Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy In Captivity - Part 1

So it was time for my cage experience and after its erection (it looked huge... yes the cage!), SG set about creating 3 separate scenes for His pup to experience. All of which i have to say were very enjoyable and different in their own way. It's one thing to fantasize, to imagine a dream, and quite another to actually live it out, and everything that happened lived up to expectation.

The 3 scenes were:

1. Magical (the cage, His SJ and the Hitachi)

my very first experience in a cage and SG placed me in the straitjacket, as well as my wrist and ankle cuffs, before making me crawl inside 'metal-dom' - my new home for the next few hours. The feeling of being behind bars was pretty cool and my excitement had been building by the second, along with thoughts of how it would feel. Would i panic? Would i hate it after all this fantasizing? i really hoped not, but there was that chance. i knew, and SG reminded me before we began, as with any scene betweeen us, if at any time i didn't feel OK, i had my safe word in place. One mention of that and it would all stop.

Once inside it felt fine, i even felt comforted in a way. Lying on my back, my legs were spread wide, with my ankles restrained to the corner bars by chains attached to my cuffs. Not being able to move much, as well as being encased in the SJ, SG then had free reign over my body (as He normally does). It was strange looking through the bars up at SG. He looked down to see His pup in captivity - nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. He really did have total control now.

He asked me how it felt to be making another dream come true and my smile answered that. He told me how He may keep me in it for longer periods once i am used to it. How he may make me sleep overnight in it and would love to wake up to see me curled up asleep inside it. For punishment He would certainly use it, keeping me bound to the bars for an extended time as He saw fit. It all felt quite surreal but so cool too. His hands reached through the bars to stroke my thighs and pussy. Yes i was pretty damp at this point! Then i heard the Hitachi wand's motor and He directed it over my exposed clit. my body jolted with its powerful vibrations and it wasn't long at all, before the wand had worked its magic and my climax took me. i had christened the cage with my first orgasm.

2. Suspension (the cage, the stool, the leather cat and the crop)

After taking time to comfort me and let His pup rest, it was on to the second scene. He strapped the ball gag harness on me, then i watched as He placed the leather stool (used for spanking and sex in past times... oh as well as a footstool!) inside the cage. He motioned for me to crawl back inside, making me lie across the stool. He chained my wrists down at the corner bars, before suspending my ankles in mid-air by running chains over the top bars and connecting them to my cuffs. The photo below shows this, albeit a litle blurry, but i think SG was excited! With my legs hanging like this, it made me feel very vulnerable and maybe a little scared, then i heard the swish of both the leather cat and crop above me. He walked around the cage, to build up the suspense. Although He didn't have much room for swing, He was able to flick the cat's tails across my bottom and legs. The crop worked better (for who?!) by causing a fair amount of sting, which made me flinch with very restricted movement. i knew SG was enjoying every second. He loves to see me helpless and struggling in my bonds.

blurry pup

Scene 3 was still to come...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

(Puppy Cage) Vacancy: Apply Within

A topic i had mentioned to SG when we first started chatting, before we met, was my curiosity with cages. That's only as far as it had got - a curiosity and nothing much more. The thought of being kept and the whole idea of captivity is something that has always excited me. i also have a huge kidnap fascination. In earlier times, the more i read about BDSM, the more i began to get hooked into wanting to be caged.

So it was thrilling when SG told me He had been doing some 'research' and had found a great site that supplies handmade cages with delivery too. i had to admit it sounded too good to be true, and before i knew it, my (adorable, generous and loving) Master was talking about buying me one! He wanted to make my curiosity a reality. It seemed an awesome, and at the same time, surreal idea, but He was very serious. He knew how much i would love it and i know His mind (as was mine) was racing with all the kinky times we could experience. After several weeks of deliberating, He was measuring up the space it would take up and how His pup would fit inside it.

So you've seen the first photo of my cage (yes albeit empty!). It's my new place He can keep me, restrain me inside and to, watch over and even make me sleep in (although i haven't yet, i think He was serious when He suggested it). But just getting it delivered is a story in itself. Picking a Saturday as the best time, SG had arranged to come to mine mid-morning in readiness to help take delivery. Not living in a ground floor apartment, we knew this was going to prove tricky, especially knowing the cage is delivered in three packages, with a total weight of 42kg!

So naturally it couldn't have turned out any other way, when the delivery man arrives 30 mins before SG is due! So i had the delight of greeting said delivery man at the main door, as he heaved each huge package onto a trolley in the main hall of the block. He asked me if there was anyone else to help and my girlie voice took over. i shook my head and said "my boyfriend is going to be here in 30 mins". After which i told him that i lived upstairs (swallow me up ground!). Wheeling his trolley along the corridor, he then asked "is there a lift?" (it was getting worse). "No" i said meekly and trying to stifle a smirk at how this whole scenario was playing out. Not quite how we had imagined it!

Trying to help him heave the two heaviest packages upstairs, i ended up carrying the third, being the lightest and most manageable. After seeing him struggle with it all, he proceeded to inform me that he had 'tennis elbow' (not really the best thing for lifting heavy items!). After leaving said cage in my apartment's hall, i thanked him graciously, hearing him huff and puff his way back downstairs, and curiously wondered if he would have known what was actually in the packages!

Still giggling to myself, SG turned up around 10 mins later, and greeted Him with a huge grin. He quickly spotted the packages behind me and He couldn't stop smiling. Our excitement began building and He quickly set to work, which was really rather simple.

Within no time, one puppy cage had a vacancy...

More details soon...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Cage Of Time

So what events took place here...?

What did SG put His pup through this time...?

Answers on a postcard...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Pussy Galore

SG's instruction had been simple - obtain a rubber cat-woman mask. Knowing He wants to gradually train me in wearing a full hood in time, for now it was the next best thing.

His pup obliged and ordered one from Cathouse Clothing (a great supplier for rubber wear). When it arrived, it looked rather cool, complete with 'ears'. i was filled with curiosity and excitement at the thought of wearing it, and knew it wouldn't be covering the whole of my head.

Making me strip naked, except for my collar, He dangled the inflatable double dildo rubber pants in front of me and told me to put them on, then attached the pump to the front valve. The butt plug is still too large for me at the moment, so i inserted the large dildo inside my already aroused moist pussy. The thought of wearing the pants makes me very excited, especially knowing that with each pump, the dildos increase in width, making me feel very filled as well as very humiliated. i know SG can't wait until both dildos can plug each of my holes. He is working His way up to it with a fairly large butt plug He uses on me on occasion (and will probably increase in frequency, now He's read this!).

Next, He placed me in my leather harness and wrist and ankle cuffs, and enjoyed tightening each strap to its last buckle hole, wherever possible. Recently, i customised it by adding a few more holes to the leather straps, so it fits tighter over my body. It feels even more restrictive across my chest and thighs now. Following this, He placed my arms into the monoglove, buckling it up tightly around my shoulders, and pulling the additional straps around my elbows and wrists.

Kneeling before Him, already encased in leather and with the addition of my lead attached to my collar, He adorned His pup with the cat-woman mask, telling me how cute i looked in it and stroked my 'ears'. It covered half of my face, resting against my cheekbones and felt a little weird to feel something partially covering my head and face, around my eyes. Shortly after this, He added the blindfold and the ball gag harness over the top of the whole ensemble. The harness felt more comfortable (if that's possible) wearing it over the rubber mask, as it has a tendency to press against my face as SG loves to ensure it is strapped tightly around my head, with the rubber ball closely invading and filling my mouth.

All of this made me feel completely humiliated and then to add to it, He placed the tweezer nipple clamps on me. Feeling them tighten on my nipples, i squirmed a little, then He said "Get up my little kitten, we're going for a little walk". ('Did He just call me kitten?' i thought to myself.) He pulled on my lead and the clamps and i scrambled to my feet as He led me out of the room. He walked me around for a time, continuing to pull on the clamps, the pain through my nipples increasing with each tug. At certain intervals, He made me stop for Him to inflate the dildo, squeezing the pump once or twice at a time to slowly fill my now soaked pussy.

In the midst of walking me around, i felt Him place something buzzing down the front of my pants to rest against my clit - the vibrating bullet from the cock ring. We've had so much enjoyment from it (well i know i have!). Having one of your senses taken away, i.e. your sight, really does focus your mind on other sensations to one's body, so with this addition teasing my already flooded and filled pussy, was very devious of Him, but i knew He was enjoying my sweet torment. He loves nothing more than to tease me.

As i focused on my tingling clit, a sudden wave of pain coursed through my nipples as He pulled on the clamps, making me walk on again. i could feel myself getting slower with my pussy being filled ever more and my clit beginning to feel like it might explode soon. All the while, He continued to pull on what now felt like red-raw nipples and i remember crying out through my gag a few times. i couldn't take much more of that pain. By this point, He had walked me back to the bed and lay me down on my back. He pumped the dildo again and pressed His hand down on the bullet through my pants and i began to struggle with all the sensations. As He inflated the dildo one more time, i knew it was too much, it felt too big for me to take and realising this, He deflated it before causing me any serious pain. SG doesn't intentionally like to cause His pup any pain (except maybe for when it's a punishment).

After removing the bullet from my pants and freeing me from the monoglove, He lay beside me to hold and comfort me for some time. As i was still revelling in the experience and His caresses, He told me He wanted to fuck me as i'd made Him so aroused and hard. He needed release and He knew the scene, intense as it was, hadn't been enough for me to climax from (i'm such a demanding pup at times!).

After telling me to remove my pants, He led me through to the living room and pushed me face down to bend over the table. Feeding rope through my wrist and ankle cuffs, He stretched my arms across the top and tied them to the table legs. With my legs also tied spread wide, He pushed His hard cock inside me and thrust quickly and deeply. His constant rhythm and pressure of pushing Himself up against me increased and soon i could feel myself edging towards a spine-tingling orgasm. Before i knew it, it had crept up and over me so very quietly, but so deliciously. Seconds later, SG's own satisfying orgasm came crashing over Him, coupled with His wonderful deep groans against my ear.

Such a lovely sound, but such an incredible table!

P.S. i have just asked SG if He has any photographic evidence from the scene and He has. So pics may be on their way to help visualise what i didn't actually get to see, only feel, but oh what a feeling...

P.P.S. So here are the visuals of the pup/cat-woman:

Saturday, August 09, 2008


to feel my submission grow with each day that passes.


up to see His loving face as i kneel before Him.


my collar with pride and mark of His ownership.


out my arms for Him to tightly bind.


for my body to be used however He decides.


through subspace when He takes over my being.


out with pain and pleasure as He takes what He needs.


close beside Him in the afterglow of a scene.


Him sleep so peacefully and still, knowing i am His.


He wakes soon enough to use His pup all over again.


Thursday, August 07, 2008

Exhibit A and B

As promised, here's the vital evidence from SG's challenge.

Getting down to business...

Collared and horny pup...

oh and happy HNT too!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Work Permit

Not so long ago, SG gave His pup a 'challenge'. i do like a challenge and was excited at the prospect of carrying it out. Linked with His recent rule to carry my collar with me at all times when in public, He told me i was to play with myself in the toilets during work time, ensuring that i wore my collar as i did so. i could choose any time i wished and was to only squeeze my nipples and stroke my pussy, without climaxing, and then to text Him when i had done so.

i carried out His request just as He asked, touching and arousing myself to quite a state, but stopped before i got too carried away (so very tempting). His text reply was "You have pleased Your Master (and aroused Him) hugely! You may carry on tonight until you cum for Me". my anticipation for later was well rewarded when i teased and fingered myself to a yummy orgasm at bedtime.

Thinking on how exciting and 'out of bounds' my playtime had been, it seemed such a thrilling idea to take it on a stage further and actually cum at work. Coupled with the fact that i was moving to a new office, i thought it would be a great way to "send myself off" from my old work place. So last week i asked SG if i could and He said He would allow me, as long as i took some photos to record the event.

So it came to the last day in the office and i'd been thinking about it all day - it was now or never. With collar adorned once inside the cubicle and my legs spread wide with my wet clit tingling, my fingers got to work on my nipples and pussy. Working myself into a frenzy, my breath began to quicken and my imagination took over. He was pressing His body up against me, holding my leash tight with one hand, the other on my hip, as He pushed His hard cock inside. Thrusting deep, slow then fast, pumping my dripping pussy relentlessly until i gave way to an exploding orgasm that coursed through my body before feeling His own trembling climax against me and hearing His joyous groans against my ear.

After getting my breath back and composing myself, along with the photographic evidence, i calmly walked out of the toilets and the building for the last time, with a smile.

Oh... so i guess you want to see the photos too huh?

OK... next time... ;-)

to be continued...

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Red Blooded Woman

After agreeing to share 'riding mistress' Kylie with this girl (didn't we?!), i got to see the amazing lady myself this week and she was brilliant. Our seats were awesome - at the side of the stage in line with the first 3 front rows. To top it all, who should be sitting in the same aisle... David Walliams and Lulu!

So here's 'red Domme' Kylie (lovin' those boots!):

An extra treat... here's her latest video "All I See" (lovin' those chains!):