Thursday, August 07, 2008

Exhibit A and B

As promised, here's the vital evidence from SG's challenge.

Getting down to business...

Collared and horny pup...

oh and happy HNT too!


unowned-desire said...

One word pup... "Wow!"



longingsend said...

thank you very much. Mmmm you are delicious. Love the piercing.

xoxoxo mina

Fishmiester said...

One Hot Puppy.


trinity-pup said...

kitty - thank you hun! :-)

mina - *blush* aww that's too kind... SG would quite agree! Do you have any piercings yourself?

fishmiester - that's O.H.P. isnt it??! ;-)


Encharted Lover said...

what a beautiful body xx

katie said...

lovely views, very yummy xxx

trinity-pup said...

encharted lover - *says nothing and blushes*

katie - *continues her silence and smiles in her cute way*

t. x