Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy In Captivity - Part 1

So it was time for my cage experience and after its erection (it looked huge... yes the cage!), SG set about creating 3 separate scenes for His pup to experience. All of which i have to say were very enjoyable and different in their own way. It's one thing to fantasize, to imagine a dream, and quite another to actually live it out, and everything that happened lived up to expectation.

The 3 scenes were:

1. Magical (the cage, His SJ and the Hitachi)

my very first experience in a cage and SG placed me in the straitjacket, as well as my wrist and ankle cuffs, before making me crawl inside 'metal-dom' - my new home for the next few hours. The feeling of being behind bars was pretty cool and my excitement had been building by the second, along with thoughts of how it would feel. Would i panic? Would i hate it after all this fantasizing? i really hoped not, but there was that chance. i knew, and SG reminded me before we began, as with any scene betweeen us, if at any time i didn't feel OK, i had my safe word in place. One mention of that and it would all stop.

Once inside it felt fine, i even felt comforted in a way. Lying on my back, my legs were spread wide, with my ankles restrained to the corner bars by chains attached to my cuffs. Not being able to move much, as well as being encased in the SJ, SG then had free reign over my body (as He normally does). It was strange looking through the bars up at SG. He looked down to see His pup in captivity - nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. He really did have total control now.

He asked me how it felt to be making another dream come true and my smile answered that. He told me how He may keep me in it for longer periods once i am used to it. How he may make me sleep overnight in it and would love to wake up to see me curled up asleep inside it. For punishment He would certainly use it, keeping me bound to the bars for an extended time as He saw fit. It all felt quite surreal but so cool too. His hands reached through the bars to stroke my thighs and pussy. Yes i was pretty damp at this point! Then i heard the Hitachi wand's motor and He directed it over my exposed clit. my body jolted with its powerful vibrations and it wasn't long at all, before the wand had worked its magic and my climax took me. i had christened the cage with my first orgasm.

2. Suspension (the cage, the stool, the leather cat and the crop)

After taking time to comfort me and let His pup rest, it was on to the second scene. He strapped the ball gag harness on me, then i watched as He placed the leather stool (used for spanking and sex in past times... oh as well as a footstool!) inside the cage. He motioned for me to crawl back inside, making me lie across the stool. He chained my wrists down at the corner bars, before suspending my ankles in mid-air by running chains over the top bars and connecting them to my cuffs. The photo below shows this, albeit a litle blurry, but i think SG was excited! With my legs hanging like this, it made me feel very vulnerable and maybe a little scared, then i heard the swish of both the leather cat and crop above me. He walked around the cage, to build up the suspense. Although He didn't have much room for swing, He was able to flick the cat's tails across my bottom and legs. The crop worked better (for who?!) by causing a fair amount of sting, which made me flinch with very restricted movement. i knew SG was enjoying every second. He loves to see me helpless and struggling in my bonds.

blurry pup

Scene 3 was still to come...


Anonymous said...

aren't you just a lucky pup with your very own cage?!? Anxiously awaiting the last scene!

xoxoxo mina

sub lyn said...

Wow, how very exciting to have your fantasies come true!

sera said...

What a pretty picture! Even if blurry, you make a very adorable pup.

Anonymous said...

such a prettiful pup! *nuzzlepurrrs*

vixen said...

Hehe pup got to play in her cage! ... can't wait for part two *grin* xx

trinity-pup said...

mina - i am a VERY lucky pup indeed... and i have one VERY special Owner! :-)

sub lyn - sooo good to see you here again! Hope you are well? Thanks for dropping by and it is so very exciting! :-)

sera - thank you hun!

trinity-pup said...

unowned desire - *blush* thank you!! *nuzzles and hugs* :-)

vixen - she did!! part two is on its way soon... ;-)

t. x

Anonymous said...

Such a lucky puppy. I envy you!!!


Anonymous said...

hey if you're online and get channel4music channel...kylie concert on again...its not far off the riding mistress part ;) its on till 12. TG xx

trinity-pup said...

jane - awww thank you for your comment - it's good to see you here! :-)