Wednesday, October 29, 2008

4 Days - Part 3: Punishment

If you want to catch up, here's Part 1 and Part 2

If you're still with me on these '4 Day' posts, then this is the final part (not that i had any comments on part 2!). i can then tell you about my other punishment (and not keep Beau waiting any longer).

Laying snuggled in bed on day 3, slowly waking up with SG and musing on the previous night, and what i thought had been my punishment - bondage and cage-time. But no, there was more to come and SG's words of "are you ready for the second part of your punishment?" really did wake me up.

He instructed me to fetch my new boots and put them on. Then with some urgency, He attached my lead to my collar and led me through on all fours to the cage. Ordering me to bend over it, He chained my wrists to the sides, attached the nipple clips to my breasts hanging through the cold bars and secured the spreader bar to my ankles, spreading my legs wide open. i waited, blindfolded and naked, all but for my boots and cuffs, with my bottom adequately exposed. my heart was racing as to what He planned to do next.

SG then informed me that we were going to play a game of 'mystery shopper'. He was going to beat my bottom with 4 different implements (of the ouchy kind) and i was to guess what each one was. He said He would keep beating me until i guessed correctly. i thought i might fare quite well with this, as with each implement there are differing levels of stinginess and thwackiness, from which i recall enduring.

So i guessed His belt first after 3 or 4 strokes - quite slappy and painful with a short sting. The hairbrush followed - a few thwacky strokes with a slightly longer pain to subside (i guess because it covers a larger area at a time). The familiar feel of the leather cat was next, after knowing that He had tied knots in the ends to increase the sensation - and it worked! A few lashes of the now very stingy cat and i was yelping a little more at this point, but guessed correctly again. Which only left the delightful riding crop. This can be a rather vicious beast and as ever, it didn't let the side down this time. It gives a very long sharp sting to the skin (especially if it's administered to just one spot). i guessed them all and my bottom was feeling very pinked and hot.

SG was pleased, telling me what a good girl i was, and took some photos to record the moment. As a reward, He teased and treated one very soaked pussy with my ribbed purple vibrator. Simultaneously He used the large sized butt plug up my bottom, thrusting them both in and out until i climaxed anally 2 or 3 times, which has to be the weirdest feeling ever. Then it wasn't long before my pussy gave way to a couple of orgasms. i fell into sheer subspace-iness after that and collapsed against the cage (luckily i was still restrained to it). SG released me from my bonds and led me back to the bedroom to lay down to recover.

After a short rest period, SG told me to stroke His aching cock, to bring Him to hardness, as He now wanted to fuck his slutty puppy. He ordered me to get on the floor and "assume position". i scrambled off the bed to get on all fours, spreading my legs for Him, before He thrust His hardness deep inside me from behind. i'm not sure how, but i managed to come another 3 times (no joke). At the exact same time of my third orgasm, i heard Him come, which just made our whole time together complete. An awesome moment and we both giggled as it happened.

i have to say that day 4 is a complete blur, but i think it probably involved a moderate amount of sleeping, some 'quiet time' in the SJ and cage (for me), and lots of holding each other close.

Either way, it was 4 very special days we shall never forget.


beau said...

Taps fingers impatiently ...


You did have fun that day didn't you t?

B xxxx

trinity-pup said...

*gasps* ooh...ooh a comment! ;-)

Thank you Beau - it is coming!
i certainly did have *some* fun...

t. x

Anonymous said...

You two have such a great time together!

xoxox mina