Monday, January 26, 2009

Little pup Riding Hood

Over the New Year break, with the aid of His Christmas present from me - a book entitled "The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage" by Midori, SG decided to get creative with the green rope. i found my body entwined in a breast harness which felt really good, and SG was most impressed with His work. i love to feel rope against my skin, especially how it constricts my body.

As W/we lay on the bed enjoying the scene, He whispered in my ear:

"Would you like to experience My hood?"

He meant the one with eye, nose and mouth holes - the one that He had originally worn a time ago and had forced me to look up at Him as He wore it, which had subsequently scared me. Just recently, i had only been able to bring myself to look at Him wearing it.
i had already tried one of His other hoods - a breath control hood, which i wrote about here. That was a much scarier hood as it only had mouth holes. That was indeed a challenge for me, one that i took up and met. i hadn't worn this hood before, but i knew it would be much easier to cope with and it was something i wanted to try. The thought of it excited and intrigued me .

He let me hold it in my hands to see how it was made. It would still fit closely to my face when He zipped up the back, but i would be able to see out of it, with my mouth and nose unrestricted. The feel of the latex was incredibly soft and it had a lovely smell. i told Him i was ready.

He lay behind me and slowly placed the hood over my head. With closed eyes, i pulled it into place over my face. It felt OK and i could feel my breath quickening with excitement. He gradually zipped up the back and the latex pressed against my face, it felt so soft against my skin.

i felt no panic or fear, just a rush of adrenaline and a good feeling, knowing that i had come this far with my hood wearing
, and so soon too. i was calm and i breathed normally. It felt so good to be wearing His hood. my reward came in the form of several orgasms from the hitachi wand, which hit me rather speedily, helped on by the thrill of the hood.

Another huge step for me, for U/us.
i had been His hood girl again. Holding me in His arms, SG told me how proud He was of me and that made me glow inside.

From this scene, i'm going to share, what i feel to be, a very personal image for HNT this week... and i hope you're going to like it.


mina said...

I'm proud of you! I am looking forward to the HNT

Florida Dom said...

Congrats to you for learning to deal with the hood and to SG for backing off when it scared you and then bringing it back when you were ready for it.
And for rewarding you with the orgasms. With rewards like that, you'll be ready to embrace it the next time he puts it on.

techbondage said...

Great stuff SG and Pup, this is how to treat a limit that can be overcome: trust, understanding, respect and care. Hope the best for you both on your journey.

vanimp said...

Wow well done you I'm proud of you! I am sat here smiling as I type this. I really look forward to this weeks HNT and will be stopping packing just to check hehe! xxx

trinity-pup said...

mina - thank you! It's so uplifting to know that others are proud of me!

FD - Thank you again! It has certainly turned itself around and am so glad that i didn't give in. i hope i can embrace more now.

techbondage - good to see you here again. Thank you for your comment.

imp - aww thanks hun! i hope it meets with your approval then!

t. x