Saturday, August 02, 2008

Red Blooded Woman

After agreeing to share 'riding mistress' Kylie with this girl (didn't we?!), i got to see the amazing lady myself this week and she was brilliant. Our seats were awesome - at the side of the stage in line with the first 3 front rows. To top it all, who should be sitting in the same aisle... David Walliams and Lulu!

So here's 'red Domme' Kylie (lovin' those boots!):

An extra treat... here's her latest video "All I See" (lovin' those chains!):


Anonymous said...

did we? lol. not sure i agreed heheh glad you enjoyed it

trinity-pup said...

aww i am sure we did. i guess i could always try begging... ;-) (Master knows i am good at that)

Anonymous said...

hmm I have a really evil idea it involves a Kylie Cd, a microphone, electrics provided by ET312, rubber and bondage.

Oh yes and then the begging ...

and screaming


TG xx

trinity-pup said...

now that is evil! just wondering where the microphone goes... ;-)