Thursday, December 04, 2008

HNT - Roped In

There are a lot of ideas in SG's head as part of His sub's training programme. He started on the path to confront my fear of hoods, with the aid of my muzzle gag, cat-woman hood and blindfold, which in effect covers most of my head. So before long, she reckons she'll be adorned with her very own hood.

Then there's the breath play coming into...erm... play, which i've been gradually mentioning over the last few weeks. A scary and addictive 'project' which is fast becoming a favourite addition to scening.

They say things come in threes, and the third is SG's latest desire to try shibari (and has also mentioned suspension). He has always known how much i love bondage and it's something He loves too. In particular, my passion is to be bound tightly with rope, to feel the constriction against my body. It's something SG is seriously contemplating. He loves to bind me, then tease and watch me struggle.

Recently, He undertook some research and found an example of a rope body harness. All He needed was a willing pup to experiment with... and this was the result:

pup in rope harness
Amazing what you can do with 150 metres of rope... i mean 15 metres (it just seems to go on forever!). However, it is quite harsh on the skin, so i think i may have to hunt for a softer alternative (the rope, not the Dom!).

Anyone got any ideas on this?


Anonymous said...

Very nicely done! You look beautiful.

I find that I enjoy the impact of the rope on my skin so lean towards the more traditional materials...but we also have silk rope which is very soft and comfortable but not as easy (because it's thicker) to bind and tie.

SinfullyAnon said...

Oh!my, pup!

You're beautiful.
Wonderfully erotic & oh so naughty.

Cheers and HappyHNT.

[as usual, all over the Universe!]

beau said...

It just needs a small knot either side of your clitoris ... then pulled just a little tighter ... ah yes .. perfect!

Have fun

Beau xxxx

Florida Dom said...

The previous comment was that it
should be tighter in your pussy. How tight was it and was it a turnon for you? And do you workout to keep yourself in such good shape or are you just a natural beauty. And how often do you shave? Wax or razor?

trinity-pup said...

lotus - awww thanks! :-) i love the feeling of rope, but also want a small level of comfort(!) Silk rope sounds luxurious!

Will - hey stranger. Thank you very much kind Sir! ;-) Hope you're keeping well.

Beau - ahhh i see! Am sure SG has taken note...

t. x

trinity-pup said...

Florida Dom - it was fairly tight and more knots may be used in future rope-work of SG. It was a huge turn on for me. The feeling of being restrained is a main love of mine. i think i must be a natural beauty, as i don't really work out - it's what SG puts me through that does it! i shave (not wax) as and when.

Hope this answers your inquisitive mind!


jelly said...

You look amazing. What type of rope was it? It doesn't look like either hemp or linen.


vanimp said...

Oh yum! Rope rawks, am hoping to get to experiment a little on my upcoming holiday hehe x

mina said...

I remember the first time Sylvanus roped me. I was impressed by his first ever attempt. It was perfect and I loved the feeling. As for a softer rope... we have found some silk rope which we will actually be writing a review on.

trinity-pup said...

Hey jelly - i think its made of nylon. It's meant to be climbing rope. So it's fairly harsh stuff!

oooh vanimp... that sounds very promising!! i hope you have a great time :-)

mina - thanks for the info. i shall look out for the review and may have to investigate silk rope

t. x

Florida Dom said...

Thanks for the answers and hope
you don't mind me being inquistive or is it nosy?
Glad to hear it's a huge turnon for
you because it looks as if SG is
very good with rope. And more knots may make it better.
And you must have good genes if you don't work out much. You look
well toned with creamy skin. It looks as if you don't tan or aren't in the sun much. I can imagine SG enjoys the rope scenes as much as you do.