Monday, January 12, 2009

A Confession - Part 1

i recently incurred another infraction (must be the season) and was dealt, what i believe to be, a more serious (and just) punishment:

i had a confession to make to SG, and sent it by text from home:

"Sir, i have to confess that i've not been wearing my collar this evening."

i'm not sure why, but i hadn't put it on when i arrived home, a few hours earlier. Up until then, it has become an automatic thing i do when i get in.

His response: "Tut, tut! I shall have to think up a suitable punishment for my naughty pup. Go and put it now."

i did as i was told, but i knew it meant trouble for when i saw Him next....

my punishment didn't begin straight away. i was stripped naked and SG strapped on the muzzle gag very tightly (it felt like the tightest setting), then placed me in the sleep sack, lying on the bed. After strapping me securely in, but leaving my pussy area zipped open, He added the cat-woman hood and blindfold. i felt Him connect my leash from the D-ring of the gag to the bed post. This was already turning into a pretty intense experience for me.

But this wasn't my punishment - this was just the warm-up. i gasped as His fingers teased my wet pussy lips. He stroked and circled my clit, and i groaned as my body tingled. It was torment at the same time, as i knew this was all the pleasure i would be receiving for now.

As i lay in complete bondage, SG then set about making up the cage and i could do nothing but await my fate, with my pussy aching for His touch again. He told me that i needed some cage time, it would give me time to reflect on what i had done. As i lay immobilsed, i heard my metal prison being constructed. The cage had one vacancy and it was about to be filled, by me.

Once i was freed from the sleep sack, it wasn't long before i was in bondage again when SG encased my arms with the monoglove. Still muzzled and blindfolded, He pulled at my leash and told me to get into the cage. i crawled in and began to turn around. "No, no, straight in" He told me. i knelt down in the middle of my prison and heard the door close.

i felt Him clip one end of the leash to the head strap of the muzzle gag, then it was pulled over the top of the cage bars and down to the end of the monoglove's D-ring. So here was my predicament - if i lowered my head, this would pull my arms up and vice versa. He had concocted this situation before and it makes it very hard to stay in one position for any length of time, as the pull on either head or arms is very unnatural.

He grabbed my legs to attach each ankle cuff and then He tied each one to the side bars with rope, making me spread my legs. my position was now even more strained and i felt very vulnerable. He knew it and it was just where He wanted me. He lay on the bed to observe His disobedient slut.

"Does that feel like enough of a punishment?" He asked. "Master's going to decide how long you stay in that predicament, so you'd better make yourself comfortable. Or at least try." He mocked.

i didn't know what would be coming next or how long He would keep me like that.

to be continued...


playtoyspuppy said...

patiently waiting for the "to be continued"

trinity-pup said...

*waiting patiently for a few more comments first!* :-)

vanimp said...

*hurry up lol* :P ... that's mean teasing like that! *hugs* xx

Florida Dom said...

Pup: Well, I guess if you need more comments to finish the story, I'd better add one. It read like a pretty intense experience and you've come a long way since SG first put you in the helmet. And SG said he wanted variety to keep things from getting boring and he seems to be accomplishing that. By the way, how big is your cage? I saw a huge one at Costco the other day that would give a slave room to roam unless she was attached by a leash. Anyway, waiting for the rest of the story.

Anneal said...

Very nice "story"

Sex Toy Types said...

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trinity-pup said...

vanimp - patience my dear!! ;-)

FD - thank you for your comment! Certainly was a very intense scene and a punishment i shall remember for a time. my cage is about 4.5 feet long, by 3ft wide. i can't lay down straight, i have to curl up. Part 2 coming soon!


trinity-pup said...

Anneal - nice to see a new face. Thanks for your comment... and a real story, by the way.

Sex Toy Types - hey, welcome too! Hope you keep reading. i'll have to check yours.