Friday, October 24, 2008

4 Days - Part 2: Failing Him

With the dawning of day 2 of togetherness with SG, it began in the usual way with lots of snuggling and touching, followed by Master's love for tasting His pup. More often than not, He firstly ties me down to the bed and it's all very yummy. We also had a plan to go and do some vanilla stuff too - visit a local shopping mall and see a movie.

All well and good, until something in my head recalled SG telling me that He might set a challenge for the shopping trip we'd talked about a few days before. As we got ready to go out, i guess it was my own fault to ask Him about it now. i was half-dressed when He told me my challenge was to wear my old day collar underneath a jumper (a collar i used to wear before He bought my lovely puppy collar). i'd managed it before when we went away for some play time, and even wore my harness that time too, so it all seemed pretty straightforward and doable.

That was until i started hunting for the one particular jumper that i knew i'd be able to get away with wearing it, as it was a roll-neck. But with a wardrobe like mine (a very unorganised one at present) i couldn't find the damn thing! i knew i didn't want to let SG down, not on this one, but try as i might the jumper wasn't to be found.

"Never mind" He said rather calmly, but i could hear His disappointment. i could tell He was displeased. i apologised and saying no more about it, we left for the shops. We had a great time of shopping, dinner and seeing the film "Taken" (ironically a kidnap story!) and then came home late evening.

For failing Him, for not meeting His challenge, He made me strip and strapped me into my leather harness, buckling it up tightly (especially now i've added in extra buckle holes). He added my wrist and ankle cuffs. Then He took some rope and ran it from my collar's D-ring, around my breasts and down to my crotch, making it pull on my pussy lips if i moved too much.

He told me i needed some cage time as punishment and led me to crawl inside it. Locking the door with the Kub cuffs, He told me to lie on my back. He then chained my wrists to the side bars in such a way that my arms couldn't move very much at all. Then He lifted each leg up in the air and chained each ankle cuff to the top bars. He added the nipple tweezer clips for an extra predicament. It was quite an uncomfortable position. Then again, it was a punishment and i wasn't meant to enjoy it.

He left me there, the cage behind Him, His back turned to ignore me, and sat to peruse the latest posts from my blogger friends, one being Beau's latest videos. Namely, the women being teased with the hitachis (wow!) and the Domme causing lots of pain to her sub (ouchy ouch!). i have to say i was getting fairly moist in the process. At some point, as my hands and feet were starting to get a little cold, He released them from their chained positions, to allow me to curl up. It was then at this time that we thought of our answers for mina's meme. So that's where i got my inspiration!

After enough time had elapsed and being very tired, SG announced it was time for bed and brought me out of the cage. With the removal of rope, harness and tweezer clips, i snuggled up beside HIm, naked but for my usual night-time attire of cuffs and connecting chains, to drift off to a deep sleep.

Day 3 was ahead... and the second part of my punishment (unbeknownst to me) was yet to come...


Anonymous said...

You make me want a cage, as silly as I thought the idea would be. Not anymore!

xoxoxox mina

trinity-pup said...

mina - awww you're a darlin' for commenting! Thank you :-) Hehehe... it is rather awesome and SG assures me i'll be spending more time in it soon...

t. x