Friday, January 16, 2009

A Confession - Part 2

There wasn't much i could do to stop the strain on my arms or my head. i shuffled about and my breathing was getting heavier. my legs were aching too, as all i was able to keep was a kneeling position. He knew it was hard for me to get any comfort from it. it wasn't meant to be enjoyable - this was indeed my punishment.

"Do you think that'll teach you not to put your collar on? Hmm?" He asked.

"Yes Sir" i whimpered.

"Or do you think a little bit of a chastisement might help you remember? Hmm?" He enquired further.

i guess i whimpered again, not quite sure what form that might take.

He was now behind me and the first strike of the crop made contact with my bottom. A succession of quick and sharp taps followed and He said:

"Repeat after Me: i must not forget to put my collar on."

As He continued to strike my flesh, He made me repeat the sentence over and over, and the crop laid down its sting. By the last time (however many that was), it took me some time to say it or rather, whimper it, as i tried to focus on the words, managing to work through the pain searing against my skin.

Then He made me tell Him what my collar symbolises - that is, my submission to Him, His dominance over me and His love for me.

He unclipped the leash that held me in position and untied my ankles. He made me shuffle down the cage, so He could reach in and remove the monoglove. He placed my wrist cuffs on me, then tied them with rope to the bars in front of me, raising my arms up slightly in mid-air. So again, i was not able to lie down or get comfy, and i was still blindfolded and gagged.

He lay back down on the bed and asked me if i thought if this was enough punishment. Naturally i believe i said yes, but He continued to watch His subdued and chastised pup for a little time longer. i felt i had learnt my lesson. i was exhausted, felt very submissive and remorseful, but now ached for something to be inside my pussy. It wasn't long before SG had the same idea and forced me to a delicious orgasm, by plunging the purple vibrator deep inside me.

His pup cried out... in pleasure this time.

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vanimp said...

There's something about the thought of restraints and cages that make me twitch. Hmmm no more forgetting your collar .... *hugs* xx

Anonymous said...

that is stunning x

mina said...

I have to agree. Your SG spoils you with all these restraints and cages. *smiles*

Florida Dom said...

The rest of the story was worth the wait and I trust you won't forget to put your collar on in the future. Or do you enjoy the scene too much for you to fear the punishment?

trinity-pup said...

cybknight - thanks for commenting!

imp - mmmm... am with you there hun! i won't forget my collar :-) *hugs*

waynecoff- hey you... long time. Thank you!

mina - *my* SG certainly knows how to treat His girl... so to speak! *grins*

trinity-pup said...

FD - am so glad to hear that and i don't think i'll be forgetting it again. i think that punishment will stay in my mind for a long time yet.

Anneal said...

again....excellent post & photo.

Long Adam (#2 -1/2) said...

Hold on a second!
I think you may be having too much fun w/that cage...

...Carry on!



trinity-pup said...

Anneal - thank you! :-)

adam - *grins* ahhh... no really, it was a punishment!


Aurore said...

I just recently stumbled onto your blog - I love it!

The image of you in the cage is beautiful.