Saturday, August 23, 2008

(Puppy Cage) Vacancy: Apply Within

A topic i had mentioned to SG when we first started chatting, before we met, was my curiosity with cages. That's only as far as it had got - a curiosity and nothing much more. The thought of being kept and the whole idea of captivity is something that has always excited me. i also have a huge kidnap fascination. In earlier times, the more i read about BDSM, the more i began to get hooked into wanting to be caged.

So it was thrilling when SG told me He had been doing some 'research' and had found a great site that supplies handmade cages with delivery too. i had to admit it sounded too good to be true, and before i knew it, my (adorable, generous and loving) Master was talking about buying me one! He wanted to make my curiosity a reality. It seemed an awesome, and at the same time, surreal idea, but He was very serious. He knew how much i would love it and i know His mind (as was mine) was racing with all the kinky times we could experience. After several weeks of deliberating, He was measuring up the space it would take up and how His pup would fit inside it.

So you've seen the first photo of my cage (yes albeit empty!). It's my new place He can keep me, restrain me inside and to, watch over and even make me sleep in (although i haven't yet, i think He was serious when He suggested it). But just getting it delivered is a story in itself. Picking a Saturday as the best time, SG had arranged to come to mine mid-morning in readiness to help take delivery. Not living in a ground floor apartment, we knew this was going to prove tricky, especially knowing the cage is delivered in three packages, with a total weight of 42kg!

So naturally it couldn't have turned out any other way, when the delivery man arrives 30 mins before SG is due! So i had the delight of greeting said delivery man at the main door, as he heaved each huge package onto a trolley in the main hall of the block. He asked me if there was anyone else to help and my girlie voice took over. i shook my head and said "my boyfriend is going to be here in 30 mins". After which i told him that i lived upstairs (swallow me up ground!). Wheeling his trolley along the corridor, he then asked "is there a lift?" (it was getting worse). "No" i said meekly and trying to stifle a smirk at how this whole scenario was playing out. Not quite how we had imagined it!

Trying to help him heave the two heaviest packages upstairs, i ended up carrying the third, being the lightest and most manageable. After seeing him struggle with it all, he proceeded to inform me that he had 'tennis elbow' (not really the best thing for lifting heavy items!). After leaving said cage in my apartment's hall, i thanked him graciously, hearing him huff and puff his way back downstairs, and curiously wondered if he would have known what was actually in the packages!

Still giggling to myself, SG turned up around 10 mins later, and greeted Him with a huge grin. He quickly spotted the packages behind me and He couldn't stop smiling. Our excitement began building and He quickly set to work, which was really rather simple.

Within no time, one puppy cage had a vacancy...

More details soon...

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