Thursday, January 01, 2009

HNT - my favourite

i'm a relative newbie with HNT posts, having only started them in July. So to follow the crowd, i thought i'd best share my favourite HNT image with you, which just happens to be my first one - my peachy bottom:

There's something about that pink top against my skin that i love - it's silk and very sheer. Ironically, i really don't like the colour pink very much and it's the only thing i own. That is, except when SG's had His way with the crop to my ass (but He owns that).


Min said...

Very nice, makes me want to take to it with a crop myself ;-)

Happy HNT

mina said...

A very spankable favorite!

sinfullyanon said...

....Well. I don't know. I think your favourite of 2008 is going to be my favourite of 2009....


HappyHNT & Happy New Year, pup.

You're a goodin'

Anonymous said...

I recognise those stockings! Got a couple of pairs myself :)

Tp xx