Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year!

SG and i would like to wish you all a very happy New Year. Here's hoping it brings all good things to you.

W/we are going to be celebrating tomorrow night, adorned in O/our rubberwear (and probably cuffs and chains for me), and i hope to share a pic or two as one of my first posts for 2009.

For the last image of this year, here's a chilled pup, wearing her Master's collar and His hoodie (yes, hoodie and i love it):


playtoyspuppy said...

Mistress and i want to wish you and SG a happy new year!!!

Florida Dom said...

Want to wish you and SG a Happy New Year.
And thanks for the end of to be continued. It sounds as if being cuffed like that at night helps to make you enjoy being a slave.
And SG must take it seriously to ask you to wake him up if he wants asleep first to make sure you're properly cuff. And here's to 365 days in 2009 of having a restful sleep in your cuffs. I would think it might make sleep difficult but it obviously works for you.

jelly said...

Happy new year to you too!!

Min said...

Love the photo, and look forward to seeing the ones to come :-)

Happy New Year to you both.

vanimp said...

Happy new Year to you and SG hunni! Hehe I love hoodies too :D .. snugglies x

trinity-pup said...

pup - happy new year to the both of you! :-)

FD - Thank you and we wish you the same. Alas, no comments to that post though! (hint hint) i enjoy being restrained a lot, so to bring it into play through the night adds an extra level. i would make the point that i am a submissive, not slave. SG certainly takes things seriously enough. Thanks for your great comments.

jelly - happy new year to you!

Min - i love that photo too - i now have a great one to post from NYE! ;-) Happy new year to you both

imp - happy new year hun! Something about wearing SG's hoodie makes me feel closer to Him :-)

t. x

Florida Dom said...

I was interested in your comment that you're a submissive but not a slave. Many bloggers comment on this subject and if you have the time, it'd be interesting to see how you define the differences.
Regardless of how you define it, though, you seem to be in a wonderful relationship that brings a lot of joy to both of you.

mina said...

Happy New year to you! So happy to hear the two of you are going strong.

trinity-pup said...

Florida Dom - to answer your question on how i'm a submissive and not slave - i believe that being slave means having no limits and giving up everything of themselves to their Master. To me, slaves relinquish it all. i know i could never be slave - i have my limits, albeit they can be stretched and challenged, but i know i couldn't be treated as property or without any identity. Maybe in fantasy, but not in r/l.
Hope that helps.

mina - thank you! Sounds like you had a wonderful start of your new year! Am so pleased for you!


t. x

UIFPW08 said...

Happy new year

trinity-pup said...

Morris - wow, another new face - Happy New Year!