Thursday, November 27, 2008

HNT - His Hand, Leather Cat and Crop

i asked SG (very nicely) for some pain this weekend... and He kindly obliged:

pup in SJ
Of course, i had to be restrained in the SJ first, with my legs spread and tied to the bed.

He's always telling me "Be careful what you wish for."

Happy HNT!


mina said...

hee hee I love it when Sylvanus says those words to me. HHNT

xxoxox mina

katie said...

very pretty stripes. I wasnt restrained for mine and i made him very cross as i moved and messed up his handiwork. Why do Doms/Masters get such pleasure from pretty lines. Maybe they missed out on art class *smiles*

beau said...

Those stripes are so lovely.

And there was I worried that I had suggested too harsh a punishment for the meme! ;)

B xxxx

trinity-pup said...

mina - *grins* they are rather yummy aren't they?!

katie - thank you my dear! Naughty girl weren't you...and i'm still waiting for a pic! ;-) i have no idea why! *hugs*

Beau - hehehe... ironic isn't it! i will be careful what i wish for in future!

t. x