Sunday, November 02, 2008


Well we're back and we had a great time, but now feel exhausted.

Thanks to Lisa Jane for looking after the plants and cat :-)

(To be honest, i thought i'd get a few more comments than i did and guess it was asking too much... did you lose your way?)

So anyway, this pup's getting to her bed now... 'cos she's feeling THAT drop...


Anonymous said...

welcome back!

xoxoxo mina

His bliss said...

your welcome. Any time at all. I hope you enjoyed your time away.


sera said...

hiya, glad you're back. I definitely meant to comment while you were away . . . read some good old stuff here and saw some great pics.

but you came back so soon! I think people should get holidays for months and months.

trinity-pup said...

mina - thank you! :-) x

his bliss - *smiles* i'll remember that... yes it was a lovely break (although not long enough!) x

sera - thank you! Hmmm i am sure you did! ;-) i'm very happy to know you've been enjoying your stay! i'll see if i can be away for longer next time! :-) x

Anonymous said...

I don't think I mentioned anything while you were away..But I am glad your back!!! I need some pup fantasies to occupy my
Ohh how I miss being a puppy!!

Take care, hope all is well.


trinity-pup said...

jane - thank you for commenting now! i shall try and keep the pup stories alive then! :-)

i am doing great thanks - i hope you are too.

*hugs* x