Saturday, January 31, 2009


i've been musing on some other blogs and i came across the blog of Doll's realm.

There's some good stuff on there.... and this caught my attention:

It's a new film with lots of latex (although i'm not a big fan of gas masks). No idea on the release date, or even if it will ever be shown in "vanilla-dom", but you can watch the trailer here:

There's also more info at the fim's website Justify.

i'll be keeping my eyes and ears open on any further news.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

HNT - Hooded Nekkid Thursday

As promised, here's the special photo i've kept you waiting for...


By the way, the answer to the "Tie me up again" advert? It was for a well known anti-dandruff shampoo! (no-one would have guessed that!)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

366 Days

my submission is a gift i give to You.
i offer up my will and my freedom,

i ask You to protect and guide me.
Take what You need from me.

Control my inner rebel.
Lead me to obedience.

Please respect my limits.
Challenge me and allow me to grow.

Teach me when i am wrong.
Let me put all my trust in You.

Bind and gag, taunt and tease, grope and fuck me.
Caress and soothe me after.

Keep my soul entwined with Yours.
Hold me close and never let me go.

366 days ago (it was a leap year), W/we met each O/other in real life and it still feels amazing.

SG - Thank You for finding me.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Little pup Riding Hood

Over the New Year break, with the aid of His Christmas present from me - a book entitled "The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage" by Midori, SG decided to get creative with the green rope. i found my body entwined in a breast harness which felt really good, and SG was most impressed with His work. i love to feel rope against my skin, especially how it constricts my body.

As W/we lay on the bed enjoying the scene, He whispered in my ear:

"Would you like to experience My hood?"

He meant the one with eye, nose and mouth holes - the one that He had originally worn a time ago and had forced me to look up at Him as He wore it, which had subsequently scared me. Just recently, i had only been able to bring myself to look at Him wearing it.
i had already tried one of His other hoods - a breath control hood, which i wrote about here. That was a much scarier hood as it only had mouth holes. That was indeed a challenge for me, one that i took up and met. i hadn't worn this hood before, but i knew it would be much easier to cope with and it was something i wanted to try. The thought of it excited and intrigued me .

He let me hold it in my hands to see how it was made. It would still fit closely to my face when He zipped up the back, but i would be able to see out of it, with my mouth and nose unrestricted. The feel of the latex was incredibly soft and it had a lovely smell. i told Him i was ready.

He lay behind me and slowly placed the hood over my head. With closed eyes, i pulled it into place over my face. It felt OK and i could feel my breath quickening with excitement. He gradually zipped up the back and the latex pressed against my face, it felt so soft against my skin.

i felt no panic or fear, just a rush of adrenaline and a good feeling, knowing that i had come this far with my hood wearing
, and so soon too. i was calm and i breathed normally. It felt so good to be wearing His hood. my reward came in the form of several orgasms from the hitachi wand, which hit me rather speedily, helped on by the thrill of the hood.

Another huge step for me, for U/us.
i had been His hood girl again. Holding me in His arms, SG told me how proud He was of me and that made me glow inside.

From this scene, i'm going to share, what i feel to be, a very personal image for HNT this week... and i hope you're going to like it.

Friday, January 23, 2009

You and i

You pick me up when i stumble.
You hold me close when i am scared.

You pull me through when it is dark.

You wipe away my tears when i cry.

Your smile cheers me when i am down.
You make me feel wanted and loved.

Your arms comfort and protect me.
Your voice soothes and reassures me.

i am calm under your control.
i need you more than you know.

i am so happy i am yours.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

HNT - my Master, SG

my Master makes His debut on trinity-pup - and to prove that He really does exist!

i took this photo as He got up to make breakfast. What more inspiration did i need?

Happy HNT (Sir)!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Kink In A Vanilla World

Saw this advertisement whilst travelling by public transport over the recent holidays, and knew i had to share it here:

So any guesses for what it's promoting? It's the unlikeliest of things (btw it's not seasonal), but have a go and i'll reveal the answer in a later post.

It makes me contemplate how kink is slowly becoming more prominent within vanilla-dom (or maybe it's just my perverted mind?!)

Friday, January 16, 2009

A Confession - Part 2

There wasn't much i could do to stop the strain on my arms or my head. i shuffled about and my breathing was getting heavier. my legs were aching too, as all i was able to keep was a kneeling position. He knew it was hard for me to get any comfort from it. it wasn't meant to be enjoyable - this was indeed my punishment.

"Do you think that'll teach you not to put your collar on? Hmm?" He asked.

"Yes Sir" i whimpered.

"Or do you think a little bit of a chastisement might help you remember? Hmm?" He enquired further.

i guess i whimpered again, not quite sure what form that might take.

He was now behind me and the first strike of the crop made contact with my bottom. A succession of quick and sharp taps followed and He said:

"Repeat after Me: i must not forget to put my collar on."

As He continued to strike my flesh, He made me repeat the sentence over and over, and the crop laid down its sting. By the last time (however many that was), it took me some time to say it or rather, whimper it, as i tried to focus on the words, managing to work through the pain searing against my skin.

Then He made me tell Him what my collar symbolises - that is, my submission to Him, His dominance over me and His love for me.

He unclipped the leash that held me in position and untied my ankles. He made me shuffle down the cage, so He could reach in and remove the monoglove. He placed my wrist cuffs on me, then tied them with rope to the bars in front of me, raising my arms up slightly in mid-air. So again, i was not able to lie down or get comfy, and i was still blindfolded and gagged.

He lay back down on the bed and asked me if i thought if this was enough punishment. Naturally i believe i said yes, but He continued to watch His subdued and chastised pup for a little time longer. i felt i had learnt my lesson. i was exhausted, felt very submissive and remorseful, but now ached for something to be inside my pussy. It wasn't long before SG had the same idea and forced me to a delicious orgasm, by plunging the purple vibrator deep inside me.

His pup cried out... in pleasure this time.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wake Up Cat

Especially for vanimp (and anyone else) who waits patiently for part 2 of A Confession...

This is MY cat!

Monday, January 12, 2009

A Confession - Part 1

i recently incurred another infraction (must be the season) and was dealt, what i believe to be, a more serious (and just) punishment:

i had a confession to make to SG, and sent it by text from home:

"Sir, i have to confess that i've not been wearing my collar this evening."

i'm not sure why, but i hadn't put it on when i arrived home, a few hours earlier. Up until then, it has become an automatic thing i do when i get in.

His response: "Tut, tut! I shall have to think up a suitable punishment for my naughty pup. Go and put it now."

i did as i was told, but i knew it meant trouble for when i saw Him next....

my punishment didn't begin straight away. i was stripped naked and SG strapped on the muzzle gag very tightly (it felt like the tightest setting), then placed me in the sleep sack, lying on the bed. After strapping me securely in, but leaving my pussy area zipped open, He added the cat-woman hood and blindfold. i felt Him connect my leash from the D-ring of the gag to the bed post. This was already turning into a pretty intense experience for me.

But this wasn't my punishment - this was just the warm-up. i gasped as His fingers teased my wet pussy lips. He stroked and circled my clit, and i groaned as my body tingled. It was torment at the same time, as i knew this was all the pleasure i would be receiving for now.

As i lay in complete bondage, SG then set about making up the cage and i could do nothing but await my fate, with my pussy aching for His touch again. He told me that i needed some cage time, it would give me time to reflect on what i had done. As i lay immobilsed, i heard my metal prison being constructed. The cage had one vacancy and it was about to be filled, by me.

Once i was freed from the sleep sack, it wasn't long before i was in bondage again when SG encased my arms with the monoglove. Still muzzled and blindfolded, He pulled at my leash and told me to get into the cage. i crawled in and began to turn around. "No, no, straight in" He told me. i knelt down in the middle of my prison and heard the door close.

i felt Him clip one end of the leash to the head strap of the muzzle gag, then it was pulled over the top of the cage bars and down to the end of the monoglove's D-ring. So here was my predicament - if i lowered my head, this would pull my arms up and vice versa. He had concocted this situation before and it makes it very hard to stay in one position for any length of time, as the pull on either head or arms is very unnatural.

He grabbed my legs to attach each ankle cuff and then He tied each one to the side bars with rope, making me spread my legs. my position was now even more strained and i felt very vulnerable. He knew it and it was just where He wanted me. He lay on the bed to observe His disobedient slut.

"Does that feel like enough of a punishment?" He asked. "Master's going to decide how long you stay in that predicament, so you'd better make yourself comfortable. Or at least try." He mocked.

i didn't know what would be coming next or how long He would keep me like that.

to be continued...

Friday, January 09, 2009

SG's Rules

Something i've never really mentioned in any detail before are the rules SG's has set for me. So to keep them in one place (and to never forget them), i thought it would be a good idea to share them here. There are only a handful (currently), but they are fundamental to O/our relationship:
  1. To always wear my collar overnight.

  2. To always sleep in cuffs and connecting chains (or any other way He deems fit) when Master stays.

  3. To wear my collar as much as possible, when at home alone (i.e. not expecting visitors).

  4. To always carry my collar with me, when away from home.

  5. Ensure rope is always in place at each bed post (4), when Master stays.

  6. To keep all toys clean and batteries charged, following play.

  7. To always ask for Master's permission to masturbate and to orgasm.

  8. To always ask for Master's permission before orally servicing Him.
(and i think there may be another hidden rule about not being a brat too...)

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Hoots mon!

As i had hoped, W/we celebrated New Year's Eve in style and got rubbered up together to see in 2009. SG ensured i was fully aroused beforehand, by making me wear my catsuit, PVC boots, new PVC mac (SG's kinky pressie to me), cat-woman hood, muzzle gag, blindfold, leash, spreader bar and my arms restrained behind me with my wrist cuffs . It was amazingly intense, as you can imagine.... then we watched 'Jools Holland's Hootenanny' for the countdown.

my sexy dance in front of Him (in catsuit only at this point) to Duffy's "Mercy" (how apt) went down rather well too. He couldn't stop smiling at me and i'm sure i could see something arising ;-)

Over the last couple of weeks, W/we've been able to spend more quality time together and since New Year's Day, i had already amassed about 14 orgasms! i also got to experience lots of restraint, including SG's new shibari experiments (i bought Him a book on it as a pressie), cage time and some more hood training (yes, i've been brave again!). i hope to write more on all of that soon enough.

Happy New Year!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

A Matter of Position

i was already naked, except for my thigh length PVC boots. SG strapped the muzzle gag on me, then made me kneel beside the bed. He bound my wrists to the bed posts at the top and the bottom of the bed, stretching my arms lengthways along it. He applied the nipple clips and then spread my legs using the spreader bar. It was a tough position to be in, literally. i couldn't quite place my head on the bed and in trying to do so, it would pull on my arms, so i kept my head up.

It was only then that He told me i was to be punished for not waking Him up that last night. He'd gone to bed before me and told me to wake Him to see to adding my chains. For this one time, i was allowed to put the cuffs on myself and then He would complete my "lock down" by attaching the connecting chains. When i got to bed, my cuffs were lying on the bed with their chains attached, so i put them on and went to sleep, without disturbing Him (yes, a mistake). He told me He had wanted me to wake Him to wish me a good night anyway, after i protested that the chains were already in place and i didn't think i should wake Him up - pup really couldn't win.

As i knelt in my discomfort, i saw SG throw the crop and leather cat on to the bed in front of me, then watched Him slide His belt off His trousers (an exciting and evil sound) and added it to the mix. He told me i could choose my implement of pain. i did wonder if He would use all three on me. i chose the belt and prepared myself for its sting. He dealt a fair number of strokes across my cheeks, turning them pink and i felt a great warmth rising on my skin. i strained at my bonds and tried to rest my face down on the bed to find a tiny bit of comfort. my pussy was now dripping and He saw my arousal and told me how much of a pain slut i was. After a
few more strokes of His belt, i was hoping that some pleasure might follow.

It did, in the form of the purple vibrator (one of my fave toys) and i watched Him walk around the side of the bed to fetch it. my breath quickened just seeing it in His hand, knowing where it was headed. SG loves to give His pup forced orgasms and wanted to ensure she came for Him. Turning it on to a high setting, He pressed it up to my soaking lips and aching clit. my body bucked and i pushed my pussy up against it. He then pushed it deep inside me, its ribbed texture grinding along my walls, and i gasped and panted as He slid it quickly in and out. His other hand mauled at my breasts, teasing and taunting my erect and sensitive nipples. The vibe has brought me to climax so many times before in His hands and this was no exception. He made me come about three times in quick succession, with each climax as delicious as the one before. He then released me from my restraints and helped me into bed to snuggle up to lie beside Him. my limbs wrapped around SG's body for comfort and warmth.

We lay in each others arms for a time, drifting in and out of sleep.
i wanted to feel horny again, actually, i needed it... well my needs do come before my wants, according to SG .... greedy slut that i am.... but i also knew He wanted to come again too. Before my punishment, i had caressed and stroked Him, before He made me ride Him to His extremely satisfying orgasm which sounded awesome. He admitted it was one of the best He'd ever had. i started to stroke His cock and balls once more. He could tell what was on my mind and with a smile, He told me to carry on.

After lots of cock caressing, He wanted me to ride Him again and i lowered myself down onto His throbbing hardness. Feeling Him inside me so soon again was just amazing. With every push and thrust, i could feel myself edging towards a huge orgasm that quickly immersed me, then after only a few more moments, another one erupted through me, and then another. It was the most incredible and pleasurable time of my life (to date). i have never felt quite so aroused and horny before this. On hearing SG's climax, one very exhausted pup lay trembling and ecstatic in her Master's arms.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

HNT - my favourite

i'm a relative newbie with HNT posts, having only started them in July. So to follow the crowd, i thought i'd best share my favourite HNT image with you, which just happens to be my first one - my peachy bottom:

There's something about that pink top against my skin that i love - it's silk and very sheer. Ironically, i really don't like the colour pink very much and it's the only thing i own. That is, except when SG's had His way with the crop to my ass (but He owns that).