Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year!

SG and i would like to wish you all a very happy New Year. Here's hoping it brings all good things to you.

W/we are going to be celebrating tomorrow night, adorned in O/our rubberwear (and probably cuffs and chains for me), and i hope to share a pic or two as one of my first posts for 2009.

For the last image of this year, here's a chilled pup, wearing her Master's collar and His hoodie (yes, hoodie and i love it):

Monday, December 29, 2008

A Year Ago

A year ago, You found me.

A year ago, You said hello.

A year ago, W/we made it real.

A year on, who knew where W/we'd be.

A year on, so proud to be Yours.

A year on, You make me so happy.

Here's to many more years to come.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Lock In... What Happened Next

Firstly, thanks for such great comments on my anniversary post. i shall do my best to keep up the good work and with your help, it's looking likely.

i hope you have all had a great time over the holiday season. SG and i have just spent the last 4 days together, mixed in with some family time, and it's been the best Christmas i've ever had. He bought me a kinky present which could be making an appearance here at some time in the future (it also means carrying out a task, but i will explain more in another post).

Anyway, back to business and here's the concluding part to Lock In - for all those who have waited patiently (especially Florida Dom):

With my eyes getting heavy, i lay down with my collar, cuffs and chains in my hand, and drifted off to sleep. i figured that if SG woke up, He may roll over and feel what's in my hand and then choose to lock me in.

In the night, they fell from my hand and were in the bed between U/us. At some point, SG stirred from His sleep to find them. Through my half-sleep, i felt my wrists being pulled together, followed by my ankles with the chains. Then i felt His hands feeding my collar around my neck, locking it in place. He rolled over and went back to sleep.

The feeling of comfort and sense of belonging returned through my sleepiness and i slept on, happy in the knowledge that i am His.

Sometimes it's the simplest of things that mean so much.

NB: Following publication of my earlier post, SG clarified things and has now set a new rule in place. That is, if He happens to fall asleep before i get to bed, i must wake Him in order for Him to lock me in for the night.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

2 Years On!

i am truly amazed... trinity-pup's blog is 2 years old today! This is my 236th post!

Looking back over this year, there are so many great stories to read with some incredible memories. Here's a few of my favourites:

The table - my bottom receives a cropping and teasing across SG's dining table

Fettered Pleasures - my Collar - the adventures behind the purchase of my new collar

Method In His Madness - my first experience of an SJ

Happy In Captivity - Part 1 - a caged pup!

4 days (Part 1) (and Parts 2 and 3) - 4 days of pain, pleasure, sex and snuggling

i am very happy to share them here and feel so proud of what i have written. Your comments mean masses too - they make it all worthwhile. Thank you all and please keep them coming! As for all those lurkers... get writing! i'd love to know if you have a favourite t-p post.

i can say, with a big smile on my face, how very lucky i am to have SG in my life - my caring Owner and loving soulmate. Thank You SG. It's been one hell of a journey so far and long may it continue.

To celebrate the occasion, i've put my best party dress on, along with matching boots and gloves. i'm ready to rock 'n roll!

Just in case i don't write another post beforehand, SG and i would like to wish you all a very happy, healthy, sexy and safe Christmas.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Lock In

Sleeping in my collar has become a daily ritual for me, ever since SG collared me in April. It's a symbol of my submission to Him and His love for me, and means so very much to both of us. As per SG's instruction, i take it with me wherever i go - a permanent accessory kept safe in my bag. More recently, His new rule means that when i am at home (and obviously not expecting visitors), i must wear it as much as possible (i'm wearing it right now). It makes me feel closer to SG when He can't be with me. When He can, He locks on the padlock as i kneel at His feet. It also comforts me when i sleep in it.

One of SG's most favourite things (and mine) when He stays overnight, is to ensure that in addition to my collar, i sleep in my wrist and ankle cuffs. They are worn with 2 connecting chains, each one linking my arms and legs a short distance apart. At times when He's feeling extra mean, er... i mean generous, He'll add a heavier chain, connecting it from my collar's D-ring through my wrist cuffs and down to my ankles. 'Convict style' is what SG likes to call it... just in case i 'make a run for it'.

pup in wrist cuffs
On this particular night, as part of an earlier scene, SG had removed my collar but i was adorned with my cuffs. The last thing that usually happens before retiring to bed is that He waits for me, with the chains in His hand, ready to lock His pup in for the night. So there was my collar, its padlock and chains lying on the bed in readiness, and there was SG, being exceptionally tired, already fast asleep as i came to bed.

He lay facing away from me, sleeping so still and soundly. i climbed in beside Him, expecting Him to stir and then see to collar, lock and chain me. But there was no movement. He was deep in slumber. So i sat watching Him, checking for any signs of life, contemplating my options:

Do i wake Him... oh but He looks in need of His sleep, so maybe i should leave Him be...?

Or do i lock myself in for the night... well i am His submissive, so is it my place to...?

Decisions, decisions...

(to be continued)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Testing Time - Part 2

i lay there and awaited my fate. SG had gone to fetch the hood and i wondered how i had said yes. i knew it was something that i wanted to experience, as well as doing it for Him. i didn't know what to expect or how i was going to feel once i had the hood on. Would i panic straightaway or would i cope?

SG returned with the hood in His hands. He rubbed it gently against my face letting me smell the latex and feel its softness. He asked me if i was ready and if i was sure. i nodded and He told me that once i had the hood on, i should breathe normally and not too quickly, and everything would be alright. my heart was racing in anticipation.

i settled myself and He slowly placed the hood over my head. The soft latex moulded to my face and i could make out the translucent front, although i couldn't see through it. SG ensured the air holes were positioned closely over my mouth. He reminded me to breathe at my normal rate and then began to zip it up at the back. The hood closed in slightly on my head and for a split second, i didn't think i could do it. i took in some air through the holes, followed by another quick breath, making the bag close in against my face. i squirmed for a second as the latex squished against my skin. SG continued to press the air holes to my mouth and told me to keep calm, and i tried to breathe slowly again. i kept telling myself 'i can do this'. i knew the fear was there, never far away, and i tried not to let it take over. i didn't want to have to say my safe word, but i knew i could at any time and SG would stop the scene.

i lay there completely helpless and at His mercy. my life lay in His hands. SG praised me over and over again, and told me how very proud He was. He seemed completely overwhelmed at how i was coping. i could feel Him close by, still ensuring that the air holes were close to my mouth. He asked me if the hood was having any erotic effect on me at all. Was it arousing me? It didn't seem to be. In all honesty, my fear and it being my first ever experience of being hooded, was proving to be far greater than any state of arousal.

SG told me He wanted to quickly take some photos of me, which would mean leaving my side for a few moments. He reassured me it would be OK. He wouldn't be far away. As He went to do this, the presence of the air holes dropped, as He was no longer pressing them to my lips. It felt like the amount of air coming in was diminishing. i breathed in through my nose and the latex closed in on my face again. i was getting a little more scared now and SG was still across the room with the camera. i could hear His voice telling me it was all OK, that He was nearly done and how amazing i looked.

It seemed like forever since He had been by my side. With my body encased in the sleep sack, it was also becoming increasingly hotter inside the catsuit. Coupled with the fact that my head felt so enclosed in the latex hood.

hooded pup
In that moment, i felt so completely alone and i was scared.

"Please come back" said my tiny quivering voice.

All i wanted was to feel Him close by again, to sense He was there by my side. i needed Him. He was back within seconds on hearing my plea and quickly removed the hood. Relief swept over me and emotions ran riot in my head, but i don't remember crying as such. i think i had slighty teary eyes, which didn't turn into anything more than that. Thinking back, it surprises me as i thought i would, as a means of release.

He wrapped His arms around me and held me so tightly, so very tightly. He kissed my head and stroked my hair. He gently rocked me in His arms. With emotion in His voice, He remarked how incredible and special i was. He told me how He had longed to find someone who enjoyed their submission to such an extent, and who understood Him so completely.

In that moment, i felt so loved, so wanted and so utterly submissive.

SG left me in the sleep sack for some time after and i lay there floating, completely chilled out from the intensity of the session. He lay beside me to observe and smile at me, and stroke my hair.

The time after this is all rather hazy, but at some point He released me from the sleep sack. He rewarded me with a few orgasms, after handing me the Hitachi wand, as He looked on to watch His exhausted but very happy pet. After that and with the removal of my catsuit and pants, i guess we curled up and drifted off to sleep, once SG had secured me with my usual night-time attire of my cuffs and chains.

By far, this has to be one of the most intense things i've ever experienced in BDSM. Breath play is a huge rush, there's no doubt in that, but should NEVER be taken lightly. The trust between us is of utmost importance in our play.

Recently it feels like i have stepped up another level in my submission. my journey with SG continues on a deeper and more intense path... and i want to keep climbing (after all, we've got all that green rope to use).

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Little Black Dress

Just found the perfect outfit to wear on the first day of my new job...

i think it might work...

image: c/o High Gloss Dolls

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Testing Time - Part 1

i had been late arriving at SG's place, so i deserved a punishment. i knew i did, and it wasn't the first time either. It had happened before and that time SG had tied me to the table and cropped my bottom rather harshly. This time He decided it was to be complete bondage.

i knelt before Him and He strapped on the muzzle gag, ensuring the straps were tighter than usual. Then He handed me the rubber pants with inflatable dildo and butt plug and told me to put them on in the bathroom.

"Be quick about it" He said.

i'm still only able to take the dildo inside my pussy. The plug is just that bit too large, although the day will soon come when He'll make it fit inside me. Trying to be as quick as i could, i eased the dildo inside me. It wasn't too difficult as i was already wet from wearing the gag. It always arouses me.

i returned to the bedroom where SG helped me into my rubber catsuit. It had been some time since last wearing it and so i was excited. It fits so well and feels so good, complete with its feet (i think that's my favourite thing about it!). It makes me feel very submissive too.

As He zipped me up, i saw the leather sleep sack laid out on the bed. i knew what was coming. He instructed me to get into it. i slid my body down inside the leather body shell. my arms fitted into the internal sleeves as an extra measure of 'security'. With my body in, He placed a vibrating bullet against my clit, inside the rubber pants. He removed the muzzle gag and zipped up the sack, and began to tighten up the straps. As He worked His way up my body, encasing it in rubber and leather, my submissiveness grew and i could feel subspace taking over.

"This is how I'd transport you when I abduct you... in the boot of My car." He told me.

He knows that it's a huge fantasy of mine to be kidnapped and would love to make this happen as an extreme scene one day. Hearing His words, my pussy throbbed and the dildo deep inside reminded me where it was.

Here's me awaiting my fate - i decided to get a bit creative (i don't really have blue hair):

pup in sleep sack
He stood by the side of the bed and smiled at me. He began to unzip His trousers and i knew what was coming next. He stood and waited. His erect cock glistened, waiting to be attended to. i strained my head across the bed, ready to take Him in my mouth and as i did so, He pulled back and shook His head:

"Uh uh... what do you say first?" He asked.

i had forgotten the latest rule He had issued recently - one of two new rules. Before giving Him oral, i must always ask to do so first. The other rule is to always ask for permission to come, no matter if i'm in His presence or otherwise. i looked up, apologised and asked:

"Please may i service Your cock Sir?"

He nodded and directed His cock inside my mouth. i wrapped my lips around Him and sucked and licked. He melted with pleasure and closed His eyes. After a short while, He got on the bed to lean over me. He moved in close and kissed me. Soft gentle kisses that turned into longer tongue-probing sessions. His hand came up to hover above my nose and smiling again, He pinched my nostrils shut whilst kissing me hard.

With no option, i began to breathe through his mouth and it seemed like an age before He released His hand. i spluttered a little and regained my breath. He kissed me on the lips again and teased me by keeping His hand just above my nose. i felt hesitant to kiss Him, knowing He would repeat His actions - and He did. There was nothing i could do and i fought for air once more. It was quite a rush and being completely helpless too certainly made it a very intense experience.

As He lent over, He whispered in my ear:

"Because I'm a kind Master, as part of your punishment I'm going to give you two options. The first is to continue to pleasure me orally whilst I wear My hood, which you've done before. The second is for you to experience wearing a hood - a different one from Mine."

He explained further:

"It's a breath control hood. It has a conventional black back section and a translucent front section with five small breathing holes in it. The thing is, the front section is loose like a bag, so when you breath in it collapses on your face if you're not careful, sealing off the holes and therefore your fresh air... It's your choice" He said.

i took a short time to think about it and feeling intrigued, and somewhat brave, opted to wear the new hood. Something was telling me to try it. SG seemed to be quite surprised at this. He knew the easier option would be to pleasure Him orally. i don't think He expected me to say that. He asked me if i was sure and i said yes.

The test was yet to come, and again i was scared...

Monday, December 08, 2008


i took a huge jump today... i got a new job!

i took an even bigger leap of faith this weekend, which i hope to write about soon.

i run to the future and jump...

Thursday, December 04, 2008

HNT - Roped In

There are a lot of ideas in SG's head as part of His sub's training programme. He started on the path to confront my fear of hoods, with the aid of my muzzle gag, cat-woman hood and blindfold, which in effect covers most of my head. So before long, she reckons she'll be adorned with her very own hood.

Then there's the breath play coming into...erm... play, which i've been gradually mentioning over the last few weeks. A scary and addictive 'project' which is fast becoming a favourite addition to scening.

They say things come in threes, and the third is SG's latest desire to try shibari (and has also mentioned suspension). He has always known how much i love bondage and it's something He loves too. In particular, my passion is to be bound tightly with rope, to feel the constriction against my body. It's something SG is seriously contemplating. He loves to bind me, then tease and watch me struggle.

Recently, He undertook some research and found an example of a rope body harness. All He needed was a willing pup to experiment with... and this was the result:

pup in rope harness
Amazing what you can do with 150 metres of rope... i mean 15 metres (it just seems to go on forever!). However, it is quite harsh on the skin, so i think i may have to hunt for a softer alternative (the rope, not the Dom!).

Anyone got any ideas on this?

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Out Of Breath

He kissed me so deeply, His mouth enveloped me.

His tongue invaded and probed inside.

my breath quickened with His oral onslaught.

As His lips covered mine, He pinched my nostrils shut.

i fought for air and only had one choice.

To take in His breath, inside His mouth.

It was only for a few seconds, but it felt a long time.

In that moment, He had control of my whole life.

It was thrilling and scary at the same time.

... and it's slowly becoming addictive.