Thursday, January 29, 2009

HNT - Hooded Nekkid Thursday

As promised, here's the special photo i've kept you waiting for...


By the way, the answer to the "Tie me up again" advert? It was for a well known anti-dandruff shampoo! (no-one would have guessed that!)


Hisflower said...

beautiful.... sooo hot..

vanimp said...

Awww's you look so blissed *hugs*

Bah I NEVER would have guessed anti dandruff shampoo hahaha xxx

mina said...

Yay for you in your hood! I love your nipple ring. *licks*

sera said...

so beautiful--you do look majorly blissed out. congrats on wearing the hood!!

trinity-pup said...

Hisflower - thank you! i would love to view your blog, if it's possible please?

imp - hehehe... yes blissed is the word! i should have named it that as the title. Hmm, amazing huh?

mina - *grins* mmmm thanks! :-)

sera - thank you hun! It was an awesome feeling, and one i hope to enjoy more of in time.

t. x