Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Cage Of Time

So what events took place here...?

What did SG put His pup through this time...?

Answers on a postcard...


Anonymous said...

And just where could someone buy a pair of "double dildo rubber pants"? ;-)

Anonymous said...

you is a lucky pup!

xoxoxo mina

vixen said...

oooo nom nom cage! x

elle said...

seeing as we both have a penchant for cages, would it be too inappropriate to request that guest room if i ever come to visit??? lol [just kidding]

i'm sooo envious trinity. lucky girl. =) i can't wait to hear more.

hugs, elle

sera said...

what a beauty of a cage! that's fancy. but what really matters is how you use your toys. ;) I can't wait to hear about it.

trinity-pup said...

anon - i think you should be able to find them if you Google them :-)

mina - i know!! and so exciting!!

vixen - hehehe.... you like??!

trinity-pup said...

elle - hey hun, you made me laugh! Hmmmm... guest room you say? Dont actually have one, so we might have to share... hows that for you? ;-)

sera - cool huh? More details to come i promise!

t. x

elle said...

lol. now that has definite possibilities. ;) far be it from me to kick anyone out of their own bed.

hugs, elle

Anonymous said...

OH MY, I am so Effing jealous!!!
I can't wait to see you in it!


techbondage said...

great cage. Long time fan of you blog keep up the good work on the blog and otherwise

trinity-pup said...

elle - i am sure we could come to some arrangement!! ;-)

jane - hehehehe... :-)

techbondage - thank you for your kind words. It's great to hear from someone who's been reading me a while, without ever commenting before! i hope you enjoy future reads and i'll look out for any more comments from you :-)