Friday, October 17, 2008

4 Days - Part 1

Finally, i get round to writing part of the amazing 4 days i've been musing and keeping alive in my mind. 4 days of quality time with my Master. 4 days of bondage, pain, fucking and pleasure, with some great photos to show for it. 4 days that totalled 19 orgasms (yes really) and 1 punishment (i know, it's becoming a theme).

The night before it all, SG surprised me with a new present - thigh-length shiny PVC boots with the most wicked of platform soles and stiletto heels! i couldn't stop grinning - i adore them! So excited, i tried them on right away and teetered around, looking at them in a mirror. They feel so sexy and make me feel very slutty. SG couldn't stop grinning back at me, admiring my now even longer legs. So it felt only right for them to make their debut in my new blog header. For any of you who may be wondering, the voting poll was a tie (do'h) between liking the new image and asking where i got the boots. So now you know, they were one of two new gifts SG gave His pup.

The second gift arrived by post the next day, the first of our togetherness - my very own latex catsuit! SG was truly spoiling me and i knew He couldn't wait to adorn me with the catsuit. i felt very special. It wasn't long before He was helping me into it. It completely covered my body, all for my head, as it comes with 'feet' too. It also gives full access to my pussy and bottom, as it has an extra front to back crotch zip . It was an awesome feeling and it felt so tight, like i was being hugged all over. It fitted perfectly too. He polished and buffed the rubber, paying particular attention over my breasts, to create a shiny rubbered pup. With my new boots on as well, SG then laced me into my corset and told me He wanted to take some photos. He completed the look with my cat woman hood and i had lots of fun, posing for Him on top of my cage:

corset and latex... mmm!

just look at those heels!

With the photo shoot over, SG wanted to tease and torment me (naturally). After applying my wrist and ankle cuffs, He made me lie down on top of the cage. He unzipped the front crotch zip to expose my moist pussy. Then He held my wrists and ankles down, my knees bent, by chaining them to the cage bars. More chain ran across my chest, neck then down over my clit, making me shiver with the feeling of cold metal dipping into my wetness. After SG strapped on my muzzle gag and added my blindfold, He had effectively encased the whole of my body in rubber and leather. The feeling was extraordinary.

check out the rubber feet!

It didn't stop there. i felt vibrations running over my clit, sometimes slow then fast and i realised it was the new twin bullets from SG's new cock ring (somehow we managed to split the previous one through too much usage!). He had positioned them against the chain running across my clit. To tease me further, He left the bullets' remote control box on my chest, where He knew i couldn't reach it with my wrists chained down against the cage bars. He left the room to go and put His catsuit on. The sight of His pup all rubbered up had made Him want to experience his own suit. i heard Him return, then a vibrator began to invade my throbbing pussy and He methodically began to thrust and pump me with it. i don't think it was long before i could feel myself writhing against so much sensation and i came a few minutes later.

Releasing me from the cage top, but still blindfolded and muzzled, He made me bend over it, placing a cushion under my stomach. Pushing my body down, He chained my wrist cuffs to the top bars, spread my legs apart and chained my ankles to the side bars. i was going nowhere. His hands wandered over my body, fingers checking to see how dripping wet i was. He told He was going to fuck me over the cage and He was going to wear His hood whilst doing it. He told me i was going to be 'fucked by an alien' as He was going to wear His inflatable hood. i was both excited and scared. i wouldn't be able to see Him wearing it and He knows that is still something i can't do yet... but i know i want to, in time. i know how the hood makes Him feel. It increases His dominance over me, it gives Him a degree of animosity. It lets Him become who He truly wants to be. That's not to say, He never forgets how much i mean to Him, and the level of trust and safety between us is never compromised.

Hearing the sound of his quickened and restricted breath, i knew the 'alien' was now in charge. He had taken over and was very much in control. His hard cock pressed up against my bottom cheeks. my own breath quickened and my heart raced, as His hips pressed into me, and then i felt the tip of His cock glide against my lips and push deep inside me. As i gasped, He began to fuck me slowly at first, then began to gather momentum. Feeling the rubber of His catsuit against my own excited me further and i murmured through my muzzle gag and buried my face into the cushion. He fucked His rubber slut puppy, forcing her to succumb to two delicious orgasms, one after the other in quick succession. i could feel myself shaking with the adrenaline coursing through me.

Removing His hood and unchaining me from the cage, SG withdrew from inside me. He ordered me to my knees and told me to make Him come using my hands. He stood there, His face contorted in pleasure, as my hands got to work, caressing and stroking to bring Him to a delicious sounding climax. After many groans and sighs, with His exhaustion evident, He led me by the collar of my muzzle gag into the bedroom, where we lay close and snuggled in each other's arms.

Enough detail... well for day 1, for now...


Anonymous said...

you lucky girl!

tg xx

Anonymous said...

I say this every time.. but you are a VERY lucky girl! Your Master adores you. I am a bit jealous by all this fun you are having! LOVE those boots!

xoxoxo mina

trinity-pup said...


i do feel a very lucky pup... i have been glowing inside recently. The boots are just amazing to wear... rather teeter in! ;-)

t. x

sub lyn said...

Awesome boots, and a very hot scene!

Anonymous said...

wow,how lucky is your master to have such a willing rubber slave like you. You look stunning in your rubberwear,i dream of doing the kind of things that you get up to with a rubber girl of my own. Here's hoping that dreams come true! Hope that you enjoy many more rubber sessions.

New to the pleasures of Pup! said...

Hey Pup. This account of your first time in your new rubber suit is amazing and such a turn on for a rubberist like myself. That rubber suit and corset go so well together and your boots look stunning too,my dream come true! It's great to see that wearing rubber is a turn on for you too,happy rubbering Pup!

Emma watson said...

hey your are lucky girl and this boots are just amazing wear..