bed to fetch it. my breath quickened just seeing it in His hand, knowing where it was headed. SG loves to give His pup forced orgasms and wanted to ensure she came for Him. Turning it on to a high setting, He pressed it up to my soaking lips and aching clit. my body bucked and i pushed my pussy up against it. He then pushed it deep inside me, its ribbed texture grinding along my walls, and i gasped and panted as He slid it quickly in and out. His other hand mauled at my breasts, teasing and taunting my erect and sensitive nipples. The vibe has brought me to climax so many times before in His hands and this was no exception. He made me come about three times in quick succession, with each climax as delicious as the one before. He then released me from my restraints and helped me into bed to snuggle up to lie beside Him. my limbs wrapped around SG's body for comfort and warmth.

We lay in each others arms for a time, drifting in and out of sleep.
i wanted to feel horny again, actually, i needed it... well my needs do come before my wants, according to SG .... greedy slut that i am.... but i also knew He wanted to come again too. Before my punishment, i had caressed and stroked Him, before He made me ride Him to His extremely satisfying orgasm which sounded awesome. He admitted it was one of the best He'd ever had. i started to stroke His cock and balls once more. He could tell what was on my mind and with a smile, He told me to carry on.

After lots of cock caressing, He wanted me to ride Him again and i lowered myself down onto His throbbing hardness. Feeling Him inside me so soon again was just amazing. With every push and thrust, i could feel myself edging towards a huge orgasm that quickly immersed me, then after only a few more moments, another one erupted through me, and then another. It was the most incredible and pleasurable time of my life (to date). i have never felt quite so aroused and horny before this. On hearing SG's climax, one very exhausted pup lay trembling and ecstatic in her Master's arms.


luna said...

It's always interesting seeing what some people consider punishment and what others don't. I guess I always thought that punishment wasn't supposed to be pleasurable.

Not that your tale isn't totally hot! I'd just consider it play or a scene more than punishment for an infraction.

How are you punished if you make a bigger mistake?

Anonymous said...

Everyone's different yep.

For a start, with me, if Grimly fell asleep forgetting to do something to me he would be more annoyed if i woke him up! Given that if he can get through the night without me stealing the covers or trying to kick him out of bed in my nightmares its an achievement lol....

so it would never be a rule for us that i would have to wake him if he forgot something...he has a tendency not to forget anything! he's bloody minded that way!

Anyway, Luna, we dont' know how strong the strokes t got were. Could be they brought tears to her eyes and really hurt! With Grimly and I , corporal punishment is ONLY really used as a punishment and since we kept it just for that, even spanking can get a reaction now and bruise me despite me being able to take probably a lot of other things a lot more i.e. electrics and so on. So, what might be pleasurable for one person, might still hurt another.

And if it did hurt, (or even if it didn't) there's nothing wrong with both dom and sub getting turned on about it and having sex or whatever after. Nothing wrong with being Sadist.masochist as well as Dom/sub.

TG xx

trinity-pup said...

Hey luna - great to see you here! It's been a long time. Hope you are well?

i agree that a punishment shouldn't be pleasurable. However, i've just added to the post that SG is very much into giving forced orgasms, and sees this as something that He controls. It's not something to be associated with punishment as such, but He likes to finish things off in this way.

As for bigger mistakes (am glad to say there haven't been many!), i've been beaten whilst restrained in my cage or been made to sleep in heavier chains overnight.

i'll ask SG to add a comment on this.


Single said...

To be honest, the "punishment" for this minor misdemeanour was more of an excuse to give pup a little bit of pain, which - as she herself readily acknowledges - she requires every now and then. In effect, it serves as foreplay: the idea and the reality of being chastised excites her. I am not a sadist by any stretch of the imagination and would never harm pup in the way that she has been in the past. Probably the biggest punishment would be to deny her all these things, but that would be a punishment for me as well! Hope that explains where I'm coming from, but feel free to ask me more questions.

mina said...

What a lovely time. Don't you just love the sound of Master's pleasure?

xoxox mina

Florida Dom said...

SG and Pup:
That was a great scene PUP wrote about, but I was glad to see SG say the minor infraction was just an excuse to give Pup some pain. When I first read the post, I thought that was what SG was up to. Good idea. And she got a big reward, too.
And SG asked if there were any questions and I enjoy asking questions. Anyway, I was curious if you plan to slowly increase the amount of pain or time in the cage or things like that for PUP to endure so she gets to keep deepening her level of submission or or you just decide on a case-by-case level what to do. In a post a few months back, you wrote how realized you went too far with the helmet so you seem to be attuned to Pup's needs and are careful not to go too far. It seems like you have a great relationship with many more good scenes in your future. Go for it.

trinity-pup said...

this girl - thanks for such a fab comment! Yes, each to their own in whatever they call punishment and pain. The belt hurt a fair bit, although i know i've taken a lot more pain than that. i call myself a masochistic submissive. i know, as SG says Himself, He enjoys giving me pain but never to that extent to cause any serious damage.

SG - thank You Sir!

mina - it's a wonderful sound! :-)

Long Adam (#2 -1/2) said...

...There's definitely a pleasurable aspect to punishment.

(I imagine, infractions are tempered by love//

The hand, wearing the glove//

Leads, pleasure,//


~x~Adam#2*1/2 and SinfullyAnon.

PS: I'm not leaving blogging, pup.
(I left a comment for you at "Expanded Universe.")

Single said...

Florida Dom,

Thanks for your kind words and questions. I do try to be attentive to pup's needs, although I feel that I have occasionally pushed her too far beyond her comfort zone in the heat of the moment, which isn't a good feeling for either of us.

Having said that, I think a "good" BDSM relationship requires boundaries to be pushed sometimes. Otherwise, there is a risk of boredom and atrophy. Variety is therefore important too. For instance, I have consciously tried to introduce hood play, which was a hard limit for pup not so very long ago. Her recent acceptance - and, dare I say it, appreciation - of this aspect of her submission has amazed and pleased both of us. (But that's a story for another day!) The key for me - albeit after learning from a huge early miscalculation - was not to bang on about it all the time, but to introduce the concept gradually and sensitively, so that she would lose her fear. I fervently hope that she'll grow to like it.

You could call it continuing professional development for kinksters! ;-)

Florida Dom said...

SG: Thanks for the answers. You seem to be doing a very good job at slowly introducing her to new things to avoid boredom and create variety. You really seemed to learn the lesson when you went too quickly that one time with the helmet. From the latest photo, she seems to have adjusted to that. And the proof is in the pudding. She mentioned 14 orgasms in her last post. WOW, at that pace, she's going to lose count. Good work and you seem to bringing her submissive side to a new level. And Pup also seems to be getting the rewards.