Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Hoots mon!

As i had hoped, W/we celebrated New Year's Eve in style and got rubbered up together to see in 2009. SG ensured i was fully aroused beforehand, by making me wear my catsuit, PVC boots, new PVC mac (SG's kinky pressie to me), cat-woman hood, muzzle gag, blindfold, leash, spreader bar and my arms restrained behind me with my wrist cuffs . It was amazingly intense, as you can imagine.... then we watched 'Jools Holland's Hootenanny' for the countdown.

my sexy dance in front of Him (in catsuit only at this point) to Duffy's "Mercy" (how apt) went down rather well too. He couldn't stop smiling at me and i'm sure i could see something arising ;-)

Over the last couple of weeks, W/we've been able to spend more quality time together and since New Year's Day, i had already amassed about 14 orgasms! i also got to experience lots of restraint, including SG's new shibari experiments (i bought Him a book on it as a pressie), cage time and some more hood training (yes, i've been brave again!). i hope to write more on all of that soon enough.

Happy New Year!


mina said...

Well, look at you all decked out! You look fabulous in all that black goodness. Happy New Year. So happy to hear you two are spending so much time together.

Min said...

As always, love the photo.

What shibari book did you get him? I got one for Qetesh for xmas too.

vanimp said...

Yuuuum! You look very hawt in all that yummy gear and sound like you have been having a great time of late ... *hugs* xx

Qetesh said...

Good for you, it's awesome you guys are getting to spend more time, and so cool about the hood training!
Awesome pic and post. HHNT
xoxox Qetesh.

trinity-pup said...

mina - hehehe.... aww thanks ma'am! ;-) it felt truly awesome to be so helpless like that. Happy New Year hun! Looking forward to spending more time in future.

Min - thank you! The book was "The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage" by Midori - He was very pleased and has been learning some new ways, all of which He'll be using on me! What was your book?

imp - hey you! i love that word... hawt! It's been brill. *hugs* you sound like you've been having a fab time too. i am so pleased for you hun.

Qetesh - Thank you! The hood experience has really taken me by surprise and of course, has delighted SG. More pics on their way soon!

t. x

Min said...

Lol, I got her the same one, along with several other books of the "dodgy" variety, including "Two Knotty Boys - Showing you the ropes". I'm pretty sure she loves them all, especially Midori's one.

trinity-pup said...

Min - ooh how spooky! It seems to be a great book. i'm sure i'll be showing some more 'trussed' photos here in the near future ;-)