Monday, August 04, 2008

Work Permit

Not so long ago, SG gave His pup a 'challenge'. i do like a challenge and was excited at the prospect of carrying it out. Linked with His recent rule to carry my collar with me at all times when in public, He told me i was to play with myself in the toilets during work time, ensuring that i wore my collar as i did so. i could choose any time i wished and was to only squeeze my nipples and stroke my pussy, without climaxing, and then to text Him when i had done so.

i carried out His request just as He asked, touching and arousing myself to quite a state, but stopped before i got too carried away (so very tempting). His text reply was "You have pleased Your Master (and aroused Him) hugely! You may carry on tonight until you cum for Me". my anticipation for later was well rewarded when i teased and fingered myself to a yummy orgasm at bedtime.

Thinking on how exciting and 'out of bounds' my playtime had been, it seemed such a thrilling idea to take it on a stage further and actually cum at work. Coupled with the fact that i was moving to a new office, i thought it would be a great way to "send myself off" from my old work place. So last week i asked SG if i could and He said He would allow me, as long as i took some photos to record the event.

So it came to the last day in the office and i'd been thinking about it all day - it was now or never. With collar adorned once inside the cubicle and my legs spread wide with my wet clit tingling, my fingers got to work on my nipples and pussy. Working myself into a frenzy, my breath began to quicken and my imagination took over. He was pressing His body up against me, holding my leash tight with one hand, the other on my hip, as He pushed His hard cock inside. Thrusting deep, slow then fast, pumping my dripping pussy relentlessly until i gave way to an exploding orgasm that coursed through my body before feeling His own trembling climax against me and hearing His joyous groans against my ear.

After getting my breath back and composing myself, along with the photographic evidence, i calmly walked out of the toilets and the building for the last time, with a smile.

Oh... so i guess you want to see the photos too huh?

OK... next time... ;-)

to be continued...


katie said...

God i could write a book on this topic. I am so glad you enjoyed it, i could not imagine work with out being ordered to do somwething.

My last order was to attend a leaving lunch party for the big boss and 40 healthcare professionals with a large blue vibrater in my pussy and my knickers pulled up real tight.

I was horny as hell lol

I think i should pass on all the evil things i have been made to do to SG to add to his already fertile information *smiles*

Single said...

By all means, katie. By all means!

trinity-pup said...

*looks bemused and stays quiet*

(oh and welcome Sir!)

Your pup x

Anonymous said...

Interesting mental images cross my mind... and just before I hae to go to work dammit! *pouts*

The pup's such a tease sometimes :p

Anonymous said...

Well, yes I would love to see the photos. This was so delicious to read. i have come many times at the office for Sylvanus. he listens to me while I finger myself to orgasm. I love knowing he is on the other end just waiting to her my climax.

xoxoxo mina

katie said...

Hi pups Sir, not sure how to address you. I have an evil grin and am thinking hard

trinity-pup said...

unowned desire - *giggles and bats your nose* - oh dear! me... a tease?! ;-)

mina - thank you. Seems like i have some catching up to do then! Sounds very exciting hun!

katie - *glares and shakes her head* now be a good girl! you know what happens if you're not! :-)

t. x

Dallas Kink said...

Photos would be good! Yes.