Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sex Slave?

Amazingly, my blog is nearly 2 years old, just under a month's time, and i look back recalling so many memories and moments. It brings me great joy to read. Sadly, i didn't add a stat counter until 6 months in, so the total number of hits so far, nearly 48,000 (wow!) is in fact not true. i have to say i'm very proud in any case.

i checked the "keyword analysis" page recently (always love to know what people are searching for, before ending up here!), and thought i'd share this:

keyword analysisSomeone out there basically wants a "sex slave with no limits, no safeword, belongs to him, with pain in their pussy"!

Erm... that'll be me then?! i think not (well almost!)... but interesting anyway!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

HNT - His Hand, Leather Cat and Crop

i asked SG (very nicely) for some pain this weekend... and He kindly obliged:

pup in SJ
Of course, i had to be restrained in the SJ first, with my legs spread and tied to the bed.

He's always telling me "Be careful what you wish for."

Happy HNT!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


He's pulling me emotionally closer to Him,

He's bringing me to my knees every time.

He's making me submit ever deeper,

He's reaching inside for my soul.

He's moulding me into what He desires,

He's taking what He wants.

Because He can.

He owns me.

i am His.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Hood Girl

i've been wanting to write this post for a while now... especially ever since my punishment from SG.

i don't know where my fear of hoods comes from. An interesting question from Qetesh asked this on my earlier post and she told me of her fear of clowns. So that triggered something inside me. i remembered that when i was younger, i used to hate them too. i distinctly remember that (and still hate them). i was always scared of people who dressed up as teddy bears or Disney characters you'd see at shopping malls or parties. i would always try to avoid them or shy away. So from this, i think i can understand it a little better now.

Strangely enough on the flip side, i have experienced almost completely being hooded. When SG adorns me with my cat-woman half hood, muzzle gag and blindfold, my head is practically covered - and this actually excites me now. i was a little dubious at first, although it was me who found the muzzle gag for SG, which has now become a favourite piece of our play time. Go figure!

Anyway, back to my punishment to explain more:

As i pleasured Him, i was in two minds whether to look up or not. In a way, i knew i wanted to, to get past that block in my mind. i wanted to look up and see Him in His hood. i know He wasn't expecting it and i don't think i knew i was going to do it either. But i did - twice.

Beforehand i could hear Him moaning, as i licked and sucked Him. i could sense His pleasure growing inside. i wanted to please Him, so i raised my head slowly to look up at Him. He was looking back down at me. This hooded face, this masked Master, was SG. my heart was racing and i felt scared, but i told myself it wasn't anyone else but my Owner. He was just wearing His hood. He was staring back at me and was probably in shock that i had looked up.

A few seconds later, i got back to the task in hand, i mean in mouth, as my arms were behind me in the monoglove. With my heart still pumping frantically, i continued to caress Him. my tongue lavished His rigid cock, around the frenulum (which He seems to enjoy) and listened to His groans. Then i found myself looking up... again. i had it done it once, i could do it again, so i did. i took in His face for longer this time, without any show of emotion. i was kneeling before Him, looking up into His eyes. Not a word was spoken between us, until SG decided i had performed well enough.

He was right - there was a tear in my eye - as i realised what i had done and how difficult it had been for me. There had been some fear too. It was now coming out in the form of my tears. SG praised me as He removed His hood. Ironically, i looked away, not wanting Him to see me crying. But i couldn't be sure if He had or not. He released me from the monoglove, lay me down on the bed and held me so very tightly, and told me how proud He was. i snuggled in close to Him and closed my now dry eyes. Personally, it had been a great achievement. i only hope that it continues - i can please Him further and i can be a better submissive.

Growth is a wonderful thing.

Thank You SG for Your collar, protection, guidance and love.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

HNT - Making An Impression

SG experimented with some ropework and left His mark...

wrist rope marks
Happy HNT!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

pup At Work

my loving Master saw this and (for some strange reason) thought of me:

pup at work
Just how He'd love to keep His pup... probably every day.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Just had to post this, as it was quite spooksome.

Take a look at the 'word verification', after i replied to a recent comment on my very own blog:

i know the words are completely random, so how cool was that?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Getting Down To Business

He was walking towards me, wearing a suit underneath a grey wool coat.

my heart jumped at the sight of Him, looking so authoritive (and sexy).

He pulled me against Him to whisper in my ear:

"How's My secretary this morning?"

i was smiling inside.

It was going to be an exciting time away on His 'business trip'...

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Damaged Hoods

It's Master Singleglove here. I hope you don't mind if I butt in for a quick blog entry.

pup keeps dropping Me hints about writing her some more material, which I'm finding quite hard to do. Partly it's because I don't want to dilute her blog with too many of My ramblings. Partly it's because I can't get no satisfaction out of writing - I spend My working days editing other people's dodgy prose, so the prospect of coming home and bashing out some of My own dreck is somewhat unappealing.

Having said that, I hate to disappoint My pup (does that sound like a case of topping from the bottom?), so I thought you might like to read about a recent punishment dealt to her.

I am sitting on My bed with pup waiting on her knees in front of me, head down in her usual "waiting to be collared" position. But she is already collared and body-harnessed.

I tell her that Beau was displeased when she tagged him in a meme the other week without asking his permission. He had emailed over a proposal for her punishment via an attachment that she had to forward on to me without reading.

"I have read Beau's recommendation and made My verdict. It is now time to carry out My sentence. Come here and lie across My lap, naughty puppy," I say. she complies with a meek: "Yes Sir."

I spank her exposed cheeks hard with no rhythm whatsoever, so she can't tell when or where the next blow will land. The smacks are resounding and I fear they will wake the people in the adjacent flats. It's past 1am and I'm a considerate neighbour. I resort to pinching the sensitive skin on her inner thighs. This method of torture seems to be even more painful to her. If the sound of My hands on her arse didn't wake up the neighbourhood, then her squeals of pain under My high-tech instrument of discipline - the mighty index finger and thumb - certainly did.

I stop for a second and say: "Would you do anything for me?" she replies quickly: "Yes, yes. Anything!"

"What would you do that I think you wouldn't do?" I reply.

she is nonplussed at this and pauses to think. I take the opportunity to slap her cheeks again and repeat the question. she whispers plaintively: "i don't know; i don't know!"

"Think, puppy, or this could go on for a while," I snarl, picking up where I left off on her poor aching thighs.

After another 30 seconds or so of torture, she gasps: "Pleasure You orally whilst You wear Your hood?!"

"Well done, pup," I say. "A very good choice. you may dismount and wait back on your knees."

I go to the next room for a second and pick up a few choice items I've left in there. Even before I return she already knows by the clinking of buckles that I'm bringing back the monoglove. I slowly and methodically ease the single leather sleeve up her arms. I loop the shoulder straps around and buckle them behind her. I then tighten her elbow and wrist belts to ensure total inescapability. Her arms are welded together and are under no little strain. It's now time for her to see My hood.

As you may have read from a previous scene post by pup, My hood fetish is easily the most difficult aspect of My sexual preferences for pup to deal with. On just about any other BDSM topic we are very compatible, but that particular scene was regrettable because I was so intent on living out a lifelong fantasy that I pushed her too far. We've gradually introduced the idea of head coverage over the months - indeed, pup herself has worn her cat-woman hood, the muzzle gag and blindfold all at once, which is as near to total encasement as makes no odds. So I thought it was the ideal opportunity to move another step towards acceptance. This time, pup herself had suggested (OK, under duress maybe!) the next stage in her training.

I produce the hood from behind My back and make her smell the heady aroma of polished black latex, pressing it up against her nose, all the time looking for warning signs from her. I make her look through the eyeholes and for a couple of seconds I give the impression that she will be the one wearing it. she doesn't panic; there's no need to. I quickly put it on me, carefully lining up the breathing holes, and zip it up. (Ahhhh, such pleasure! Who wouldn't want to feel that?) she's not looking at me now and that's fine by me. It's good enough that she knows I'm hooded and isn't saying her safeword. I know she wants to beat the challenge. she wants to test herself, nudge her limits for her Master, for herself, too.

I sit back down on the bed, undo My flies and produce My cock for her to service, which she does with great gusto and no little expertise, despite not having the use of her hands. After a minute or two of enthusiastic sucking, she surprises me by stopping and looking up at My expressionless mask for a good few seconds before going back to tongueing My shaft. I hadn't asked her to do this, so I am surprised and cautiously delighted - if that's possible! A few minutes later, she gives her beautiful slutty mouth another rest and gazes up at me.

Do I detect a tear in the corner of her eye? My emotions are bouncing up and down like a bipolar bungee jumper. I realise that hers are too. It's difficult for her to communicate with a mouthful of cock, so I call a halt to proceedings, unzip My hood and, a little while later, as we hold each other on the bed, ask her how she felt.

The answer contained the following words:
"scared", "excited", "emotional", "achievement", "grow" and "develop".

In My book, the order of needs and wants is as follows, in a BDSM relationship:

1. sub's needs. The most important of which is to be able to trust her Dom - her life may depend on it.
2. Dom's needs.
3. Dom's wants.
4. sub's wants.

In other words, it doesn't matter whether the whole hood fetish is My need or My want (it's debatable) if pup had said to me: "i've tried it, but i'm afraid i can't do it." But she didn't. We will slowly and carefully introduce it into our play until such time as she says: "No more. Sorry, it's a hard limit", whereupon it will go no further.

pup, you did something that you never thought you could do for the man who loves you, having realised how much it means to Him. I doff My (rubber) hat to you! ;-)

you are My perfect sub.


Monday, November 03, 2008

Another Punishment

A few weeks ago, i was dealt a punishment for displeasing SG, after i sent Beau a meme. This is what happened as a consequence (and what Beau has been patiently waiting for).

Kneeling before SG, He asked:

"Do you understand the reason for your punishment pup?"

"Yes Sir, because i tagged Beau in a meme without asking His permission. I am sorry" i replied.

SG nodded and went on to mention the note that Beau had written to Him with the recommendation, if SG agreed, that i be punished, along with a suggestion of what would 'fit the crime'.

"Kneel over My lap" SG instructed to which i duly obeyed.

Hard slaps then pummelled my bottom and thighs, followed by some hard pinching. i squealed with the stabs of pain. SG ignored me and carried on, then asked me what would i do for Him that He didnt think i would do. my mind raced with thoughts, trying to think of something, i just didnt know what to say. He slapped me several more times and asked the question again. Through the pain and trying to focus my mind, i knew i had to say something as there didn't seem to be any let up with the assault to my body. i seemed to be set on his lap for some time.

i could only think of one thing - to perform oral sex... whilst He wore His hood. i couldn't believe i was saying it. It may not sound a very difficult thing for some, but for me hoods are on my limits list. They are not a hard limit as such, but i realised what i had said was not going to be easy. SG knew this. It meant pushing and challenging myself. i was scared, to say the least, scared inside. i was also scared of letting myself down but more importantly, of letting SG down.

Over to SG, who explains more on what happened...

Sunday, November 02, 2008


Well we're back and we had a great time, but now feel exhausted.

Thanks to Lisa Jane for looking after the plants and cat :-)

(To be honest, i thought i'd get a few more comments than i did and guess it was asking too much... did you lose your way?)

So anyway, this pup's getting to her bed now... 'cos she's feeling THAT drop...

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