Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Just had to post this, as it was quite spooksome.

Take a look at the 'word verification', after i replied to a recent comment on my very own blog:

i know the words are completely random, so how cool was that?


sera said...

Whoa, it took me too long to get the joke.

Good one!

I love hitting "submit" on forms . . . I know it's not original but it's still a thrill. :D

beau said...

It could be a good time to buy a lottery ticket!


B xx

beau said...

Oh, and Sera - I love it when on Messenger when it tells me that a female friend is "available"! LOL

B xx

SinfullyAnon(will) said...

Mine is "fattwide" lol!
(With my skinny ass, this word verification is definitely off the mark!)

~~Just goes to show ya, some robots
are smarter than others!~wink*