Thursday, December 31, 2009

HNY - Another Year Over

No HNT from me this week. We've got a New Year's Eve party to go to, but, unlike last year, we'll not be dressed in rubber as it's a vanilla do.

We'll be leaving that to another time over the next few weeks when i model the new latex outfit SG bought me for Christmas. i can't wait to see how it looks. Am sure there'll be some photos to share here.

So HNY to you all... Happy New Year!

Hope it's a healthy, positive, sexy and fun one for us all.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


It's 730 days since He came into my life.

2 years ago when He left me His message on Collarme.

No 'kneel bitch' attitude, no egotistical behaviour. Just a friendly hello and an introduction with some vain hope that i might reply.

And i did. It was the only thing to do as His words and photo drew me in. He was rather cute. There was something about Him i wanted to find out more.

Tonight, 2 years ago, it all began.

i do believe there was stardust in the sky that night.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

HNT - Merry Christmas!

It's been so cold lately, we've turned blue...

Thank you for all your fantastic support and comments over the last 12 months - it means a lot to us.

i've almost finished wrapping presents and writing cards, and i can't wait to spend quality time with family, friends and my Owner.

SG and i would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

Have happy, healthy and safe holidays.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Three Years On

i celebrate my THREE year blogiversary today! Wooooo hoooo!

In this time, i've amassed:
  • 371 posts
  • over 142,000 visitors (and then some, as i only added a stat counter six months in)
  • 91 followers (who wants to be my 100th?)
  • a Rockin' Girl Blogger award (i rock!)
  • a Sexy Blogger award (this pup iz sexxxy)
  • many fantastic and supportive blogger friends (a few i've been lucky enough to meet for real)
  • new rubber/leather/PVC outfits, collar, cuffs and bondage goodies from SG (such a giving man)
  • a liking to hoods (it's almost love)
  • and a loving soulmate and Dom of almost 2 years (that is love)
Not bad, huh?

i've been through many ups and downs in this time. i've dealt with confusion in finding my way with submission and tried to trust those who, looking back now, were just maybe out for themselves. i've been hurt, but somehow i made my way back again. Looking back, it was a learning curve i guess, but it all changed for me towards the end of 2007. Out of the blue, He appeared. i truly believe He saved me and i am so thankful to have Him in my life. The one who owns me and who i belong to - my dearest SG.

So it's party time and i'm posting one of my all-time favourite photos of me, taken by SG. It was part of our rubber doll shoot earlier this year, and the fab dress was my previous year's birthday present:

So... am i up for making it a fourth year?

You betcha! Bring it on...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

HNT - Behind You...

Partly because it's panto season...

... but also it's how He likes to keep my hands.

(Oh no it isn't!)

Happy HNT!

Monday, December 14, 2009


(After much begging from me, SG has kindly written the concluding part of our switching story - t-p)

Owing to popular demand (OK, one reader request that I can remember - thanks, Aurore!), I'm back to recount the postscript of the switching session we indulged in last month, which started here.

Obviously, it's not in my nature to be topped for a whole day, so I strapped pup in the SJ and returned the favour, forcing her to orgasm with a vibrator. I left her there to doze off on the bed in relative comfort for an hour or so while I went to the kitchen to prepare a roast chicken lunch for us.

After a rather nice meal, even if I say so myself, and a post-prandial trio of Buffy episodes on DVD (i can't believe You admitted that! - t-p) to aid digestion, our thoughts once again turned to bondage (it's never that far away, to be honest). The plan was for me to try out another heavy-ish item of gear that I'd never experienced. This time, we agreed that it would be the leather armbinder.

And so it came to pass that I stood naked in the bedroom with my subbie sheathing my arms behind me in the kinky item that had so fired my imagination when I'd first seen a pic of it on the web 15 years before - my "nom de dom" is not SingleGlove without good reason. Talk about being hoisted by your own petard! My Domly instincts got the better of me and I instructed her on where to run the shoulder straps for maximum effectiveness.

"I want it as tight as possible," I said, and she duly obliged, cinching down the pair of straps that go round the glove at the elbows and the wrists.

Once satisfied that I was secure, she applied her leather cuffs to my ankles and I knew that a hogtie was on the menu. But not before another delicious few minutes of cock teasing - by gum, she is good, folks! But I could already feel my fingers going numb as my circulation was being affected by having my arms forced into such a stringent position. Lord only knows how bondage models such as Eve Ellis and Andrea Neal can tolerate elbows-together ties while the photographer faffs around to get the perfect shot. Practice, practice, practice, I guess!

pup turned me round and guided me firmly towards the bed in front of me, but I resisted, forcing her to force me. We laughed as she finally pushed me prone on to the bed and straddled me as I struggled. While she reached for the rope that would surely go from the D-ring at the end of my armbinder to the ankle cuffs, I wriggled and rubbed the shoulder strap against the bed and suddenly dislodged it, freeing myself from the glove in seconds. The scene came to a premature end with pup once again somewhat nonplussed that I had wanted to do another Houdini act. Half of me was pleased with myself for executing my second escape of the day; the other half was annoyed for stopping proceedings just when things were getting interesting.

Do you know what? I think that when we get around to switching again, probably some time next spring - she won't let me get away with it a third time - and I very much doubt that I'd want to!

To add some sophistication to this post, and because she does it so well, here's how the armbinder looks (and fits) on pup:

And I always ensure that she can't escape from it.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

HNT - Tightrope

Some time back in the summer, SG gave me a rope session. He experimented with shibari to make me a breast harness. After that, He hogtied me with more rope, mittens and ankle cuffs, before making me the centrepiece of His dining room table for a photo shoot. And how can i forget the addition of a few (or several) strokes from the riding crop.

It was a very tough position to be in... but hey, somebody's gotta do it. And as i wear His collar, i guess that it's me.

Happy HNT!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Agony of Advice


Align Centre

Thursday, December 03, 2009

HNT - Harness It

Of the new toys and bondage apparel that SG recently bought (including THAT dog suit i plan to write about soon) was another leather body harness. This one has about four straps, covering the body, to ensure that all limbs are kept more or less immobilised. And it feels awesome to be put in that predicament!

On this particular occasion, SG first placed my old leather harness on me, then added the new one over the top, and completed the ensemble with leather mittens, ankle cuffs and muzzle gag head harness.

The result? One very aroused and achingly wet pup, and one extremely horny Master!

i'll leave you to guess what happened after this photo was taken...

... but boy, was it incredibly hot! ;-)

Happy HNT!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Iris Eyes Are Smiling

It's a difficult thing to choose between - my chains or her.

Then again, sometimes i get both.

She's becoming my favourite plaything. She's very different to anything else i've had in my life before. i love her shape and the colour of her skin.

And since i've gotten to know her, we've been enjoying some horny, fun times... even SG has delighted in using her as well.

So, what i am talking about...?

... my gorgeous (Lelo) Iris, of course!

Who did you think i meant? ;-)

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Inquisitive pup would like to hear readers' opinions on the Lelo Bo - a male pleasure toy in the form of a vibrating cock ring.

SG recently purchased one and we've used it once so far. It was good fun, but it's a shame that there's no speed control. It's either on or off, so it can become a bit annoying. But that's our initial thoughts on it.

So what's your Bo experience - cum and share with us.

And we hope that our US and Canadian friends had a great Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


So the switching was fun and, as you've read, SG seemed to enjoy Himself. What i didn't realise was that He'd be so mischievous! But what i also realised is that it is hard work to be a Domly One and the weight of responsibility is not to be taken lightly.

i loved seeing SG hog-tied in the straitjacket, and using the hood was a bonus. i think the best thing was knowing i would give back the control. Whilst SG said i was very good at it, i knew that it was only for a limited time. i knew i couldn't get too carried away, but it is always interesting to experience things from another angle.

i have to say i was slightly apprehensive in using the hood on SG. i know the trust is there but i knew i had to keep checking He was able to breathe adequately, well as much as the hood allows anyway. The idea to kiss Him over the mouth holes, thereby cutting off His air supply momentarily, came to me and knew it would excite SG even more. And it worked! i know He hadn't expected me to do that.

By that time, His cock was rigid in my hands as i teased and stroked Him, and He murmured occasionally with pleasure.

The whole scene, well what SG has told already, must have lasted an hour or more. It ended when i made Him cum from a hand job. It didn't take long, as i had kept Him aroused for some time.

i guess throughout the session i was thinking of what He was going to do to me, once He was back in charge. But that's another post...

And SG has promised to write more on what else i did with Him!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

HNT - Red

A few posts ago, in Spanking the Monkey, i mentioned a punishment in the stockade wearing my red PVC outfit.

i remember posting a photo of it before that, but Sera left me a comment asking if the outfit had been shown before. So especially for her, and anyone else that may have missed it, here's another picture of it, complete with my PVC boots, for this week's HNT:

Happy HNT!

Monday, November 16, 2009

No More Rain

There is warmth in the sun today.
There is a glow in my heart.
Because i saw You.

There is only blue sky up above.
There are no grey clouds overhead.
Because i was with You.

my future seems brighter.
Just hope that it stays sunny.
No umbrellas or rain macs here.
Only sunshades and smiles.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Great Escape

(Here's a rare treat... SG has written a post! Now, be nice and leave Him a comment... t-p)

Traditionalists, if you don't want to have your sensibilities offended, look away now. Right, with that disclaimer issued for the small-minded, here's the deal: pup and I switched at the weekend. Yes, you heard me. Got a problem with that? Good.

If you think I'm being a bit defensive, here's some background info. In the past I have test-piloted certain items of heavy bondage gear that I've purchased for pup, ostensibly to reassure her that they aren't quite as heavy as they look, but also to assuage my own burning curiosity as to how they feel. I have no desire to be, or even act as, a submissive - that really doesn't do anything for me - but I am fascinated by the application of kinky equipment, which I find tremendously erotic. Plus, it also gives me an excuse to lie back and let my beautiful woman pleasure me at great length in a way that I could never do to myself. And, man, does she do that well!

pup was a bit wary when I mentioned this propensity early on in our relationship. Switches can be regarded by certain members of the BDSM community in the same way that bisexuals are viewed - hypocritically - by some gay people: with some mistrust! I have since been reassured by a number of Dom(me)s that switching on occasion is not a dereliction of duty - they too have done so for a bit of fun without losing their core essence of dominance. In essence, they see it as a refreshing "weekend mini-break" from the norm. Of course, the only person whose opinion really matters is pup's, so it has taken a little gentle persuasion over the past 18 months or so that I'm not secretly a little gimp who before too long will be begging her to keep him shackled in a trunk 24/7!

Anyway, back to the story. On the Friday before the weekend I was supposed to take delivery of pup's special rubber dogsuit, which has been redesigned because it had proved far too tight when we first had it. You can reminisce here. For one reason or another, that delivery never took place. This was particularly frustrating, because I'd intended to test-pilot the altered garment for her, as she'd found the process of being shoehorned into something that simply wouldn't fit her somewhat traumatic to say the least. My planned incarceration was, therefore, to be something of a pay-back for trying to squeeze a pup into a pint-pot!

Nevertheless, I was still ready to change things up at the weekend, and pup still seemed prepared to place me in some sort of bondage and - dare I say it - even quite looking forward to it. She does love to please her Master, after all. ;-) So we decided not to deviate radically from the plan.

That evening, after returning home from the local bonfire-night firework display, we discussed our expectations for the coming hours. Personally, if I'm going to be bound, it may as well be extreme bondage, because (a) it happens maybe a couple of times a year, so I may as well get my full money's worth; (b) light bondage doesn't really do it for me; and (c) I like to have something challenging to try to escape. So I asked pup whether she'd be happy putting me in the leather sleepsack over night - it is a sleepsack after all. ;-) she wasn't keen to do that, which I could quite understand, but she suggested the straitjacket as the next best thing.

The SJ is such a beautiful piece of work that I immediately agreed to the compromise. If you've never experienced one, you really should - it is an amazingly erotic experience. I absolutely adore the ritual of putting it on pup, tugging hard at the multitude of straps, locking her into snug helplessness. Before she put it on me, I ensured that she still had her own ankle and wrist cuffs on - our usual pre-bed ritual. Obviously, I had to trust her to connect her chains once she'd finished jacketing me, which she did with some relish. She only had to look at my jutting manhood to confirm how much I was enjoying the experience as she tugged the two crotch straps either side of it and buckled them home.

The SJ looks like quite comfortable bondage, but in fact your shoulders will start to ache after a couple of hours, as the arms are not quite held in a natural position. We decided that, to prevent a night of broken sleep for both of us, my arms should not be buckled up - that would be taken care of first thing in the morning. A little pre-bedtime teasing by pup ensured that I went to sleep as hard as a rock in anticipation of what might occur.

When morning came, being the mischievous Houdini that I am, I managed to work loose some of the straps as soon as pup got up to go to the bathroom. When she returned a couple of minutes later, she was surprised to find me standing by the bed and looking a little flushed from my efforts. The expression of amazement on her face was priceless. I don't think she could quite compute why anyone would want to escape such a delightful predicament.

"I like the challenge and you turned your back on me for a second," I shrugged, grinning. "Hey, I bet I can be out of this and making us breakfast in another five minutes."

"Go on, then", she chuckled. "i'd like to see you do it. By the way, there's no way You could escape it if i'd done it up properly."

I winked back: "Ah, well. But you didn't, did you? That's the difference between you and a real Dom like me."

Within a minute, the jacket was on the floor and its erstwhile occupant was in the kitchen, cheerfully making tea and toast.

After breakfast, I found myself back in the SJ and properly bound, with my arms strapped tightly down this time. pup knelt on top of me and offered her gorgeous, full breasts for me to lick and bite, sometimes pulling them away so she could see me strain upwards for them. she rewarded my efforts by sucking hard on my glans and then giving a slow, teasing hand-job which brought me agonisingly close to cumming. I have rarely felt pleasure like it. I was glad to see that we were both hugely turned on by this. she had an evil grin on her face and seemed to be really getting into the spirit of things.

"I know this is topping from the bottom, but I'd really like you to up the ante a bit," I said.

"OK, what are you thinking?" pup asked.

"Do you think you can use the breath control hood on me?"

"Yes. i can do that. Where is it?"

"That's great. It's in the second bedroom. Don't worry - I'm not going to make another escape attempt."

Just to make sure I didn't get up to any mischief while her back was turned, she used her own ankle cuffs on me, rolled me on my front and put me in a hogtie. That's more like it! :-)

The breath control hood is a gloriously simple, yet brilliantly kinky invention. I think it's a fantastic way to reinforce trust. It's a thin latex hood with a translucent loose front and five tiny breathing holes. If you inhale too quickly the front collapses on itself and in effect the the breathing holes are closed. To me it's not that daunting. There's another model with just the one hole - that might be more of a challenge! But using it is a huge turn-on nonetheless. pup retrieved it and, after some deliberation, zipped it carefully over my head. In so doing, she took away both my sense of sight and my fresh air. I hope I'm not being too dramatic in saying that my life was now in her hands.

I felt pup roll a condom down over my by now hugely sensitive member and then she slowly and deliberately kissed me through the hood, right over where the holes were. The brilliance of that act nearly made me cum there and then. By kissing me she knew she was cutting off my oxygen and I gasped for non-existent air. she repeated the process a few more times as I struggled and groaned in utter appreciation and admiration. Evil genius! Now totally into her stride, she wrapped some chain around my balls and jerked me off, slowly and steadily. It didn't take long for me to reach a shattering, oxygen-deprived orgasm.

It was hugely enjoyable for me and I'm pretty sure pup had fun, too. It didn't end there, either. I might tell you the rest of the story another day, if you ask nicely.

I'm sure you'd all agree that pup is an amazing woman - and that I'm so lucky to have her. I do realise this and I count my blessings every day. By the way, I'm going to get my own back in a couple of days' time, so she'd better watch out!

Master SingleGlove

Saturday, November 07, 2009


You are my sparkle.
Lights up my day when it is dark.
Keeps me warm in the cold of night.
Brings me up when i am down.
Makes me smile when there are tears.
Envelops me with strong arms to keep me safe.
Always there to see me through.
You make me feel needed and loved.
So good to have You in my life.
A shining light in an otherwise dark world.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

HNT - Hot Bot

This week's HNT is a photo from our recent holiday. SG decided to redden my bottom with His belt...

... well, the sun wasn't going to tan it, was it?

Happy HNT!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Great Reads

i'm a little behind with this, so please forgive me, but i've seen (with much delight) that i've been mentioned in some 'great reads' posts - thank you my lovely friends!

Now i want to return the favour. i must also say there are many other blogs out there that i read and follow - you know who you are!

In no particular order, here are my 'great reads':

this girl - recently engaged to an evil Dom (congrats!) - she's amazing, inspirational and never ceases to surprise (and is pretty hot too!)

Beneath His Grasp - Jim and Wendy's blog - a couple who enjoy very similar interests - bring on the latex and hoods! (Can we have that barn yet??!)

Sera - check out the cutting board post and pic! :-o A cutie! Has a very refreshing style of writing.

Subtle - just gotta love her: the kink and her pics! she makes me smile a lot, especially with her love of bondage... and food!

Mistress Bella - recently engaged too (congrats!) to her submissive pup. It's so great to read a Domme's perspective.

Vanilla impaired - funny and unique writer on poly life, with fab HNT posts... oh, and lives in NZ ( love that place!).

Sir Anneal - an intriguing 'Dude' (always good to have a male view), who loves His precious metals (usually restraints) and has a talent for cutting gemstones.

Dangerous Liaisons - Aurore always (usually the first!) leaves me comments (bless you!) - i love what she writes about.

At Longing's End - Mina and Sylvanus' (now Mr & Mrs) incredible journey - it blows you away!

Tristan's Pet - i love reading her journey with her Owner and can relate to her occasional struggles with submission.

Beau - He inspired me to start writing this blog and is taking some time out at present, but let's hope He returns soon.

Go check them out and say i sent you!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat?

i didn't manage to post a HNT this week, so here's your treat - my Halloween costume:

Now, who's for a trick? Perhaps i should leave that up to SG and maybe He'll trick me into believing that He'll write another blog post sometime soon... ;-)

Have a happy and safe Halloween.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Spanking The Monkey

As promised, i said i'd write a little more detail on the night before THAT bruise.

i knew i had a punishment ahead of me. i expected a fair amount of spanking for my recent misdemeanours. Namely, i had not worn my cuffs to bed a couple of times (laziness, i guess) and i had also forgotten to place my collar in my bag for two days running. Oddly, i had stored it away in a drawer (no idea why) and one of SG rules is that i am to keep my collar with me at all times. If i'm not wearing it at home or in His presence, i should have it in my bag.

For the shoot SG decided He wanted to 'rubber up' and so He put on His latex catsuit. It always makes Him super horny. He then made up the stockade on the bed. i'd been instructed to put on my red PVC outfit and then position myself in the metal prison. He placed my leather mittens on me, as well as my cuffs, and then locked each wrist and ankle into place. As i knelt there, He told me to 'hold still' as He dripped some lube onto my bottom, and then i felt the tip of a butt plug against my asshole. The stockade has an optional 'fucking rod', so a butt plug or a dildo can be held into place.

Then He began to spank me and i think He used the crop and His belt too. He gave me extra hard spanks too, when He learned that there were no ready-charged batteries to use for His camera. Another rule of His - i must ensure that all of the batteries for toys etc. are full charged before any scene.

my bottom was burning as He crouched down next to me and i saw what was in His hands - the infamous breath control hood.

"That's got you breathing faster, hasn't it?" He mocked. "Are you ready, slut?" He asked, but it wasn't really a question.

He placed the hood on me. i think He may have spanked me some more and my breath quickened, although i tried hard to remember how to breathe with this hood - slowly and methodically. It's quite evil and SG loves using it on me. He knows it can still scare me as well as excite me too. i began to slow down my breathing. Then i heard some buzzing and felt a vibrator being plunged into my very wet pussy. He pulled it out and press it against my clit, before thrusting back inside me. It didn't take very long before i was crying out from a yummy orgasm. The addition of the butt plug only served to make the whole climax even more intense.

From having the hood on me, my head had been everywhere. The realisation of being held within the stockade and the hood controlling my breath made for a very intense experience. The sensations to my pussy and ass, as well as the hard spanking had left me feeling very remorseful. SG let me free and cradled me in His arms on the bed.

The following morning, SG requested His slutty puppy to ride His hard cock. Then He flipped me over onto my knees and took me from behind, doggy-style, and then as i lay on my back, He came inside me.

It was after this that he experimented with tapping my bottom with the back of His hand. He did it a fair number of times and i did enjoy it. The photo shoot began later that afternoon. It was my idea to have the contrast of sexy lingerie with latex hood and full head harness with gag. SG didn't object either as He loves it when i suggest things. He also complemented the look with the addition of His monoglove for some of the photos. It seemed to work quite well. It was during that time SG spotted the bruise.

The photo shoot ended with me tied to the bed. As my reward for being good, SG let me use my Lelo Iris (her first time) to masturbate for Him, and He captured it on film too. The Lelo felt very different to anything else i'd ever used. She's an odd shape to have inside, but very enjoyable too. SG kept me blindfolded throughout my show for Him and somehow i kept turning the Lelo off just when i was at crucial moments! i definitely need more practice! But it was great fun and i can't wait to use her again. Funny, that's what SG always says...

And here's a photo of my bruise, as of yesterday:

Thursday, October 22, 2009

HNT - Marked Time

At the weekend SG decided we were overdue a fetish photo shoot. He wanted to publish some new material for our RubberPal profiles, as well as share more images of His pup showing off for Him (and her blog).

It was my idea to combine the look of sexy lingerie with the contrast of wearing a latex hood, harness and gag (SG chose them). It felt really good and we got some good results too.

The day before the shoot, i endured a punishment - i was spanked, amongst other things, whilst locked in the stockade (and i got to use my Lelo after!). i will share more on this and write another post with details, following this one.

Once i'd put on my lingerie, and feeling all sexy too, i was ready to pose for SG. It was then that He noticed the bruise on my bottom. i was so totally surprised (and happy) by it, and then i recalled that morning He had lightly tapped my bottom, several times, with the back of His hand. SG has only ever spanked me with the palm of His hand, so we are guessing that's what's made the mark... so to speak.

i think SG was a little worried at first. He has never marked me for any longer than a few moments, maybe an hour at the most, by using His hand, a belt or riding crop. i have never received any bruises from Him and it's certainly been a long time since others in my BDSM past have marked me in this way. i reassured Him that it was OK, as He stood looking concerned and as i couldn't stop looking at my bottom in the mirror:

i am a masochist.
i enjoy a certain degree of pain.
i know when to use my safeword.
i would use it if i knew when something was too much.

SG, i love the bruise You gave me.

Happy HNT!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Analysis Of The pup

One of the favourite things to check from my stat counter info is the 'keyword analysis' link. Here's what you kinksters have recently been looking for... and ending up at my blog:

7 of you (21.88%) strappado bondage

It's always top of this list and it's something that SG delights in putting me through. i know i should write more on it.

6 of you (18.75%) trinity pup

Well it's nice to know people know who they're looking for!

4 of you (12.50%) escape to monoglove

Hmm... i'm not sure it's possible to do that.

3 of you (9.38%) plug punishment hairbrush


2 of you (6.25%) strappado orgasm

Yes, there have been a couple or so - and it always amazes me how i manage to cum standing up (and i can).

2 of you (6.25%) trinity pup blog

You found it!

1 of you (3.13%) trinitypup

That's me!

1 of you (3.13%) waiting for a caning

A popular post (the irony is that it's not an experience i like to recall).

1 of you (3.13%) slave arms strappado

Uhmm... no idea what you were looking for!

1 of you (3.13%) tied up and made to cum again and again

Spot on! A regular pastime of SG's.

1 of you (3.13%) inflatable latex sleepsack


1 of you (3.13%) спанкинг видео

Ok, i didn't realise i'd written anything in Russian?!

1 of you (3.13%) bondage by strappado

Again, another popular topic.

1 of you (3.13%) hotel bondage

i think i may have mentioned the words 'hotel' and 'bondage' now and then, but the actual site 'Hotel Bondage' is a pretty cool place that SG and i would love to check in to one day. Go on, Google it.

Thank you for keeping me entertained and keep on searching!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

HNT - SG and pup

i don't think i've ever posted a photo of my Owner and His pup together. So here's a special HNT for you this week:

Happy HNT!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chain Mail

"When we get home, the first thing I'm going to do is remind you of your place, of your submission to Me. I'm going to use the chain around your body and wrap you in it. I'll bind you and make you feel helpless. It's what you need. It's what you crave, isn't it, slut?"

And so He did, just not forgetting the Kub cuffs, spreader bar and ball gag left hanging around my neck (in case He needed to silence me quickly, He said). Then, as i lay helpless and at His mercy, He teased me with the Hitachi wand and made me come several, delicious, times.

However, halfway through binding me, the doorbell rang...

.... and then i remembered the special toy i ordered before our holiday, due to be delivered that morning. Leaving me half-bound on the bed, SG saw to the postman (not like that!), and brought in the parcel. We opened it together after the scene (and that's SG's hairy leg in the background!):

i am one very excited pup! Amazingly, and for certain reasons, i have yet to christen 'her' - my gorgeous powder blue Lelo Iris! i can't wait and SG wants photos of the deed. When i do it... you'll know about it (and maybe the neighbours will too).

Saturday, October 10, 2009

More Than A Game

We play dark games
No pawns to move
No aces to put down
No triple word scores here

Our games don't have sides
We don't play tag
No referee, but we have a goal
Headgear and ball(gag) optional

We play out of bounds
There are some rules
It's a win-win situation
But there's always a thrashing

Our games are addictive
We always come back for more
Moving up to the next level
That's how we roll our dice.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

HNT - Bite me

At the time, it felt like a million bites. In reality, it was probably around 25-30. (Come to think of it, the belt to my bottom matched that.)

Now, who's holiday was this??!!

And so inspiration for this week's HNT was born.

The photo was taken early into the week and doesn't do it justice, so use your imagination. Sadly i can't, because i still have the (mosquito) marks:

Happy HNT!

Monday, October 05, 2009

Coming Back Down

If you hadn't noticed, i've been a bit absent. Nothing sinister to report and the reason is that SG and i took ourselves away for a week. We took some time out to chill and explore a Greek island, and it was fab.

All pretty vanilla stuff mostly, although SG took the trouble to take a few more belts than usual and used them to immobilise me on the bed, and one other to beat my bottom.

Sadly, no marks left to show for it, but i have been marked in several places in another way. Damn mosquitoes! i have a special holiday edition HNT lined up too.

Hope you've all been misbehaving whilst i've been away and i hope to catch up with my blog reading sometime soon.

So, did anyone miss me?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Size Matters / HNT - Chillin'

One size doesn't fit all.

It was meant to be specifically made to my measurements... and yet it wasn't. So the new long-awaited addition to our latex wardrobe doesn't fit me :-(

SG told me to go and 'talc up' in the bathroom so i would be able to slide more easily into it. i was getting more intrigued by the minute. The time had come. i knelt on the bed in readiness.

He walked in the bedroom holding a heavy-looking latex garment. i couldn't tell whether it was meant to be another catsuit or a cape. It doesn't look like anything i've seen before and i'll try to describe it in the process.

Firstly, i had to sit with my legs in the lotus position, i.e. my ankles crossed and my hands placed behind my head. Can you picture that? The garment, instead of having arm and legs like a catsuit, has coverings for knees and elbows. To this effect, it means being held in this obscure lotus position by latex, but also has a full hood with just a mouth hole/tube. The rest encases the body and zips from the neck down the back and finishes at the (open) crotch (i think). Result = one extremely vulnerable subbie who can do nothing to stop her evil Domly One tease and torment her.

Anyway, SG pulled me about this way and that, trying to force my body and feet (big as they are) to fit inside, as well as at the same time to zip the back up. SG placed the hood over my head and then pushed me on to my front, which made for a very unsettled pup and He could tell i was getting very distressed. He stopped to remove the hood and to check if i was OK. i was pretty quiet and unresponsive. He kept asking me if i wanted to carry on. i knew i wanted to please Him, so i said yes. It had been so long in the making, i just wanted it all to be fine.

But it just wasn't happening. The garment had actually been made too small. No amount of pulling and squeezing was going to make it work. So He gave up and held me in His arms to comfort me.

i lay there very quietly and i felt really odd. i think it was partly due to the fact that He hadn't explained how the garment fitted, especially the hood part. i didn't realise it was a full hood. i didn't get to see what it was like until He was placing me in it. i know i've come a long way with my hood wearing, but i was a little scared i had just taken a step back because of this.

SG told me that He was sure He'd talked about buying this particular item (or something similar) in the past. i do remember some conversation but i guess i hadn't realised how serious He was. The whole way the suit looked and felt was strange. As He was placing me inside it, somehow it felt like i was being de-humanised, that SG was turning me into His latex object and i think it scared me. But i know i need to be pushed, to be challenged because that's how we grow. It makes me wonder if it was wrong of me to feel like that.

After SG had held me in his arms for some time, He asked me if i'd like to experience something a little more familiar - the straitjacket, coupled with some spanking. i said yes and in no time, He had strapped me into its leathery confinement. i do enjoy being bound in it and it has a very odd way of comforting me.

But that feeling wasn't to last long as He told me kneel and bend over the side of the bed. i heard Him remove His belt. He began to use his Hand to spank my bottom - really hard as well. Then the belt followed and i winced and squirmed a few times. More spanking continued after that and i could feel my cheeks were pretty sore. Sadly, i don't have any photos as evidence.

He then turned the attention to pleasure and pressed the pink vibe against my clit, then plunged it deep inside me, forcing me to climax several times. i needed the release to help me move on from the earlier trauma.

Afterwards, we lay wearily on the bed in each others' arms and the upset of the night slowly melted away.

It wasn't until the next day that i learned the extra hard spanking was punishment for an earlier teasing (possibly a week ago) about His out-of-date Rubberpal profile. Funnily enough, He's since updated it.

But SG also confessed that the harder beating had been partly due to His frustration caused by the latex garment not being the right size. He apologised for it because He is fully aware that anger should NEVER be taken out on anyone within a scene, or otherwise. i know He didn't mean to and all was forgiven. i got a rather yummy ride on His cock to make up for it.

Having had more time to think about, i know i would feel happier if the latex item was the right size and then it would fit me comfortably. SG has been in touch with the company and they have also apologised profusely, and admitted that the item was made incorrectly (so i know it's not my big bottom or feet).

Apology accepted. Again.

So i just hope that you can be a bit more patient whilst the item is altered and then i may be able to share a better experience here (i knew it tempting fate!). Thanks for all the great comments.

Anyway for now, here's my latest HNT offering - a more relaxed pup.

Am just loving the way the sunlight is coming in through the window.

Happy HNT!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Going To Extremes


The long-awaited purchase from Elena's Latex.

SG ordered a rather bespoke item from them some time ago and He has taken delivery today. It's a latex outfit made just for me and to my measurements... eek!

It will be something that i've never experienced before. SG has told me it will make me feel extremely submissive and it will be the most challenging scene for me to date.

i am scared, intrigued and excited right now.

All to be revealed or should that be, encased, after tonight!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

HNT - Hogtie

As promised, i managed to get the shot i wanted for this week's HNT.

One hogtied pup showing off her new matching wrist and ankle cuffs:

(And yes, that big blue thing is my butt.)

Happy HNT!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blind Faith

We'd been relaxing on the sofa for the evening... all very nilla, as we do enjoy that side of our lives, as well as our kink.

i'm not sure why, but for some reason i can get mischievous (yes, really). So i guess it was my own fault to start tickling SG under His arms and continued to do so for some time. i know it's something that winds Him up and i shouldn't have been doing it. He usually retaliates by tickling me back, but a hundreds time more. Not this time...

A few minutes later and He was ordering me to go to the bedroom, to kneel at the foot of the bed and to wait for Him. Uh oh... now i was in trouble. i did as i was told and shortly after He followed me into the bedroom. He told me to strip naked. He said He was going to make me His slut and He was going to show me who was in control. Oh... and it wasn't me.

He handed me the new red PVC outfit (my birthday present back in April) to wear along with my thigh-length boots. There's nothing sluttier than that outfit.

So there i stood before Him, SG's PVC slut, as He teased my nipples and stroked my pussy. i could feel myself getting very moist. He told me He was going to fuck me over the lounge table and instructed me to put on my wrist and ankle cuffs whilst He went to prepare the table.

He then returned to cover my eyes with bondage tape, attached the leash to my collar and led me to the lounge, making me crawl on all fours. He tied my arms and ankles to the table legs, spreading my limbs, ensuring that i was stretched uncomfortably across it.

Then i heard the swish of the riding crop behind me and felt its sharp sting on my bottom for several minutes. my skin felt pretty hot after as He hadn't used it lightly. He took the pink vibe to my pussy to force me to orgasm, but pulled it away just when i asked for permission to come. That was torture in itself. He never likes to deny me any orgasms, but it certainly is one sure fire way to punish me. It's not really something that He's done before, but i know that He is slowly realising that this probably hurts me more than a cropping. He pressed the vibe hard against my clit once more and allowed me to come when i asked for permission again.

Following this, He untied my bonds, removed the tape from my eyes and led me back to the bedroom. As per my usual routine, when we share a bed, He attached the heavy chains to my ankle cuffs and linked them up to my wrist cuffs and my collar. He likes to ensure that His pup feels secure at night.

Then He asked me how it might feel for me to sleep blindfolded. Well, it wasn't really a question, it was more of an instruction. The thought of it actually excited me a lot. i knew it would make me feel like i was kidnapped, lying there chained and blindfolded, and that's a huge fantasy of mine. So He proceeded to use the leather blindfold on me and then added a couple layers of bondage tape over the top to keep it in place. It felt pretty weird, especially knowing i was to sleep like that all night. His prisoner was all prepared for her bedtime and, although i can't be sure, i think He then turned off the light.

And you know what... it was one of the best night's sleep i've ever had.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Friday's Buzz Word

A couple of months ago, SG gave me a work challenge on a new variation.

He had recently bought the remote control vibrating bullet - it means that it can be turned on and off from a separate control box that can be over several feet away or even in another room if it's indoors. i knew that He was going to have fun with it. He's used it in scenes when i've been encased in the sleepsack or SJ, and i never know when He's going to use it on me.

So this particular challenge was for me to take the bullet to work, place it in my panties at lunchtime and head out to the local park. i was to find a noisy spot to enable me to discretely use it and buzz away as i ate my lunch. i would then be allowed to return to the office and play in the toilet.

Lunchtime arrived. i'd left my desk and had been to the toilet to place the bullet in my panties - so far, so good. It felt a little odd and a bit bulky. Not so good was the fact that i'd decided to wear a new dress, and with no tights either, so i already started to feel a bit vulnerable.

i also didn't help myself as i then bought lunch from the work restaurant and the place was packed! i had to stand in a queue with around 8 people in front and another few behind me. The fear that the bullet could actually drop out on the floor at any moment was huge ... and i had no idea what i'd do if that happened. i could feel my panties getting damp already and it wasn't even switched on.

Eventually i managed to leave the office and headed towards the park. i had to remember not to swing my hips too much as i walked... being a female and all! That was difficult and i tried to walk more slowly than usual. i was convinced it was going to fall out. i thought that if it happened outside, i'd just keep walking! i made it to the park and it was pretty busy, as it was a hot summer's day. i looked around for a place to sit down. i wanted it to be away from people, but at the same time, not too quiet. i managed to sit down near one edge of the park, whilst trying to ensure i got the best angle of the bullet to rest against my clit.

It was switch on time! Mmm... it felt good! It also felt so very naughty too, being outside amongst all these other people. i gyrated my body against the vibrations and it tingled and teased me. It felt so yummy and i was curious to know if i could actually orgasm from it. i knew there were probably too many people around for me to relax enough to get to that point. Could anyone tell what i was doing? Was that guy over there watching me get off? i texted SG to tell Him i was carrying out His task. He was pleased and told me that i should try to keep it switched on whilst i walked back to the office. Oh my god... did i really have to?!

i sat in delight (and probably a big smile on my face) for about 30 minutes and then knew it was time to get back to work. SG had given me permission to play in the toilets, and having had this as a teaser, it would definitely ensure that i would enjoy touching my pussy to bring myself off. As i got up to go, a rugby game had begun near me and just at that moment, the ball came quite close. It was a scramble to get to my feet whilst trying to be ladylike! i was sure the bullet wasn't going to stay in my panties much longer, especially as i was so wet.

SG's suggestion to keep the bullet switched on, as i walked back, was in my head, but i just knew i wouldn't be able to do it. i gave it serious thought but was too worried that all of the wetness would make it slip out. i also tried not to rush back too, but the thought of fingering my pussy excited me.

i made it back to work and headed straight for the toilets. i placed my collar around my neck and quickly pulled my panties down and begun my play. my juices were flowing. i sighed with the relief of being able to touch myself, and it didn't take long from dipping my fingers inside my pussy to the point of delicious climax. It was just awesome. i went back to my desk with a very naughty secret inside me.

It certainly has to be the most thrilling work challenge that SG has given me so far... that means He'll read this and begin to plot something even more naughty next time!

Don't you love the mind of an evil Domly One?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

HNT - Game, Set and Match

So my new wrist cuffs got your approval, as well as a few requests to see the matching ankle cuffs. i've got an image in my head of how i'd like to show them, so i'll be working on that at the weekend with SG's help. It'll be showcased in next week's HNT.

For this week's HNT, here's my matching underwear in my favourite 'neon glow' style:

Happy HNT!

i have learned that SG's long-awaited latex purchase, mentioned somewhere on my blog over the past month or so, is due to be delivered this week... how intrigued and excited is this puppy?!

All to be revealed at some point, i am sure. (Sounds like another post from SG to me!)

Saturday, September 05, 2009

pup's New Cuffs

i never got round to posting for HNT this week, due to some technical problems and other domestic things going on in my life. All is up and running now, so i thought i'd post the intended photo now as i wanted to show off my new leather cuffs! They look quite chunky (and they are), so i wasn't sure if i liked them when they arrived. But i did choose them with SG's approval, and since wearing them a few times, they are pretty awesome and extremely comfy:

They're from Top to Bottom Leathers and cost a small fortune (i bought matching ankle cuffs), but they seem quite robust, especially for what SG puts me through, or rather, what He may be planning for me in the future.

i should say a special thank you to my Master, SingleGlove, for making another guest appearance on my blog. i agree with you, Mistress Bella, it would be good to read His thoughts more often (just a hint!).

Can i also say HUGE thanks to all who have left fab comments over the last few posts - it's great to see so many new names appearing too.

i hope to be sharing more of my past kinky experiences here soon.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

On being a Dominant - Master SG

The responsibility of being a Master can sometimes weigh heavy on me - but then so it should. In essence, I see it as a privilege that a woman as intelligent, sexy and caring as pup made the informed decision to submit to me. Her obeisance was her choice alone. On the basis of scant evidence, she judged - with some less-than-happy experiences still fresh in her mind - that I was a good enough prospect on which to take a chance. Every day I thank my lucky stars that she did, so I dare not betray the trust that she has placed in me.

I made a couple of rash errors during intense scenes early on in our relationship, largely where I've overestimated both my own Domming abilities and the elasticity of pup's limits. It's all very well pushing your sub to the brink, but when it could lead to mental or physical harm if they go over that brink (literally, in one of those two cases), you risk ruining the most important thing in any relationship, let alone a BDSM one: trust.

I'd like to think that I've learnt from these two incidents (touch wood). I will tend to approach a scene with a worst-case scenario in mind. If this means that I turn into a job's-worth health and safety manager, so be it - just hand me a clipboard, a hard hat and a fluorescent tabard. But I'd say we're pretty adventurous. For instance, we have indulged in mild edge play (if that's not an oxymoron). We both find stuff like breath control and noose play an adrenaline rush, but we're only too aware of the dangers and I will always, always, always be on a heightened state of alert and err on the side of caution.

I'm not a natural sadist, but I have learnt to enjoy giving pup a whipping. It's more that I've realised how much she enjoys pain and I've become slightly more adept at giving her the stripes when I desire. Ironically, while pup feels extremely subbie when I zip a hood over her head, then I wear my own balaclava-style latex hood I feel more free to adopt a Domly persona and be rougher with her. Go figure! Up until very recently, she has had a bit of a problem seeing me as the "masked abductor", but pup's latest post about wearing my inflatable hood proves that she has come an enormous way and I am so very proud of her.

pup does want and need to be pushed - there's no doubt about it. I think she needs a CPD (corporal punishment development) plan, don't you? ;-) But seriously, I do recognise that we both need to evolve and, in so doing, strengthen our bond - no pun intended. I know there are Domly things that don't come naturally to me that I should work on and give more consideration.

pup needs to feel submissive for more than just the few precious hours a week that we're playing, which I appreciate totally. She requires that all-round feeling of being owned, which is pretty hard to achieve at the moment. But I am too laid-back a personality to constantly think, speak and act like a Dominant. I acknowledge that this will probably remain an issue to a greater or lesser extent. When it comes down to it, I'm too content with my life (touch wood again) to always feel the need to exert my power over another. And, what's more, there's a lot more to both our lives than BDSM. The vicissitudes of vanilla life tend to be too intrusive to be ignored for long.

Don't get me wrong: I absolutely LOVE domming pup. A good scene is such a turn-on. I get a huge sense of satisfaction when I've given her exactly what she needs and she's lying exhausted and exhilarated in my arms after a real working over, culminating in a shattering orgasm. It can be huge fun for me to sketch out (maybe over the preceding week or more) what I'm going to do with her, especially if I've bought another new piece of kit for us to try. But I'd be a liar if I said every scene goes like that. Sometimes I feel too tired - perhaps lacking energy after a hard week at work - to adopt the role convincingly. Any lack of effort or conviction on my part will show up pretty quickly, and I hate to disappoint pup if I, for instance, fall asleep before we get a chance to play. And here's the heavy weight of responsibility again that I mentioned at the start: while the sub experiences pain, discomfort and humiliation, the pressure is definitely on the Dom to give her the tough time she desires - to produce the goods, to make the plays, to call the shots etc, etc - you get the picture.

In that way, I'd argue it's harder to be the Master. This is why I ask pup to switch once in a blue moon (which, as we all know, is every six months). I don't ask her to go beyond our comfort zones and start going all Chanta Rose on my ass. I'm just asking her to be my assistant. I do it partly to test out a new piece of kit - perhaps it's something she's not sure about and needs to see how it works - and partly to assuage my curiosity about how it feels to be restrained in, say, the inflatable sleepsack (awesome, if you're wondering). I enjoy these rare diversions from the norm, because the duty of care is no longer mine. I can lie back and enjoy the ride - although I normally end up topping from the bottom! I think it shows pup what has to go through the mind of the Dom when they are in the position of full responsibility.

I hope none of this sounds like I'm complaining - far from it. I don't think I've been happier in my life. We have worked to get to a position of strength and I want things to get stronger. As with many things, you get out what you put into a relationship. If that's sometimes an effort, it's an effort worth making.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

HNT - Kubbed & Chained

As well as being my latest HNT contribution, this is also my 100th post of this year. Woo hoo!

i hope it counts as 'half-nekkid'. As i remember, SG's adornment with chains, nipple clips, Kub and leather cuffs covered about half of my body:

And wow... did it feel good!

Here's the rear view, after SG gave my bottom some colour from His belt, the flogger and His hand, and before He gave me a good hard fucking - doggy style, of course:


Monday, August 24, 2009

More Chains

As you didn't seem to like my last post very much (did it freak you out too much?), i thought i'd share a few more of my chain photos relating to my recent HNT post:

There are a couple more photos to come... after SG took inspiration from what He saw. As part of a recent scene, He placed me in chains again before He had his way with me. And it felt delicious!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


i was overcome with emotion at what i had just achieved. my head and body were buzzing. It all felt so surreal and i couldn't believe i'd done it.

It was the latest challenge SG had set for me - i mentioned it on the blog a few posts back. The next time i played i had to try and wear SG's 'scary' inflatable hood. Even if it was for just a few seconds. SG has been training me prior to this moment with the newly acquired penis gag and His other breath control hood. He's a clever Dom. Strangely enough, i had been able to cope with that hood, even though He told me it was the toughest one of the three that He owns. So this inflatable hood is really a combination of them. i think it scares me because it also inflates. It has 2 valves but i don't think i'll ever be able to wear it inflated.

i took a hot bath and shaved myself smooth - that always gets me horny. The thought of using my largest butt plug inside my pussy again (it is way too big for anal) was also propelling my excitement. To feel it filling me up and sliding in and out is really satisfying when i'm flying solo.

After drying myself off, i prepared the scene. Large butt plug (covered with condom) on bedside table, the hood laid next to me on the bed and my smaller butt plug about to be slid into my asshole. That's a sure fire way to increase my juices. i guessed the extra feeling of something in my ass might take my mind off the hood. i lay down on the bed and my hands took hold of the hood. i took a few moments to familiarise myself with it. It has a breathable mouthpiece and see-through plastic eye holes, but no nose holes. It's still a scary thing for me but i wanted to conquer my fear.

It was time. i held the hood up and began to place it over my head. It fitted v snugly and i made sure i had my mouth against the mouthpiece. i slowly pulled down the back zip. The latex began to squeeze at my face. i breathed normally and told myself i was fine. But then the zip got caught in my hair just over halfway and for a few secs it seemed to be stuck. Panic crept in as it wasn't possible to just pull the hood off. i visualised being trapped inside it with no means of help until much later as SG was not home. i hurriedly fumbled with the zip and then it began to move again. i drew it upwards and quickly pulled the hood off and lay there wondering if i should try again. i knew i had to or else this panic would set in each time i wore a hood.

i started again and felt the hood close in on my face again, just a little, but i knew i could cope. With the zip fully engaged, the hood was now tight against my skin. It actually felt good. i reached for the large butt plug and slowly began to push it inside my pussy. I was so horny by this point. The plug felt so good and i relaxed into it. my breath quickened with each push. i could feel myself near the edge already. i knew it wasn't going to take long. It only took about 10 minutes in total. my orgasm flowed over me - a nice comforting medium strength climax. i lay there for a few seconds to enjoy the sensation and the relief that had spread through me. Then it was time to remove the hood.

As I pulled it off, cool air hit my face and i took several long deep breaths. The exhilaration of what i'd just achieved overtook me and i couldn't stop smiling. i was overcome and it felt incredible. i knew that SG was going to be pleased. His pup had pushed herself to her limit and won.

i managed to carry out scene again at the weekend for SG. This time He tied me spread-eagled to the bed and then told me He was going to make me come constantly, whilst He used both my pink vibe inside my pussy and the Hitachi wand against my clit. He said He wasn't going to stop until He decided. He set to work and it must have lasted about half an hour. It was complete pleasure and torment at the same time. my breath was slightly inflating the hood, but i didn't really care. my mind was focused on climaxing, time after time. i must have had about 8 or more orgasms - and all whilst wearing the inflatable hood. i could have safe worded at any point, but i didn't. SG was ecstatic at how much i endured and had nothing but praise for me. i felt a very satisfied and exhausted pup.

This is the photo SG took as He carried out His fiendish task. One that i never thought i would ever have taken of me. It's rather surreal to look at, but i am so proud to share it with you:

i look so blissed out!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Feeling The Vibe

my good blogger friend, this girl forwarded me the advert below and said she had thought of me... bless!

Apparently, it seems i am now endorsing vibes on Extreme Restraints... i'm loving the coupon code!

Strict Trinity - mmm.... it has quite a buzz to it, don't you think? ;-)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

HNT - Steeling The Moment

The cold steel fact of the matter is that this HNT was created with someone in mind... they put an idea in my head and i got creative.

i won't say who it is, but it's not too hard to work it out. i hope You enjoy!

Collared, cuffed, chained and Kubbed:

So you get the whole picture/body, i decided to post two images.
i do love my chains.


Saturday, August 08, 2009


It's the middle of Saturday afternoon. i know i'm stating the obvious, but it's always been one of my horniest times and i have no idea why. Before i met SG, i was free to 'dabble down below', so to speak, whenever i wished, and it became a pattern that i always had the need to get myself off on a Saturday afternoon.

i'm not seeing SG this weekend (boo hoo) BUT all is good - before you begin to question what's going on. We're just spending this weekend apart (a very rare thing) and He has given me 2 free plays! He has told me if i use them up and i want more, i have to ask and He'll think about it. So i've decided to discipline myself (somehow!). As much as i really want to go and give myself some pleasure right now, i've decided to write a post first, about a session i experienced a few weekends ago. i have been meaning to write about it for ages. It's not a very descriptive post either (i'll see how i go) - i think the photos tell the story so much better.

Anyway, the session took place on a Sunday afternoon and SG had decided that i needed to experience more of the leather sleepsack. He wanted to 'take me deep' - to make me feel my submission so utterly deeply and intensely. The sleepsack was a considered purchase and i know how much He loves encasing me inside it. It's certainly not something i can wriggle out of. It covers the whole body and when i'm in it i do feel very comforted, but so very submissive.

The scene began. Firstly, as I knelt naked before Him, He placed the leather hood on me and tightly laced up the back. Over the top of this, He strapped on my latest head harness - completely encasing my head. The combination of the two feels awesome and it makes me feel quite subbie. The sleepsack was laid out on the bed and He said 'you know what to do' and waited for me to slide my legs and feet down into the garment, then place my arms into the internal sleeves (there is no escape!) and witness the leather envelop my shoulders.

SG then delighted in zipping the whole thing up (it zips in two parts, so the crotch area is open for easy access), and tightened up the leather straps that run up the body. It's when He is in the process of doing this, that it dawns on me that He really does have total control of me - physically and mentally - i am completely in His care and His trust. It's quite a feeling, i have to say, just to experience the sleepsack, but don't forget, this time i was also adorned with the headgear. Almost every inch of my body was covered in leather - that was, apart from my eyes and mouth.

But, of course, SG then applied the blindfold, throwing me into complete darkness, coupled with the totally restrictive position i had been placed in. The last piece of the jigsaw was the penis gag and i was feeling a little anxious, because it meant i was about to give up everything - including the space in my mouth. i could feel Him feeding the gag in and i managed to take it all in. He had not inflated it, thankfully, so i was grateful for that. i had to remember to breathe through the breathing tube too and that is not easy. i was breathing pretty fast at that point with the rush of adrenalin and realisation of my total submersion in my 'leather prison'.

Somewhere from all of that, the calmness took over and i started to breathe more slowly and began to revel in letting go completely. my head was floating and i became very spaced out. As i am writing this, i can almost put myself right back in that moment. It was just so incredibly intense.

What i remember after is quite fuzzy but i was aware that SG began to stroke and tease my nipples. It seemed that every sensation from that moment on was heightened x 10 and i could feel my pussy aching to be touched. i think He had placed a vibrating bullet on my clit (you can see part of it in the photo below) and that felt glorious. Every now and then, i would feel the air in the breathing tube reduce slightly, as He put his finger over the end of it. When He did this, i would instinctively try to pull the tube away to get the air back. SG certainly does like to provoke and add new dimensions to scenes. This was no exception, as then i also felt (and heard) a plastic bag being attached to the tube's end. It was only for a few moments, but again it restricted the air flow. At the time, i couldn't work out what He had concocted until afterwards when He showed me the video He took of this part of the scene. There was this clear plastic bag inflating and deflating with my breath. It was quite surreal to watch.

i then felt a pull on my nipple as He attached the tweezer clip to it, before following suit with the other. It's such an awesome thing - having the use of only one of your senses, i.e. touch. Well, i guess there was taste too, if you like rubber! At one point, i felt the hiss of a pump and could only imagine that He was about to inflate the penis gag. my body began to tense up a little and a flash of panic went through my mind. For a few seconds, i wanted to fight it all, to be released there and then from all of the intensity. i felt the gag in my mouth with my tongue, but it didn't seem to have become any larger. i found out afterwards that SG had not had the pump attached, it was all just a mind fuck.

i think the whole scene lasted for over an hour or even two, i'm not sure. It was certainly one of the most intensive experiences i've been put through to date. i have never felt so helpless before or so spaced out. It lasted a long while after SG released me and cradled me closely in His arms.

What i do remember clearly, as He stroked my hair, is that He told me i was His submissive... forever.

In that moment, a great warmth encased my heart.

PS. Can i go and play now? Oh... there's just one condition to this - i have to try and wear SG's (scarier) inflatible latex hood as i play. It's the one hood i've yet to overcome and has been a limit for me. i only have to wear it for a few moments, seconds even, if it gets too much to 'go all the way in'. Wish me luck...

Thursday, August 06, 2009

HNT - Bedtime

i was almost struggling to find another 'proper' HNT photo to post this week. The most recent photos taken by SG show me either completely encased (in rubber) or naked... i do hope to share these with you soon (and no, i don't mean the latter!).

So for now, this will have to do... pup ready for her bed:


PS. i know i promised a celebration video, but Blogger wouldn't let me!

Monday, August 03, 2009


You hold the key to my padlock.

You unlock my happiness and free my spirit.

You bind my soul to Yours.

You hold the key to my heart.

i am Yours forever.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

HNT - Animalistic

It's those pants again (well they are one of my favourites).

No arty shot this time... but taken in cheetah mode:

And THANK YOU for getting me through the magical 100,000 (and then some) views. No-one came forward to claim it (did i mention there was a prize?), but i'm very happy you're all still reading me, and with 54 followers too - i feel a loved pup.

Monday, July 27, 2009



i am just 158 away from the 100,000th visitor to my blog! Can you believe that?! Actually, i know that it's probably more than that because the blog was already six months old when i decided to add the counter. Either way, i'm so blown away by it and the fact that i'm still writing!

Whoever you are, my 100,000th visitor, if you happen to notice that it's you, please, please, please leave me a comment - anonymous or not - i'd love to know who you are!

To celebrate, i may possibly post another video.

And thank you all so much for making it possible!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Let Loo-se

As soon as i left my flat, it felt like everyone knew. The woman at the bus stop, the van driving past and all those people on the platform waiting for the train... "she's not wearing any knickers". So it was a thrill from the very start of the day. The dress i wore was just over my knee too, so i didn't feel too exposed.

i decided to carry out my challenge just after lunchtime, as that's usually the quietest time for the toilets. Or so i thought... i even have a favourite toilet cubicle (i wish i'd used that one now), but instead i chose another that i thought would be less used. As soon as i walked in, there was someone just leaving, so then it was all clear - perfect!

i was more excited than ever to carry out this challenge due to the fact that i would be using the nipple clips and tape. Fumbling in my bag to retrieve my 'tools for the job', i sat down on the toilet seat and began to pull the top of my dress and bra down. my exhilaration grew even more as i placed the clips on my nipples and felt the pain of their bite - it felt good. i even had SG's camera with me to shoot some photos or even video. i began to take some shots and started to get into things.

Then i heard someone come in... brilliant. So i stopped and sat still and waited for them to do what they had to do and leave. But they didn't. i heard them eventually come out of the cubicle, heard the rush of water at the sink, but then i could tell that they were still there. i waited and waited... then i thought 'what if it's the cleaner and they're waiting for me to come out?'. Should i pick another set of toilets? my impatience got the better of me, so i 'dismantled' everything (my nipples were nearly purple), and got my things together and came out of the cubicle.

The woman at the sink was drying her hands and THEN she left! i had lost about 10 mins of valuable playtime and i realised i didn't have long to complete the whole task at hand. i decided to start again and went back into the same cubicle (the one at the end, of course). Down came the top of my dress, out came the clips, tape and camera. i felt the pinch of the nipple clips once again and then began to wrap the bondage tape around my mouth. my breath was quickening as i became more aroused. i managed to take some video too and knowing this was all for SG turned me on even more.

i placed the camera on the floor in a suitable position, and knelt on the floor with my dress raised, i set to work with my fingers rubbing my clit and pussy. With the camera still running, i pushed my fingers inside me, my pussy now very wet and excited, and it was literally only a few moments more that i climaxed. It was a real short and quick one - but an orgasm nonetheless.

i was more relieved than anything else and conscious of the need to get back to work, but happy that during this time no-one else had come in the toilets... except me that is.

So i have this one photo to post as i'm afraid the video doesn't allow me to share the whole experience anonymously (and yes, i realised afterwards that i had forgotten to put my collar on during my play... oops).

i hope you enjoy reading about it just as much as the physical gain i received. It sure was a challenge!

STOP PRESS: i found another photo... here are the 'tools' used:

Thursday, July 23, 2009

HNT - Chillin'

As taken by SG - one very chilled pup:

He's also given me a challenge this week and i hope to follow through on it today at work. i must wear a dress/skirt without pants and play in the toilets again. But this time, i have to use either my nipple clips or clamps and put bondage tape over my mouth (because i can make a lot of noise when i cum). i also have to take photos or video of my play.

Then i'm to blog about it... it will make for some interesting photos i think. i guess SG will decide whether i can post them here or not.

Happy HNT!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Getting Weisz

Just HAD to post this stunning photo of Rachel Weisz:

i wouldn't mind coming home to find her chilling on my sofa. i'd certainly help her take those boots off. Hmm, then again i'd love her to leave them on...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lost and Found

So what had the pup done wrong...?

Here's the answer:

SG had come to collect His pup to stay over at His place. i'd packed my case of toys and other stuff, and was ready to leave. As i put my collar into my bag, i realised the padlock was not with it. i searched around trying to find it, then remembered that i had temporarily put my collar in my bedside drawer. i checked the drawer and couldn't see it, so i began to worry that i'd lost it.

An integral part of the collar is the padlock - it secures my bond to my Master and He is the only One who removes it when W/we are together. SG asked me what i was looking for and i confessed. He went about to search for it too. W/we must have spent about 20 minutes or more looking for it. i was getting pretty upset by this point and just wanted to find it. Then i heard SG's voice from the bedroom tell me He'd found it. It had dropped inside a bag in the drawer. i was so relieved and thanked Him. SG said nothing more and W/we left.

First thing on Sunday morning, SG told me to put my hands and tongue to good use to orally pleasure Him. i did as i was told and soon enough, i heard His moans and sighs as He told me what a good slut i was, and how much He enjoyed a puppy blow job.

But then the situation changed... He told me that i needed to be punished for the previous evening's wrongdoing - for not making sure where my padlock was and for the time wasted in looking for it. He reminded me that it was my responsibility to look after all of my things, that my toys need to be cleaned after use and put back in their right place. It was the same for my collar and padlock. i should take more care of it.

He told me i had a choice of the gag He would use on me to receive my punishment. i selected the muzzle gag. Then He told me to follow Him to the lounge. i was still sleepy but this was about to wake me up.

i knelt before SG and He strapped the muzzle gag tightly on me and then also blindfolded me. He tied my wrist and ankle cuffs to the legs of the table, making me stretch across it, with my legs spread wide and a very vulnerable bare bottom.

i heard a familiar swishing sound behind me. He took the flogger as well as His hands to spank me hard, as He told me again to respect my collar and toys, and to expect to be punished if i don't comply. After several minutes of flogging and hard spanking, He untied me, removed my gag and blindfold, and told me to crawl back to the bedroom. He said He was in need of release and wanted to use me.

i lay spreadeagled on the bed to await His return. As He entered the room, i could see His hard cock urgently needed servicing. Somehow i asked if He could come over my breasts. i wanted to feel like His dirty whore. Having only experienced it a couple of times before (as He loves to come inside me mostly), i felt an urge to see Him shoot over my body and feel His warm cum across my skin. He was happy to oblige and began to pump Himself hard and fast. It always amazes me how He brings Himself off, how much effort He puts into it, but i love to watch it. He was getting close and i took over with my hands, running my fingers over the tip of His cock and pumping Him just as fast as He had shown me. Then He was there and as He cried out, i felt His warm cum squirt onto my breasts and stomach. i ran my hands over the fluid and into my nipples and smiled up at Him. He said it had felt delicious to get Himself off like that.

i was back in His good books.

Following that, W/we shared a hot shower together with lots of kissing, nuzzling and groping. As SG's hands ran over my body, i got very aroused (the shower is one of THE most horniest places for me!) and i was in need of my own release. He gave me permission to come and passed me my pink vibe to play with. He soaped and caressed my breasts as the vibe teased my clit and then pushed it deep inside my pussy. It felt so good and i was panting fast. i ended up coming really hard lying down in the bath with the vibe pressed against my clit, as SG stood over me to watch His puppy climax and flop wearily under the hot water.

It was a very sexual Sunday morning... but then again, most of them usually are!

Mmm... Sunday tomorrow, isn't it? ;-)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In The Wrong

A photo from the day after my last post.

First thing Sunday morning, SG muzzled me and tied me to the table to await my punishment...

... but what had i done wrong?