Wednesday, January 28, 2009

366 Days

my submission is a gift i give to You.
i offer up my will and my freedom,

i ask You to protect and guide me.
Take what You need from me.

Control my inner rebel.
Lead me to obedience.

Please respect my limits.
Challenge me and allow me to grow.

Teach me when i am wrong.
Let me put all my trust in You.

Bind and gag, taunt and tease, grope and fuck me.
Caress and soothe me after.

Keep my soul entwined with Yours.
Hold me close and never let me go.

366 days ago (it was a leap year), W/we met each O/other in real life and it still feels amazing.

SG - Thank You for finding me.


Anonymous said...

Very beautiful.

mina said...

Happy anniversary you two!

trinity-pup said...

Thank you Rebecca and mina! :-)