Thursday, August 07, 2008

Exhibit A and B

As promised, here's the vital evidence from SG's challenge.

Getting down to business...

Collared and horny pup...

oh and happy HNT too!


Anonymous said...

One word pup... "Wow!"



Anonymous said...

thank you very much. Mmmm you are delicious. Love the piercing.

xoxoxo mina

Fishmiester said...

One Hot Puppy.


trinity-pup said...

kitty - thank you hun! :-)

mina - *blush* aww that's too kind... SG would quite agree! Do you have any piercings yourself?

fishmiester - that's O.H.P. isnt it??! ;-)


Encharted Lover said...

what a beautiful body xx

katie said...

lovely views, very yummy xxx

trinity-pup said...

encharted lover - *says nothing and blushes*

katie - *continues her silence and smiles in her cute way*

t. x