Sunday, October 05, 2008

A Quiet Night In

SG's text only said half of what He had planned for me later that evening.

"Morning pup! Hope you're ready for the heady smell of leather. Not one but 2 parcels have arrived!"

Well that got me thinking and realised that SG had already mentioned how much He wanted to find a muzzle for me - i wrote about here. Being a dutiful pup, i had pointed out a muzzle gag i knew He would love and knew would excite me. It would cover about 3/4 quarters of my face with leather and straps and looked a little scary. Having suggested this to Him, i knew it was only part of what i would experience and that intrigued me, but i didn't have to wait long to find out about His other purchase.

When i saw Him later that night, His excitement was obvious and He told me He'd bought an item He had been wanting to buy for a very long time. It was only now He knew He could, having me in His life. It had been a dream of His to own a leather sleep sack. It looked awesome and very scary - imagine a full length straitjacket for the body - and i was going to be strapped into it very shortly.

But first He made me strip and kneel before Him, to apply leather wrist cuffs with my arms behind my back. The muzzle gag then made its appearance, it looked very humiliating, very controlling. He lifted it up to my nose, telling me to smell the leather and how He was looking forward to buckling it up tight. The gag has its own thick neck collar which keeps the head from looking down. He began to buckle the twin straps of the collar around my neck, then brought up the leather muzzle to cover my face and over my mouth to rest below my nose. More straps ran up the sides of my cheeks to hold it in place, as well as straps running around the top of my head. my whole head felt encased and it was quite a weird feeling, but knew it was making me feel very submissive and aroused too.

SG wanted me to look at myself in the mirror to take in the sight of His muzzled puppy. i actually found this quite hard to do. i am not sure why, perhaps because the gag made me feel so humiliated. SG stood behind me, stroking and pinching my nipples, telling me to admire myself. To witness how good i looked and how His puppy couldn't bite Him (or anyone else) anymore.

"Are you ready for the sleep sack pup?" He asked. i could do nothing but nod.

Revealing it from the bag and laying it down on the bed, i remembered my feelings of delight when He first bought the SJ. The same feelings were flooding back, along with excitement and intrepidity, at the prospect of being completely encased in leather, not forgetting muzzled too. This was what SG was all about - sharing with a submissive partner who He could indulge with such bondage apparel. Buying items that were made for just one specific purpose - to restrain. It seemed the natural step up from experiencing the monoglove, then the SJ and now the sleep sack.

He removed my cuffs and took my hand to lead me to the bed. With my feet and legs in first, i shuffled my body down to find that there were separate arm sleeves inside to hold my arms in place. This was getting a little more scary i thought, but i recalled back to how the SJ makes me feel - safe and secure. So i told myself that this would be the same, just on another level. With my arms in the sleeves, i lay back and felt the leather surround my chest, neck and shoulders. i couldn't look down very much, as the muzzle gag restricted my head movement.

i heard the zips being done up, which ran along the front in two sections. He left the middle section, just around my crotch area open, the reason for this would become clear soon enough. Then came SG's favourite part - doing the many straps up across the body. There must have been around 6 or 7 buckles to tighten, they were long straps, and He enjoyed (as with any buckles) pulling them tight. With each one, my body felt more enclosed and the feeling of constriction across my chest only served to make me very wet. Adding to my complete immobilisation, He placed a blindfold over my eyes and it was then i began to float. Knowing that my safety is at the forefront of SG's mind, i felt safe placing my trust in Him. For SG, His pup's helplessness is what it's all about.

The buzzing of the hitachi wand began and the intense vibrations closed in on my clit and pussy. It was sheer torment and pleasure at the same time. Being in such a vulnerable state, there was nothing i could do but take the barrage of sensations running through my 'mummified' body. He positioned the wand in such way to rest against my pussy, then i sensed the flash of a camera through my blindfold, as SG took delight in taking some photos. It must have only been a few minutes later before my delicious orgasm coursed through my body, and as i bucked up and down in the sleep sack, along with many squeals through my gag, SG knew His pup had received her reward.


Anonymous said...

Wow this is fascinating! You are such a well cared for pup. You two compliment each other so well.

xoxoxo mina

Anonymous said...

what a beauty x

techbondage said...

Sweet Device Looks like I will be updating my wish list. SG once agian you have great taste.

trinity-pup said...

mina - glad you like it!! It was an intense experience and i do feel very loved. Thank you hun x

open flaps - Thank you! It's been a while since you were here. Hope all is good with you.

techbondage - *grins* He certainly has! And i get to try it all out! :-)

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