Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Testing Time - Part 1

i had been late arriving at SG's place, so i deserved a punishment. i knew i did, and it wasn't the first time either. It had happened before and that time SG had tied me to the table and cropped my bottom rather harshly. This time He decided it was to be complete bondage.

i knelt before Him and He strapped on the muzzle gag, ensuring the straps were tighter than usual. Then He handed me the rubber pants with inflatable dildo and butt plug and told me to put them on in the bathroom.

"Be quick about it" He said.

i'm still only able to take the dildo inside my pussy. The plug is just that bit too large, although the day will soon come when He'll make it fit inside me. Trying to be as quick as i could, i eased the dildo inside me. It wasn't too difficult as i was already wet from wearing the gag. It always arouses me.

i returned to the bedroom where SG helped me into my rubber catsuit. It had been some time since last wearing it and so i was excited. It fits so well and feels so good, complete with its feet (i think that's my favourite thing about it!). It makes me feel very submissive too.

As He zipped me up, i saw the leather sleep sack laid out on the bed. i knew what was coming. He instructed me to get into it. i slid my body down inside the leather body shell. my arms fitted into the internal sleeves as an extra measure of 'security'. With my body in, He placed a vibrating bullet against my clit, inside the rubber pants. He removed the muzzle gag and zipped up the sack, and began to tighten up the straps. As He worked His way up my body, encasing it in rubber and leather, my submissiveness grew and i could feel subspace taking over.

"This is how I'd transport you when I abduct you... in the boot of My car." He told me.

He knows that it's a huge fantasy of mine to be kidnapped and would love to make this happen as an extreme scene one day. Hearing His words, my pussy throbbed and the dildo deep inside reminded me where it was.

Here's me awaiting my fate - i decided to get a bit creative (i don't really have blue hair):

pup in sleep sack
He stood by the side of the bed and smiled at me. He began to unzip His trousers and i knew what was coming next. He stood and waited. His erect cock glistened, waiting to be attended to. i strained my head across the bed, ready to take Him in my mouth and as i did so, He pulled back and shook His head:

"Uh uh... what do you say first?" He asked.

i had forgotten the latest rule He had issued recently - one of two new rules. Before giving Him oral, i must always ask to do so first. The other rule is to always ask for permission to come, no matter if i'm in His presence or otherwise. i looked up, apologised and asked:

"Please may i service Your cock Sir?"

He nodded and directed His cock inside my mouth. i wrapped my lips around Him and sucked and licked. He melted with pleasure and closed His eyes. After a short while, He got on the bed to lean over me. He moved in close and kissed me. Soft gentle kisses that turned into longer tongue-probing sessions. His hand came up to hover above my nose and smiling again, He pinched my nostrils shut whilst kissing me hard.

With no option, i began to breathe through his mouth and it seemed like an age before He released His hand. i spluttered a little and regained my breath. He kissed me on the lips again and teased me by keeping His hand just above my nose. i felt hesitant to kiss Him, knowing He would repeat His actions - and He did. There was nothing i could do and i fought for air once more. It was quite a rush and being completely helpless too certainly made it a very intense experience.

As He lent over, He whispered in my ear:

"Because I'm a kind Master, as part of your punishment I'm going to give you two options. The first is to continue to pleasure me orally whilst I wear My hood, which you've done before. The second is for you to experience wearing a hood - a different one from Mine."

He explained further:

"It's a breath control hood. It has a conventional black back section and a translucent front section with five small breathing holes in it. The thing is, the front section is loose like a bag, so when you breath in it collapses on your face if you're not careful, sealing off the holes and therefore your fresh air... It's your choice" He said.

i took a short time to think about it and feeling intrigued, and somewhat brave, opted to wear the new hood. Something was telling me to try it. SG seemed to be quite surprised at this. He knew the easier option would be to pleasure Him orally. i don't think He expected me to say that. He asked me if i was sure and i said yes.

The test was yet to come, and again i was scared...


mina said...

oh you are a brave pup! Waiting on edge to hear what happens.

vanimp said...

Oh I second what Mina said, brave girl ... so excited to hear the rest ... am on the edge of my seat with a big grin xx

sinfullyanon said...

....easy does it!

Breathless...anticipation, dear.


BritDominPhilly said...

Being forced to breathe through your Master's mouth has to be one of the most intimate and erotic of interplay possible between two people.
The eroticism gains an additional edge when you realize that your air supply can be shut off at a moment's notice. How exciting!


trinity-pup said...

mina - thank you!! i didn't keep you waiting long! ;-)

vanimp - awww thanks hun - it's good being on the edge isn't it?!

will - *grins* such a delicious word... anticipation :-)

t. x

trinity-pup said...

David - thank you for your kind comment. Great to see a new face. It most certainly felt incredible and scary at the same time. The level of trust to do this kind of thing plays a huge part in it.

i hope you enjoy more of my blog!