Monday, November 03, 2008

Another Punishment

A few weeks ago, i was dealt a punishment for displeasing SG, after i sent Beau a meme. This is what happened as a consequence (and what Beau has been patiently waiting for).

Kneeling before SG, He asked:

"Do you understand the reason for your punishment pup?"

"Yes Sir, because i tagged Beau in a meme without asking His permission. I am sorry" i replied.

SG nodded and went on to mention the note that Beau had written to Him with the recommendation, if SG agreed, that i be punished, along with a suggestion of what would 'fit the crime'.

"Kneel over My lap" SG instructed to which i duly obeyed.

Hard slaps then pummelled my bottom and thighs, followed by some hard pinching. i squealed with the stabs of pain. SG ignored me and carried on, then asked me what would i do for Him that He didnt think i would do. my mind raced with thoughts, trying to think of something, i just didnt know what to say. He slapped me several more times and asked the question again. Through the pain and trying to focus my mind, i knew i had to say something as there didn't seem to be any let up with the assault to my body. i seemed to be set on his lap for some time.

i could only think of one thing - to perform oral sex... whilst He wore His hood. i couldn't believe i was saying it. It may not sound a very difficult thing for some, but for me hoods are on my limits list. They are not a hard limit as such, but i realised what i had said was not going to be easy. SG knew this. It meant pushing and challenging myself. i was scared, to say the least, scared inside. i was also scared of letting myself down but more importantly, of letting SG down.

Over to SG, who explains more on what happened...


Anonymous said...

oh you poor pup... (though I'm sure you liked it deep down) ... I anxiously await the next piece!

xoxoxo mina

Anonymous said...

I've been reading you, just being quiet, so I thought I'd say hello.


beau said...

Thank you SG.

Well done t. You are a good girl.


katie said...

That was a surprise, i had this notion that you didnt do punishment. Not sure why??

vanimp said...

Awww's I feel partly responsible lol (Beau you minx :P) I hope it wasn't too bad a punishment hunni xxxx *hugs*

Qetesh said...

Just popping in to say hi. More about the hood please? As in location, why the aversion?

trinity-pup said...

*ooh comments!!* ;-)

mina - yes it was enjoyable up to that point... then it got a little scary. x

kari - hey. Always good to see a new face here. Thanks for leaving a comment :-) i hope you keep reading. *hugs*

trinity-pup said...

Beau - *smiles* Thank You. As i said, SG will carry on what happened next. x

katie - long time no see! :-) i don't do punishment?? Well that's cos i am usually such a good girl... just not lately! ;-)

vanimp - hmmmm!!! Yes these memes that i get dragged into! Well it wasn't too bad i guess... all will be revealed!

qetesh - hi there. Thanks for commenting. i am thinking of writing more in time about my hood fear. For now, i know they scare me, so they are a limit.

Qetesh said...

Thanks for replying TP, whilst I am familiar with some bondage/leather gear, by no means all so that's why I asked. Was presuming you meant a hood to go over the head/face, but wasn't sure. I have a fear of clowns (amongst other things) so I can understand the aversion factor of people not looking like themselves.

Anonymous said...

Does SG have a seperate blog out of curiousity?

Single said...

Hi, kari, and thanks for your comments. pup is always happy when she receives feedback, which in turn makes her owner happy.

In answer to your question, I do not have my own blog. I am way too lazy for that, especially as I spend my day working with words. On the rare occasion that I feel the need to write something about our relationship, I publish it here.