Saturday, January 31, 2009


i've been musing on some other blogs and i came across the blog of Doll's realm.

There's some good stuff on there.... and this caught my attention:

It's a new film with lots of latex (although i'm not a big fan of gas masks). No idea on the release date, or even if it will ever be shown in "vanilla-dom", but you can watch the trailer here:

There's also more info at the fim's website Justify.

i'll be keeping my eyes and ears open on any further news.


Anneal said...

Interesting...gas masks don't give Me that thrill (to see on a woman) but a leather hood...NOW thats entertainment! Thanks for the new reading material....yum

J3 and his slut Wendy said...

We love gas masks, leather masks, and latex too! really we are mask freaks!

thanks for sharing!