Sunday, November 09, 2008

Damaged Hoods

It's Master Singleglove here. I hope you don't mind if I butt in for a quick blog entry.

pup keeps dropping Me hints about writing her some more material, which I'm finding quite hard to do. Partly it's because I don't want to dilute her blog with too many of My ramblings. Partly it's because I can't get no satisfaction out of writing - I spend My working days editing other people's dodgy prose, so the prospect of coming home and bashing out some of My own dreck is somewhat unappealing.

Having said that, I hate to disappoint My pup (does that sound like a case of topping from the bottom?), so I thought you might like to read about a recent punishment dealt to her.

I am sitting on My bed with pup waiting on her knees in front of me, head down in her usual "waiting to be collared" position. But she is already collared and body-harnessed.

I tell her that Beau was displeased when she tagged him in a meme the other week without asking his permission. He had emailed over a proposal for her punishment via an attachment that she had to forward on to me without reading.

"I have read Beau's recommendation and made My verdict. It is now time to carry out My sentence. Come here and lie across My lap, naughty puppy," I say. she complies with a meek: "Yes Sir."

I spank her exposed cheeks hard with no rhythm whatsoever, so she can't tell when or where the next blow will land. The smacks are resounding and I fear they will wake the people in the adjacent flats. It's past 1am and I'm a considerate neighbour. I resort to pinching the sensitive skin on her inner thighs. This method of torture seems to be even more painful to her. If the sound of My hands on her arse didn't wake up the neighbourhood, then her squeals of pain under My high-tech instrument of discipline - the mighty index finger and thumb - certainly did.

I stop for a second and say: "Would you do anything for me?" she replies quickly: "Yes, yes. Anything!"

"What would you do that I think you wouldn't do?" I reply.

she is nonplussed at this and pauses to think. I take the opportunity to slap her cheeks again and repeat the question. she whispers plaintively: "i don't know; i don't know!"

"Think, puppy, or this could go on for a while," I snarl, picking up where I left off on her poor aching thighs.

After another 30 seconds or so of torture, she gasps: "Pleasure You orally whilst You wear Your hood?!"

"Well done, pup," I say. "A very good choice. you may dismount and wait back on your knees."

I go to the next room for a second and pick up a few choice items I've left in there. Even before I return she already knows by the clinking of buckles that I'm bringing back the monoglove. I slowly and methodically ease the single leather sleeve up her arms. I loop the shoulder straps around and buckle them behind her. I then tighten her elbow and wrist belts to ensure total inescapability. Her arms are welded together and are under no little strain. It's now time for her to see My hood.

As you may have read from a previous scene post by pup, My hood fetish is easily the most difficult aspect of My sexual preferences for pup to deal with. On just about any other BDSM topic we are very compatible, but that particular scene was regrettable because I was so intent on living out a lifelong fantasy that I pushed her too far. We've gradually introduced the idea of head coverage over the months - indeed, pup herself has worn her cat-woman hood, the muzzle gag and blindfold all at once, which is as near to total encasement as makes no odds. So I thought it was the ideal opportunity to move another step towards acceptance. This time, pup herself had suggested (OK, under duress maybe!) the next stage in her training.

I produce the hood from behind My back and make her smell the heady aroma of polished black latex, pressing it up against her nose, all the time looking for warning signs from her. I make her look through the eyeholes and for a couple of seconds I give the impression that she will be the one wearing it. she doesn't panic; there's no need to. I quickly put it on me, carefully lining up the breathing holes, and zip it up. (Ahhhh, such pleasure! Who wouldn't want to feel that?) she's not looking at me now and that's fine by me. It's good enough that she knows I'm hooded and isn't saying her safeword. I know she wants to beat the challenge. she wants to test herself, nudge her limits for her Master, for herself, too.

I sit back down on the bed, undo My flies and produce My cock for her to service, which she does with great gusto and no little expertise, despite not having the use of her hands. After a minute or two of enthusiastic sucking, she surprises me by stopping and looking up at My expressionless mask for a good few seconds before going back to tongueing My shaft. I hadn't asked her to do this, so I am surprised and cautiously delighted - if that's possible! A few minutes later, she gives her beautiful slutty mouth another rest and gazes up at me.

Do I detect a tear in the corner of her eye? My emotions are bouncing up and down like a bipolar bungee jumper. I realise that hers are too. It's difficult for her to communicate with a mouthful of cock, so I call a halt to proceedings, unzip My hood and, a little while later, as we hold each other on the bed, ask her how she felt.

The answer contained the following words:
"scared", "excited", "emotional", "achievement", "grow" and "develop".

In My book, the order of needs and wants is as follows, in a BDSM relationship:

1. sub's needs. The most important of which is to be able to trust her Dom - her life may depend on it.
2. Dom's needs.
3. Dom's wants.
4. sub's wants.

In other words, it doesn't matter whether the whole hood fetish is My need or My want (it's debatable) if pup had said to me: "i've tried it, but i'm afraid i can't do it." But she didn't. We will slowly and carefully introduce it into our play until such time as she says: "No more. Sorry, it's a hard limit", whereupon it will go no further.

pup, you did something that you never thought you could do for the man who loves you, having realised how much it means to Him. I doff My (rubber) hat to you! ;-)

you are My perfect sub.



Anonymous said...

SG your writing does not dilute pup's blog at all. I enjoy reading what you have to say. It is always nice hearing from the Dom. It is also a thrill to hear you say how much you adore your pup. Thank you for sharing this story. I look forward to more!

xoxoxo mina

katie said...

I agree. I think the Dom has a big place in a blog. It makes it more real

beau said...
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beau said...

My playful teasing seems to have led much further than I could have imagined.

Good luck to you both.

I like it SG that you rightly - in my view - put a subs needs before those of her Master. I am sure she is safe in your hands.

It would please me if you would give trinity-pup a reward for passing on my message to you and for submitting to the punishment (which was slightly fiercer than I recollect in my suggestions! LOL)

Thank you both.


sinfullyanon said...

It's always good to read both Dom & Sub.
Both of you are amazing.
All the best.

(hey, pup!: You can meme me anytime!)

Single said...

Thanks for all your cockle-warming comments, folks. I will continue contributing to the blog from time to time, then (and not just photos). pup is indeed adorable and I may well reward her for being brave enough to have her limits pushed. I would welcome any suggestions! ;-)


sub lyn said...

i agree with everyone else - i like seeing your perspective too. There aren't enough doms writing blogs!