Friday, December 19, 2008

Lock In

Sleeping in my collar has become a daily ritual for me, ever since SG collared me in April. It's a symbol of my submission to Him and His love for me, and means so very much to both of us. As per SG's instruction, i take it with me wherever i go - a permanent accessory kept safe in my bag. More recently, His new rule means that when i am at home (and obviously not expecting visitors), i must wear it as much as possible (i'm wearing it right now). It makes me feel closer to SG when He can't be with me. When He can, He locks on the padlock as i kneel at His feet. It also comforts me when i sleep in it.

One of SG's most favourite things (and mine) when He stays overnight, is to ensure that in addition to my collar, i sleep in my wrist and ankle cuffs. They are worn with 2 connecting chains, each one linking my arms and legs a short distance apart. At times when He's feeling extra mean, er... i mean generous, He'll add a heavier chain, connecting it from my collar's D-ring through my wrist cuffs and down to my ankles. 'Convict style' is what SG likes to call it... just in case i 'make a run for it'.

pup in wrist cuffs
On this particular night, as part of an earlier scene, SG had removed my collar but i was adorned with my cuffs. The last thing that usually happens before retiring to bed is that He waits for me, with the chains in His hand, ready to lock His pup in for the night. So there was my collar, its padlock and chains lying on the bed in readiness, and there was SG, being exceptionally tired, already fast asleep as i came to bed.

He lay facing away from me, sleeping so still and soundly. i climbed in beside Him, expecting Him to stir and then see to collar, lock and chain me. But there was no movement. He was deep in slumber. So i sat watching Him, checking for any signs of life, contemplating my options:

Do i wake Him... oh but He looks in need of His sleep, so maybe i should leave Him be...?

Or do i lock myself in for the night... well i am His submissive, so is it my place to...?

Decisions, decisions...

(to be continued)


Min said...

Did sleeping in a collar like that and/or chained take much getting used to? I sleep in my collar too, as Qetesh requires me to wear it at all times. Although, in my case, my collar is simply a medium weight neck chain, so I can wear it in public. As a result it isn't too hard to sleep in. Being made to sleep chained sounds interesting though, I'm just not sure how much sleep I would get...

Anonymous said...

My owner bound my ankles and wrists with rope at night when he was with me. I always wear my rope collar (which he made) attached by a chain to the bed. I wear my leather cuffs (ankles and wrists) at night in bed, either clipped together, or connected with chains or rope. Unfortunately I end up having to take them off because of hot flushes at night! (I have permission!).

When he's with me I completely abdicate responsibility for these things to him, so if he doesn't bind me up, then I don't get bound!
Tp xx

sera said...

That looks sooooo cozy.

But I have to ask . . . are you ever scared? I want to do this so much, and then I start freaking out about things that could happen . . .

Pls advise!

trinity-pup said...

Min - i think i was so excited to sleep in that way, i didn't give it much thought at first! In a strange way, it does comfort me. The chains are fairly lightweight too. i know that if i was having trouble sleeping, then SG would think of an alternative way.

Tp - thanks for that hun! All very informative and interesting to read. i quite agree that it is not a choice for me to make.

sera - no, i'm never scared and if i had to, i can always release myself from my bonds. It's all about trust too. i think you should try it! ;-)

t. x